Day of Joy and Merry???????

Freya’s day. And the observance of the holiday of Christmas. Highly conflicted. So far as I can tell by library research, the actual birthday of Joshua ben Joseph was sometime in March. So the old saw, often attributed to the Nazis, of the early organizational church taking over the Winter Solstice, with all the benefits thereby. 

Good philosophy, evil organization.

But what does the day matter? Isn’t it the social aspects?

Of course part of the conflict is the commercialization. Which grew out of the social aspects. The gift giving and cards and drunken brawls and such. So we are programmed from childhood to associate this day with the greatest benefice of loot for the calendar year. Even bigger than birthday anniversary loot. Exceeded only by graduation loot (maybe) and marriage loot (shared and too often, then days, lost)

So the spirit is often smothered in the materialism and consumerism and other pseudo-religions.

Not that there isn’t a great deal of pseudo to organized religion. But not going there.

The other aspect is stress. Not sure why having merriment has become stressful but it has. Too much planning and effort and control and regimentation and civilization. Very NAZI. Especially by parents.

And even as adults we can’t escape it. For a variety of reasons.

So I took solice in a couple of cartoons. First: [Link]

My higher family gathering was yesterday and the lower family gathering is tomorrow. So today I can avoid all family but FD SCP. And I have a large bottle of hard cider laid on for the afternoon. And maybe even a beer or so? Why? Because you can’t ethanolize if you are traveling or around bible thumpers and religionist terrorists. 

The second: [Link]

expresses a stress that I thought was a curse of being a INTRO NERD STEM. Instead it is part of life. Of how you try quite hard to do the loot thing well, especially for the SO, and it flops. Not occasionally. Consistently. Repeatedly. Regularly. Like the desired state of defecation.

And it’s common enough that some kitsch cartoonist can make humor of it. So “damn the torpedoes. full steam ahead.”

Do hunter-gatherers do this? And is the problem with gifting whether it gets discarded the next move? How long has this been around? Is it in our genes? Or just in out most basic society?

Is it good?

So much for the great storm. Horrid winds. Abounding rain. 

Slept through it. Only wind I saw was at gym walking in from the carpark and observing another patron struggling with a ‘brolly. And the downfall of dihydrogen oxide was moderate and only had the disadvantage of frawging the inside of the windscreen. 

The podcast was passable, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about Machiavelli’s “The Prince”. Much academic kritik and analytik. Not much rationality, I thought. No one seemed taken with the idea that Machiavelli was a wannabe. All the academics espoused the ideas that he was deadly serious or was being ironical. The latter holds more substance but overlooks his other works which were satirical and comedic, clear signs of someone who wants but cannot do. 

On another azimuth, I ran across a PEW poll [Link] about how Amerikans think about other Amerikans. 

The operant discriptors are : patriotic; honest; intelligent; selfish; and lazy.

Somehow I find patriotic and honest and intelligent to be somewhat immiscible. Being patriotic often requires one to be unintelligent and dishonest, especially to oneself. Selfish also contradicts these, although laziness and honesty are definitely orthogonal. So much in the way of contradictions.

For myself, I find my fellow Amerikans to be superficially patriotic, making an outward show but accepting no sacrifices. Happily there are enough exceptions that we may continue to send the young off to die (and be maimed) for the sake of elder politicians and capitalists. I find honesty to be plastic. We disobey any law that we seem unlikely to be punished for, speeding being a prime example. In fact, bad driving is the primary characteristic of Amerikans. As a nation we are arrogant, dangerous, and uncaring when we are guiding (?) our motorcars. And those who drive (ha!) pickup trucks are worse, true criminals of evil bent, sociopaths totally lacking any morality.

Intelligent? Hardly. Most of the population is acalculate; too many are acomputate, and despite the efforts of our schules, a few are actually literate. Most are driven to hedonism and pornography, especially the spectator sports variety. Canny? Perhaps, at least in a wannabe capacity. But intelligent? Too few. Amerika continues to be a country where ignorance is prized above knowledge.

