Excluded Pornography

I normally do not recommend software for social media, often because I don;t do much social media activity. I get on FaceScroll once a day to sample what’s what with people I haven’t seen in a while and often, don’t want to see. Mostly people I went to high schule or college with or worked with. 

But I installed a browser client “Social Fixer” and have been pleasantly surprised with how much it has improved the experience.

The client has numerous capabilities but the one I am waxing poetical about here is its capability to filter certain FaceScroll postings. In this case Sports and Politics Pornography (and yes, I realize that’s almost redundant. Politics and Sports that I can involve myself in and do are not pornographic because I participate and don’t observe. But those are scarce and this client strains out about 0.9+ of all that porn.) 

I recognize that there are people who enjoy this type of pornography. I do not but I have no substantive desire to be prudish about it so long as I am not exposed to it incessantly. 

Like fall American football and partisan politics.

So jolly good job on that client.

Winter Wonderland

Six Day. And rather miserable outside. The weather beavers [Link] blew it rather badly. The temperature is six degF lower than their forecast. That’s almost 25% error! I expect an occasional error, but these folks are too consistent. 

And it’s not just that station. 

The only good thing about this is that marveling at their egregious errors distracts from the actual weather.

Which is too fricking colding.

Definitely a love-hate situation with blood thinners.

The only thing that makes me happy I am ORF about this is that I don’t have to worry about the tyranny of recess. Bullies and colding. Of course we get that lots of other places. Like the gym and medicalists’ offices. Why do the medicalists permit/encourage their staffs to be so abusive of their customers?

Is it because we’re captives?

Or to instill allegiance?

Winter and ORF: dry ice and motor oil.

Into the Breach

Once more into the mumblage arena? It has been too long, too much distraction of infirmity and nonsense. 

The weather portends to deteriorate mediocrely. Not quite to pipe shattering temperature-durations but decidedly unpleasant merging to hemorrhoidal. The only amusement is the behavior of the weather beavers who seem oblivious to the nature of the liquid -> solid phase change mechanics of dihydrogen oxide. But then, these are the same people who display a map entitled “FOG” and there is no fog anywhere. 

Have been going to gym this week and it has been uphill, more than usual. Not helped by the general colding temperatures in the gym. Almost seems they do this so people will get pneumonia and have to be admitted to hospital (which the gym is a part of.) 

One of the other annoyances of these last two weeks have been podcasts. For some reason several have not resumed after the season concluded. And others have gone away. Today I listened to an episode of the “UBUNTU UK” podcast – quite good with only minimal mumblage about Ubuntu, and the replacement for “Linux Luddites”, the first episode of “Late Night Linux”, at least its start. I will finish tomorrow. Great expectations.

Nothing meaningful to mumble about this morning. Terror and boredom to come.

Boiled in Porridge

Creeping back. So far 2017 has been more than a bit negative. We were just getting past FD SCP’s  cutting when both of us came down with what appear to be sinus infections, which laid us out.

I am maybe 0.5 unlaid now.


But still here.

Most places you go, people have some form of porridge as a breakfast food. Up nawth it may be Cream of Wheat while here in the sowth it may be Grits. I prefer oatmeal myself, suitably drenched in syrup.

I mention this because that’s how I feel: like I’ve been boiled in porridge. 

Not harshly with bubbling, more like the frog.

So the next challenge is getting unboiled.

Darkness Falls?

Well, the Huntsville Weather Beavers maintained their chain of underestimating the temperature minimum again this morning. I am sitting her typing – and retyping  – in and around the shivers and bone moans.

I did make it to gym this morning and evidently the new year has really begun and the temperature is to moderate because the gym was crowded – for 0500 – for a change. Not necessarily welcome but not too unpleasant despite the hate antics of the weight bouncers. 

FD SCP departed this morning for her employment in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, hopefully marking the end of the season of cuttings. Since July she and I have had six between us. Sometimes I am convinced being ORF is harder than working. Certainly that was why she was in a rush to depart. That and some time away from SCP.  And drips.

The inauguration looms and already the temperament of the nation has changed from comfortable grumbling to veiled violence threats. I don’t know whether I want a time machine to go back to the ’50’s or a cryogenic chamber to hide for a century or so. I suspect the former; better the information and health desert of the past to the information and health wasteland of the future.

I was once told that a particularly nasty Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times.” I now know one worse: “May you live past a golden age.”

Media Dangerous

We once more have a MASSIVE FAIL on the part of “local” media. In particular, the Huntsville Weather Beavers at the local television studios have missed morning mimimum temperatures by over five degF.

Lots of bad results from this.

Dangerous results. And their incompetence is putting people at risk.

We have to wonder if this is some sort of plot to make people think these winter storms aren’t as bad as they really are? Or worse, some attempt to make work for local plumbers?

Anyway, stern condemnations of these weather beavers.  http://www.waaytv.com/weather/ http://www.waff.com/weather  http://whnt.com/weather/

Overestimating the minimum temperature when that temperature is below the phase change point is borderline criminal.