Stone Food

Once more to ice cream day and the back edge of week out. And the weather beavers are foretelling more periods of solid dihydrogen oxide. Why does winter become a synonym for phase change? With liquid good, or, at least, acceptable, and solid is bad, or unacceptable? 

Speaking of which, I got an article [Link] from a colleague, Total Linear Angular Momentum, about Paleodiets. This fellow claims to be gluten whacked, and is tepid on paleodiets. He isn’t the type to be a fanatic but he claims that there are merits. I don’t disagree greatly but I do tend to agree more with this article that looks at the risks and uncertainties involved in composing these diets. 

Simply put hunter-gatherers ate what was available in their area. There is a feast-famine thing. This is reflected in how we gorge ourselves with foods. Logic dictates that HGs ate what they could when there wasn’t much and were selective during times of plenty. And they had favorites and preferred those over broccoli. 

But we don’t know what those favorites necessarily were, and perhaps more importantly, a lot of the stuff the HGs ate isn’t around any more. Simple example: go to the grocery store and ask for Goosefoot. It’s a veggie, not the feet of birds. And you can’t get it.

Which brings me to my point. Since a paleodiet is impossible in a rigorous sense, the most important part of diet is rationality. First of all, diet is what you eat, not what you eat for the next week. Weight control is important for moderns, wasn’t on the attention span for HGs. Second, are you eating healthily? That’s a trick question since it depends on what you think and what your medicalists think. Valid knowledge is key here, as well as rational thinking. Not the opinions of friends and colleagues necessarily. 

Diet isn’t just something you do. It has to be managed. And not by the advice of television personalities or paid motivationists. Ultimately you are responsible and that means be adult. Accept that you won’t do it right but keep trying. Consult reputable nerd tomes and if necessary, a graduate dietician. 

Next, starve yourself occasionally. Once a month eat half rations and fast over the weekend. Water only. And once every month or so have a gorge meal. That’s a key aspect of the whole paleo thing.

Stay away from manufactured foodstuffs as much as possible. Ditto chain restaurants. If nothing else that will cut your sodium and fat intake and make a critical difference in being healthy. 

Don’t accept others’ opinions and ideas without research. 

And exercise. Not for sculpting or speed, just for well being and endurance. 

And don’t trust any of this without researching reputable information sources.


Life in Alabama 10

The Greater Metropolitan Arab Constabulary have closed the roads. This presumably falls under maintenance of good order although if we bother to think about it solid dihydrogen oxide is much more ordered than the liquid form.

I quite realize that’s rather horrible physics humor but I could not resist. Even though yesterday was punday.

FD SCP has the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver engaged on one of the Huntsville channels which is treating the coating of the roads with solid dihydrogen oxide as a major news event. I must admit that it does exceed much of their coverage and definitely the Academy Awards. I find myself horribly disinterested in the least mediocre performance of some contemporary actor I am unaware of and who acted (loosely used) in some moving picture I haven’t seen and have scant desire to see.

I have had to come in here and blog lest I throw something hard at the EM A-V receiver and destroy it in my disgust. Yes, the pander of the talking heads is that bad. It was entertaining for a few minutes, the nonsense they sprouted about dihydrogen oxide and the profound demonstration of their abysmal ignorance, but after they started repeating themselves, either in desperation or mis-founded self-confidence, I was moved to transfer momentum to the monitor.

All I could ask for is the appearance of some politico-denialist or religionist terrorist so I can ignore them. Not that we are shy of those in Marshall county but they are at least kept a bit more under control in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill.

Also, the imagined image of Arab’s finest in a car chase of someone violating the curfew is highly entertaining. Bumper armageddon on ice! Based on observation I am conjecturing that both constabulary and citizenry have sufficient good sense to bunker in.

Climate Change, it’s what’s for life these days.

Soda Rot

It is hard to write that gym week is over, since I only made it to gym twice this week. Temperature deficit syndrome, I fear. And the weather beavers are already crowing about the depredations we shall experience next week. Perhaps it is time to invest in a cave?

Of course on the bright side I did miss all the nastiness of the educationalists and weight bouncers at the gym.