Selfish? Definitely. In fact, it is the Great Amerikan Virtue. Consumerism is our religion, after, perhaps, pornography. And that distinction may be specious. What we have is more important that what we know or what we think. To the point that the latter are vanishing, embarrassing, and detested.

Lazy? Hardly. We are not intelligent enough to be lazy, at least as a population. Laziness requires thought and sense and we lack both. What we are is unengaged. We hate work and any activity that is not diverting and destructive of thought. Hedonism and sensualism are hallmarks of modern Amerika. 

But the rain is nice and offers some opportunity for cogitation.

Not so Mundane

Two Day. Passable in gym. Sparse. Semi-diverting podcasts. Science and Technology day. Except for a couple on breast cancer not infuriating. The maddening bit was an equation

Diagnosis of Disease = Disease.

This is the veriest of rot. The trivial demonstration of this is that the disease existed prior to the diagnosis. In fact, the diagnosis is predicated on the disease. Of course a false diagnosis is possible in absence of the disease but this also demonstrates the rot.

Another example of why contemporary journalism is, itself, rot. And on a good day, rubbish.

I did run across this cartoon: [Link]

Monday is the best day of the work week. It offer five days to accomplish something.

And if one can’t accomplish anything for the organization’s benefit, at least much of the organization assigned stercus tauri can be cleared while the bogs are in Monday Shock. And if one can dismiss the useless organizational plaque then one can work on one’s own projects and thus do something of merit and value.

Profusion of Stupidity?

Ice Cream day. And I appear to have eschewed constitutional from programming. Having missed the last two days I did not consult the thermometer until after I had straddled the bicycle. Ah well. Lesson time. 

It being ice cream day it seems fit that I dispose of some tabs so pray be prepared for such.

First, an article [Link] entitled “California Shooting Doesn’t Fit Washington’s Gun Debate”. I quote:

“Democrats who have vowed to use every mass shooting as a moment to call for new gun laws were tempering their rallying cries. Republicans who point to mental health services as the solution had begun to blame extremist views.”

I have to admit to finding this characterization not only accurate but damning of both. The democrud argument rather reminds me of the old saying about people who take knives to gun fights. The surest way to assure a civil war (yes, another one) is to mess with firearm ownership in a conscriptive way.

The repulsian argument is just laughable. These are the same fellows who have done everything they can to starve and abolish medical support. And they are the ones saying the wackos need treatment. Are they gong to put all the other religionist fundamentalists in treatment. If so, 09+ of the population of the old Confederacy will be in rubber rooms. 

What neither wants to admit is that they have to decide whether these are crimes or acts of insurrection and proceed accordingly. The problem with that is that it means associating both political and religionist behaviors with abnormality and illegality. On the slippery slope to a pogrom, or an expulsion. It’s one of the fundamental weaknesses of a democracy. Especially one that is gridlocked into ineffectiveness by partisan immiscibility and intransigence. Which means they have to cooperate while cleaning up their respective dysfunctional organizations.

Not gonna happen until collapse, I fear.

Nexy, a rather intriguing article [Link] entitled “More Than Half Of U.S. Classroom Computers Are Chromebooks”. This raises the question of why so many schules in the old Confederacy are using Apple slablets instead of Chromebooks? The answer is probably that the administrations and educationalists are dated acognitives stuck in the glory days of Apple II and such of their youths. 

This is a big part of the problem with computer education in the secondary schules these days. No coding, just using cliients. And thinking that’s computers. Yes, it is. For serfs.

Enough. Fixing educationalist stupidity is as hard (or harder) than fixing partisan stupidity. 

Next on our stupidity azimuth is an article [Link] entitled “The #1 way to fight climate change: Use LED lights”. The problem with this is the electron providers. In Greater Metropolitan Arab we have an electron uncooperative that is totally oblivious to anything other than money. So they refuse to do maintenance or modernization of their gris and LED lamp bulbs don’t last years but days and weeks. Voltage too high. Fluctuations too high. Outages too often.

