Neither do they….

Tuesday I was listening to a podcast where an educationalist was being interviewed. This eductionalist announced during the interview that “computers generate information.”

I have to admit to almost falling off my exercise machine and saying several words, happily not in what passes for English in Alibam, that are best unused in public places. Let us make do with one of the educationalist’s parents being a woman of pleasure suffering from the tertiary stage of a venereal disease and the other parent unknown. One of the hallmarks of this disease is that any fetus carried to term under these conditions is mentally compromised.

Simply put, computers do not generate (or make, for those who are short on definitions) information. Computers process information. Sadly this delusion is common among those who think themselves knowledgeable but are not. All this episode did was confirm too many educationalists are members of that set.

A common argument offered by these people is that of a computer comparing two data sets and identifying correlations (or other linkages,) as “generation”. Sorry, ferds, that associative information already existed; all the computer did was find it for you. That makes it a labor saving device, not an intelligent one. Nor creative. 

Next they’ll be having ritual sacrifices of virgins in the schules to the great god digital?

Do Bogs have Value?

Two day. No Guardian Science podcast episode. Had to listen to SCIENCE podcast instead. Oh, how the formerly excellent has sagged, all the way down to abysmal. No substance and scant facade. But the bits from NPR were passable if unmemorable.

For some reason I ended up thinking on the nature of bogs. In particular why they have such strange attitudes towards knowledge and life. Why do they settle for being almost totally ignorant of almost everything? And why is it that what they do know something of, that something is incomplete and gaping? One almost has to question whether they have sentience, much less intelligence.

I find this often in dealing with my bog relatives and acquaintances. My bog friends actually have at least a tinge of geek to them which may be why they are bearable. Some of the time.

But I am constantly amazed not only at how little bogs know and how uncaring they are of their ignorance, but they are actually violently upset when that ignorance is exposed. Do they exist in a perpetual state of insecurity over knowledge? Or are they just slime mold when it comes to knowing, except when their feeding and rutting is interrupted?

In fact, the only good thing I could come up with about bogs is their willingness to do things that are necessary but so uninteresting as to be nauseatingly distasteful. Like running businesses.

Anyway. the search for bog value continues. 

Toxic Trousers

One day. Mundane. And schule is sessioning so the Internets will be less burdened. The gym was slightly up on educationalists but their noise level seems to scale as N^2 so the annoyance was moderate. And not many weight bouncers. The podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about the funeral business was outright disgusting. Can we direct religionist terrorists to strike there?

This led to consideration of whether we are living too long. I am increasingly amenable to this conjecture. Too many of our problems are caused by too many old people who will not rid society of themselves. I remember reading a science fiction novel on this in my youth and the mental whackedness seemed distant and impossible. How naive I was.

Also to consideration of funerals. Very EXTRO things. In fact the whole funeral business is disgustingly EXTRO. Which sadly makes sense. INTROs are much more sensible about old meat.

Speaking of old meat I am also rather down on the current trend to coat trousers (and shirts?) with noxious chemicals and proclaim them “wrinkle free” and “no iron”. Does anyone other than insecure women iron any more? FD SCP irons cloth all the time but that’s a making not a wearing thing. She had to beat the fabric into submission or some such.

Anyway I have purchased – unknowing – wrinkle free trousers from both the Maine Guide Store and Dirt’s Boundary and both of them have made my lower extremities break out in nasty rash and sores. And no refund shy of litigation. Caveat Emptor! I will probably wait for a toxic rubbish pickup to dispose of them I fear that burning them will destroy the ozone layer or worse. And I am not about to stash them in a charity collection bin. 

They have quite a nice feel to them and are well constructed but if one maintains contact for more than five minutes or so a horrid burning sensation ensues and things go downhill from there. Perhaps these are popular with penitent catholics, the ones who purchase all of the hair shirts? 

Selah. Now is time to avoid using the roads for a couple of hours until the panic of starting morning is past. And then again this afternoon when the rotational parents descend again from their psychotic olympus.

I wonder how many of those children have been bought new schule pants that are treated with these toxic chemicals? I know that the weeks prior to schule were a time for my parents to decide what new clothes I should have. My opinion was irrelevant. And some of the trousers were noxious then too. 

Bag Flop

Ran across this cartoon: [Link]

this morning.

This is why I insist on wheeling my buggy to the motorcar myself. So the bagger won’t see me dynamically rebagging as I put the groceries in the boot of the motorcar.

Bagging groceries is a lost art. They don’t seem to understand the four quadrant system: hot; cold; soft; hard. 

Mental Deprivations

Mundane day again. Back to gym. Sparse. Not sure when schule resessions. Podcast an episode of CBC’s Best of Ideas on death. Horrible. Bunch of EMO Bogs spewing emotion and irrationality. In the range of irritating to nauseating. And they never got into whether they were talking about body death or self death. Or any of the other distinctions. Typical boggery, I fear.

Thought about that tooth quack who beheaded the lion. I suspect that’s what was upsetting, not the shooting? Too religionist. The ISIS dentist. Kills good people. Evil.

Actually just mentally sick I suspect. Which led me to consider contemporary society and mental sickness. Came to the hypothesis that when it comes to between-the-ears modern society is definitely medieval. No soap. No hygiene. Just perfume and shamen. Not that the medicalists don’t try but there are too few “real” ones in this area and too many opportunists. And a lot of these latter are religionists. More beheadings. How is it different to sever the head from the body and ignore the diseased mind? Not much I fear.

Not that I expect the politicians to do anything about services. Too much in the way. Like adequate pork for their corporate masters. Who want whacked people to accept slave jobs and buy self damaging products. 

But the good news is that the prevalence of mental sickness in Amerika assures the perpetuation of the current corrupt anti-democracy system.

For them at least.

Happy One Day.

Melted Cream

Ice Cream day. Fair breeze in park but I actually had to shuck my hoodie halfway through the constitutional. And since I have been experimenting with leaving the MP3 player at home I find I am in a better mood and cognitive capacity. Quite a few thoughts.

It being ice cream day I naturally turned to the matter of organized religion. Organizations are inherently entitlist. Probably grew out of the idea that the old wise members of the band got some special consideration for keeping the band going. Of course those same old wise members knew when to go sit and wait to be eaten by the fauna. Carried over from there to larger organizations. Most often displays as rather nasty things. Humans sacrificed as grave good for a chief. 

Gets worse when you get to religion. Totally parasitic, at least in material terms. Kills its own members for disobedience. Kills outsiders because they are outsiders. Makes racism seem tame and tolerant. Mustn’t forget that. The real evil is organized religion, not red necks.

Or is it. Got to thinking about “pro-life” people who are really anti-everything-after-birth. Yes, have babies but don’t care for them, or educate them or love them in a constructive way. Makes sure there are plenty of serfs for the politicians and their corporate masters.

Why is it that when you see a demonstration at a birth control clinic the protesters are people whose manner and appearance advertise that they can’t keep themselves clean and healthy and their children are at least as bad off if not worse. And these are the people who want more misery and suffering. My mother was right – misery does love company.

And why do we let people who have no knowledge of the science and technology and social mechanics of any matter (except reelection?) write laws and vote on things? Why are the only candidates we have people like Shrub and Canal who brag about their ignorance and stupidity? Why do we let people with property vote but not those with intelligence?

I could go on but why? It just makes me miserable and I do want to keep my distance from those people who seem bent on destroying humanity and civilization.