Speaking of nastiness, Marshall county’s champion of tent erection, Mr. Ain’t Worthy, wrote a positively evil letter to the probate judge denouncing him for following the law. And the editor of the local rag saw fit to publish this piece of filth. On the positive side, I now have a greater understanding of the saying:

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not themselves.”

Mr. Ain’t Worthy certainly seems to be a paragon of the idea that the primary threat to the nation is Christian Terrorism and political parties. 

On the other positive side, at least young impressionable people don’t read newspapers any more.

On the azimuth of evil, I noted an article [Link] about work at Johns Hopkins U that indicates that sodas with cola in them are linked to cancer. We have to wonder given, obesity, stupidity, and now cancer why the soda industry is allowed to poison the electorate. The answer is probably politicians and religionists?

I have to admit that while I did not drink much soda in my youth, I now enjoy it in my seniority. Maybe one bottle of artisanal soda every month or so. And no Fructose. It goes immediately to fat. And I only drink it late in the day when my mental capacity has been about used up. And since cancer is also caused by defects, it seems a reasonable risk. 

On the other hand, we have no good data that indicates that politicians or religionists cause cancer. But we can suspect it. 

Life in Alabama 9

One of the advantages of this weather (19 degF this morning, the high end of a worsening temperature episode, spot icing on roads inversely proportional to motorcars per day) is that people who don’t use their blinkers under ANY circumstances now do because they fear being motorcar smacked into a ditch.

Winter Sleep

Well, the weather beavers blew it again! So far this morning by 2 degF. Right now my thermometer reads 19 degF and yes, I have calibrated it so don’t be pulling that climate denialist thing of measurement variation. I do so love winter and I do so love the math bogs who think they know but do not.

No gym this morning. Failure of the will or some such. Or maybe it was heeding the admonitions not to test the icy (?) roads. Not for lack of confidence in my own skills. I have them courtesy of graduate schule in Illinois, but because Ivory soap of Alibam doesn’t but still has confidence they can drive. Which they can;t. Especially pickup truck drivers who can’t drive through an empty car park without messing something up.

Speaking of messing up, I ran across an article [Link] about some work at a French U whose name is even worse than the ones the Germans stick on colleges that a thirty minute nap can reverse the ills of a night of poor sleep. Poor sleep. That’s winter sleep. Sometimes summer sleep. Winter sleep is characterized by being too cold or too hot, both sensations, but valid in this context, and being up every two hours to prowl about the house checking that the drips are still flowing and life has suddenly not become a horror of water and plumbers. (Water is just yuck, plumbers are not.)

It’s almost a parody of old age. The whole going to micturate every two hours and stumbling about in between. In this case it’s impossible to avoid micturation every other trip or so but that’s a derivative side line to the inspection of drip posts. Not to mention the stress of that bihourly emergence and the joy of returning to a bed that seems still warm but in moments takes on the aspects of a "polar bear" plunge.

I really do not like winter. Mostly, I suspect, because it doesn’t like me.

Flop Folk

President’s day. A bastardized holiday combining the birthday anniversaries of POTUS #1 and #16 so that a philandering religionist can be commemorated? At any rate, the weather is better than foretold by the weather beavers, the gym was blessedly sparse, especially of educationalists and weight bouncers, and the podcast was moderately diverting.

Why is it that educationalists only need exercise on days that schule is in session?

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with “Race”. After a recent blot I was a bit intrigued. I didn’t expect much science or even nerdery and in that regard I was not disproven. But I was rather disappointed in that the discussion was almost entirely artsy-fartsy and individualistic. No mention at all of the realpolitik of race. Of how it is sustained by the government and other organizations to “maintain order” and by those sub-societies who benefit from the backwash.

But I was intrigued after a while by the individuality. I realized, in media, that all of us are failures, not per se because of race, but because of organization and its methods. Simply put, all humans have to subjugate their desires and wants and, most importantly, their abilities to the maintenance of organization. And we are all the lesser for it. 

I won’t belabor this. It doesn’t need it. It’s one of those things that once identified is self-evident. The sort of thing the founding fathers would have implied and acted on but we lack the will or the courage to do so today. Probably also the opportunity. Humanity is not the dominant species on Tellus. Organization is.