Major Psychology

One day. Back to gym. Not bad. Passable podcast episode on C. S. Lewis. Intriguing arguments never used by most old Confederacy preachers and christianist. And hence, incorrect because they are the only. 

I ran across an article [Link] entitled “What does your college major say about your personality? ” This is sort of a Bose Condensation type of argument from psychologists. But what gathered my attention was a categorization by major:

  • Science students scored high for openness and extraversion, and medium for neuroticism
  • Engineering students tended to have medium levels of neuroticism and conscientiousness, and low openness scores
  • Arts/humanities majors scored high in openness and neuroticism, and low for conscientiousness
  • Law students were highly extraverted, rated medium for neuroticism and conscientiousness, but scored low on openness and agreeableness. Economics students ranked similar
  • Medical students also scored high on extraversion, but were highly agreeable, too
  • Psychology students rated high for neuroticism and openness

I cannot refrain from making comments.

  • Physicists: extroversion? Not in my experience. Open? Yes. But extrovert? Only among those who specialize in outreach. Which does not say they are not smart, but they don’t get along with the majority. And neurotic? Being physicist means being different, especially from the BOGs. So what is that if not a perceived neurosis?
  • Engineer students are intense, or were in my day. 
  • Arts and humanities students are moved by inner truths that involve much social meandering, especially with drugs.
  • Law students are cunning and crafty and overweeningly ambitious. Winning and money are root.
  • I can’t speak to actual medical students since medical schools tend to be segregated – for a reason. Pre-meds are worse than pre-laws for asociality (except for self-service) and ambition. 
  • My cousin, a psychology professor, told me that most students studying psychology were “physician heal thyself.”




Memories of Evil Past

Ice Cream Day. Lower air temperature. Walked in park anyway. 

Ran across this cartoon: [Link]

This is why SCDdatter would never let SCP go to the high schule games at which she lead cheers.

Not that I was missing much in the way of athletic prowess. 

Of What?

I have been observing the grrr brrr over the discorporation of this fellow “Prince”. No one seems to find it necessary to explain what makes this fellow a prince. Is he the deposed heir of some third world feudalism? Or what?

I gather he was a musician. I fear I recall none of his music. I cannot say I never heard any but I can say I do not remember being aware of hearing any. 

That is not an indictment. I do not listen to many musicians. Kingston Trio. Cumberland Three. Jennie Redpath. a few others. SO would not amaze me that someone might have crept by.

But I was not assailed by those people’s music. I had freedom of choice. And freedom from intrusion.

Why have I lost that freedom since this musician I haven’t listened to discorporated? That, I fear, is an indictment. Not sure of whom, probably an irresponsible and incompetent journalistic media who likely suffers some guilt feelings of some sort. Or scents money to be made preying on the fellow’s followers.

And irritating me. 

Now perhaps it can blow in the wind?

Word Wrangling

Wowsers. Nasty day yesterday. Had to go off and run a slew of errands complicated by them being timed for one reason or another and thus in the annoying situation of run errand, return to Castellum SCP, wait a while, iterate.

But this morning has a pleasing air temperature and I had a good walk in park. Only a mild rain was downing.

On which note I have some attention this morning for words. Why do some words pop up and other wither away? I find myself going to the OED often to see what words really mean. For example, this winter I got off on the deanthropozation of the word “cold”. In particular, I found the statement “it’s cold out there” to be grating and hurtful. The reason is simple: cold is a sensation, not a physical measurable. It may be observable, but it cannot be meaningfully related – even as a correlate – to real thermodynamic measurables. The OED informed me that the proper word was “colding” which means causing cold. That is a reasonable word. It makes the sample construction sensible. And so I went around gently suggesting to people that they mend their ways.

And as is normal when you tell people they are aberrant and depraved, they try to put you over a roasting fire.

So I just tell them they are schmucklet and run away.