So even the above mean in earnings can’t afford LED bulbs when they have to be replaced every month or so. Instead of ever year or so.

This type of cooperative stupidity is rampant in Greater Metropolitan Arab. The water uncooperative board unilaterally decided to cease fluoridation and despite guidance from the city conscript parents have not resumed. Perhaps firing parties are indicated? 

At root this is very easy to understand. It is a conflict between business and STEM, between greed and knowledge, between evil and good. Only the political/religionist wackiness can explain how such can happen.

To change in a (maybe) positive note, I saw an article [Link] entitled “Controversial experiment sees no evidence that the universe is a hologram”. On the positive side, this indicates that, in terms of this theory, I (and you) are real and not components of a hologram. (Which would really crash the politicians and religionists’ CPUs.) On the negative side, those politicians and religionists are real also.


Why Not 2

I don’t like christmas movies. No not “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I mean the once that are made specially for television. The ones that have some basic premise that is SO BAD that it completely destroys any iota of suspension-of-disbelief. 

They’re the only movies I know of that are worse than college musical movies and Three Stooges movies. 

But the question is, why are christmas movies SO BAD but none of the hanukkah movies are? 

Kicked Out

Ran across [Link]

my conjecture is that it has a causation related to spouse threatening committee members with horrible fates. It’s rather like that maths proof lately done by computer science (sic) types. Nothing seems to frighten an academic more than an auslander.

I also harbor the theory that I matriculated only because my committee couldn’t bear to read ANOTHER draft of my dissertation.

Facebook Merit?

Brr! Sorta. Mostly summer hold over. That is, I got used to the increased heat of summer in Alibam so as winter in Alibam encroaches I have to get used to diminished heat. But I’m not going to prattle on about temperature mostly because I have been re-examining my understanding of temperature the last couple of months. And as I am evolving that comprehension, the weather beavers and mercury columns and electronic widgets are all suspect and cynicalated.

Must be mundane day. I just invented – maybe? – a new – sorta – word and the spell checker had a spasm. Anyway, not pleasant outside although worse now that to/from gym. Which was moderate density for a  mundane day and the weight bouncers were running behind so I was able to flee before their obstruction, grunting, and hulking threats were in full effort.

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” on the sack of the Chesapeake during the war of 1812. Part of a BOI series on the war that was such a paradigm for how to do an amateur war. And how even great nations can do war poorly. Of course being a Britcast there was no mention of the enslavement of American citizens by the Imperial Navy but what can on expect.

The best part was imparting how even with low tech war is nasty. But rational. At least then. Not clear now. Too much reach for politicians. Anyway. Mildly diverting which is about right for a gym visit.

On a less substantial azimuth, I ran across an article [Link] about a study run by an outfit called the “Happiness Research Institute” which just screams absence of objectivity, integrity, and honesty about how people who have eschewed (another good mundane day word?) FaceScroll are happier than those who have not.

Are those who break addictions “cold turkey” happier than those who remain addicts? How does one measure happiness? (Trick question, you can arguably observe happiness but you can’t measure it.) In this instance via a survey founded on the idea that counting noses is a useful measurement process.

I am told, by psychological types, that most addicts relapse. This study/article fails to address this.

As for myself, I consider FaceScroll a Listerine Thing. It is unpleasant and disturbing and seldom happy making. The cheerful, nice things are so banal as to be disappointing since they lack the richness of human exuberance. When someone tells you they have had good fortune then their enthusiasm tends to be infective but when they write on FaceScroll (or any social media) it propagates in a vacuum. So FaceScroll is rather vacant on the positive side.

On the other hand, there are incessant things, mostly political or religionist – the two are often indistinguishable in Amerika – that span a spectrum from annoying to infuriating. So the negative side is rich and vibrant.

But it offers a bit of merit in that a rational person – probably not most Bogs thereby – will reflect on why he/she feels so and perhaps examine one’s concepts and weltanschauung. And that has merit and value. Much as I detest associating any positive with FaceScroll. 

So what do the abstainers do to challenge their views?