Anyway, the word for today is “insertive”. And yes, it is in the OED. And yes, I did bend the meaning a bit to use it as a active thing instead of a passive. But it tends to fit better that way with self-gratifying altruism plus a touch of busy-body.

Kuke when you send a vaguely relevant article, which may advance one of your outlooks, to a friend you only see occasionally.

Not to be confused with an intervention which is full out busy-body with a theoretical but almost always missing component of altruism.

We’ll take up downing some other time.

Money Laundering

What does the Yankee government have in common with South American drug cartels?

Money Laundering.

Let’s see, we are replacing Andrew Jackson, a staunch symbol of democratic governance, instead of Alexander Hamilton, a flaming fascist, with Charlotte Tubman to placate the vocal minorities?

Let this be clear. I have no objection to Ms. Tubman on a greenback. Positive change. But replacing Andy instead of the American Adolf? 

Not good.

Math Noise

Survived another expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. May have a new project. Film at Eleven.

In the meantime, ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and sympathize. There is something about rhythmic noise fitting nicely with maths. I tend to make nonsense noises when I am so engaged.

But someone should tell the bairns that fractions are useful as establishing ratios in a concrete, or, at least, visual, sense. Otherwise, give me a decimal. It’s amenable to manipulation. Fractions aren’t which is probably why classical Greek maths got stalled and rotted?

For Want of Paper

Two day. The day portends to be one of those disappointments of Spring – too colding in the morning and too warming in the afternoon.

I have been cogitating a bit on pens and writing lately. My colleague, Total Angular Momentum Inductance Flux, abetted this by sending me a TED presentation on writing. It has been so bad that I can only take a minute or so at a time and am only halfway through over two days time. I am entertaining the conjecture that writing – the use of an instrument in hand to compose on paper (or clay,) – is like consciousness. Those who write about it are manifold in number and outlook and mostly antagonistic, if not poisonous, to each  other.

This put me in mind of a couple of articles [Link] entitled “This new pen digitises your notebooks as you write in them ” and [Link] “Gadget Ogling: Smarter Notes, Livelier Virtual Reality, and Bigger In-Flight Movies” that I ran across recently. Both cover a recent introduction by the Moleskine folks of a “pen” and “notebook” combination. The idea of the combination is that the pen and notebook together digitize and store (in the cloud) what you write in the notebook.

That’s a lovely idea but this implementation is so repulsive that I have ZERO probability of even trying the thing. Part of the problem is that except for the cloud storage part it isn’t new.

It’s not that I am opposed to new. I saw a notice by TWSBI yesterday that they were shortly bringing out a completely transparent, uncolored version of their ECCO and I experienced mild excitement. At my age and degree of pen experience, that’s substantial.

Rather, the problem with the Moleskine (and their pen coconspiratior) apparatus is that it not only isn’t new, but it’s bad technology. Item the first: the pen is probably a ballpoint and ballpoints are STERCUS. They stutter and interrupt the mindless components of writing and are thus disruptive. Item the second: the pen has to have electronic in it and to keep it almost too small, the ink supply in the pen is inadequate. Item the second, bis: because the ink supply is inadequate you have to have refills and they charge more for that quantity of ink than the equivalent amount of the rarest type of human blood.

Item the third: the paper. Moleskine notebook are ALWAYS paired up with balpoints. That’s because the paper is so crappy from a writing standpoint that the only way it isn’t cripplingly obvious is to pair the paper up with an even crappier pen. That is, a ballpoint. Try to write on a Moleskine notebook with a gel pen and you can’t. Try and write with a fountain pen and you immediately tear the pages out of their binding and leave them in the nearest entropy cellar because that’s all they;re good for and not very much at that.

But more than for writing.

There are lots of good notebooks out there. That is, they are well made notebooks with paper that is good for writing. Sadly, Moleskine makes none of these. They are glued to their abominable paper. Which is a shame, because if they would use good paper then they would have notebooks good for writing and not have to resort to sordid schemes like this.