After visiting the Bank

HANLON’S RAZOR: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

SCP’s corollary: Never attribute to stupidity that which can be trivially explained by technology.”

Sub-corollary – Technology is understood by so few people, none of whom are willing to admit their ignorance, that policy, reason, and rationality are swept aside.

At least in Amerika where ignorance is treasured above all else.


Stacked Deck

 Back end of Week Out. Nasty. Himicane rumbling through. High air speeds, at least for a Model T. And for trees. And dihydrogen oxide falling. So a good day to hunker down, be miserable and try to not dwell on the damage upcoming to domicile.

This has actually been a good week for some indication that Homo Sapiens may actually be smarter than he/she usually appears.

First, a couple of articles [Link][Link] indicating that by 34 KYA humans had figured out not to have bairns off their sisters.

This does raise a few questions. The obvious ones are: why so late?; and how did they come to this?

One would have thought, with humans, in various flavors, being around for about 2-3 MY, that we should have figured out early on that kinfolk kuddlin’ (as people in the old Confederacy put it,) would result in greater stupidity. But then, since it does that, the likelihood of each successive generation figuring it out would be decreased, so if you tried it for two generations it would be established. (As it sometimes appears to be in the old Confederacy just based on observing Bubbas.)

Of course, if this is the situation, the second question becomes even more relevant. Was the discovery something emergent like art or Pop Rocks, or was it an epiphany? And if the latter, from whom? Space Aliens or Neandertals?

This brings up another, related question, which is when did humans realize they were ugly? And is the ugly basic DNA or miscegenation originating? Did it take a genus level mutation for us to realize that daughter dinkin’ made kids that were not only stupid but ugly as well?

If the idea didn’t emerge until recently, a few KY in the past, then this could explain why humans have spent so much time futzin’ about and doing little more than rock knocking and drooling. Civilization makes a lot more sense if smarts started 50 KYA (approximately) than 2 MYA.

Second, another couple of articles [Link][Link] that relate a study that indicates religion is instinctual (and hence totally irrational.) This is even more uplifting. One quote is especially good:

our brains are hardwired with cognitive biases that have evolved in order to help us to survive, but which have the side-effect of making it natural to develop religious belief.”

In other words, religion is a congenital disorder like impacted third molars or failure of blood to clot. And we have the possibility of disposing of it with gene therapy.

Short of that we can be aware of it and do exercises to diminish its debilitating effects. And we can find ways to help people who are particularly afflicted with this horrible genetic disorder. Perhaps we can even form a national charity, akin to the March of Dimes, to search for a cure?

And lastly, [Link] indications that a lot of our undesirable aspects were passed on to us by Neandertals, probably in the process of explaining to us about miscegenation.

The traits they identified included those that affect hair color, skin color, skin tanning and burning, sleeping patterns, mood, and tobacco use.

So we can blame everything from skin cancer to drug addiction on those beetle-browed precursors of ours.

Probably the price of getting smart and inventing civilization and such like.

First American

Not a good week out. The weather beavers are making noises about the latest whirly storm coming through Greater Metropolitan Arab. And the oatmeal for brains crowd is making neuroneg noises again.

I ran across a video [Link] this morning entitled “Why Columbus Day Should Be Renamed Indigenous Peoples’ Day.”

Utter, odoriferous Stercus.

Not that I have any attachment to Columbus. He was an opportunistic prevaricator. IOW, a politician, at least in contemporary terms. Put him in an office in Muntgum or Washton and he wouldn’t be discernible from any of the other elected thieves officials.

Nope, what makes it stercus is the “indigenous” part. 

For the bogs who think this is a neat word and that they are using in accurately, a bit of dictionary effort:

Indigenous In*dig”e*nous, a. [L. indigenus, indigena, fr. OL. indu (fr. in in) + the root of L. gignere to beget, bear. See In, and Gender.]   [1913 Webster]

   1. Native; produced, growing, or living, naturally in a country or climate; not exotic; not imported.      [1913 Webster]

Simply put, what makes this stercus is that this is pure and simple a prevarication comparable to that of Columbus claiming to have discovered the Americas.

The Americas were discovered by Asian folks who wandered across the Bering landbridge (or paddles along it – I wasn’t there and the anthropologists are lacking in credibility) during the last Ice Age. Or so. 

So yes, some old arriving peoples “discovered” the Americas.

It ain’t fer certain – BIG TIME – that the current “Native Americans” – Amerinds – are anywhere near those people. Any more than those of us who meandered over – via ancestors – from Western Europe are. 

But the bottom line that we are Ivory Soap sure of is that humans – homo sapiens – did NOT evolve on the American continents. 

Everyone who has ever lived in the Americas was a emigrant or offspring thereof.

NO Native Peoples. So cut out this Indigenous Peoples Stercus. It’s laughable and degrading and insulting. The people who settled the Americas were hard working, survival oriented folks and we have no reason nor excuse to degrade them with false labels.

The Canadians do this right. They seem to still have some national rationality, not doctrinaire delusion. They call these folks the “First Peoples.” As long as we silently add American in the middle, that’s better. And not a politician norm lie. 

But this Indigenous Peoples Day is as big a nausea spew as is Columbus Day.

Motley Transcendant

While breaking fast I scanned a news summary for the week and was reminded of the discorporation of Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis.

Both were described as comedians. I still find that strange. I have seen/heard their comedy work and found neither particularly humorous or amusing. In fact, unfunny is the word that comes to mind for both but in different contexts.

Gregory, in my estimation, was a Roger Ramjet, a Hero of the Nation. Admittedly foul mouthed, he struck fear and loathing in the hearts (figuratively) of the insecure bigots of Amerika. 

Lewis was a parody of the Three Stooges, awarded a medal for comedy by the French government, which perhaps explains French pipes, toilet paper, and beer. He raised nausea in the gastro-intestinal tracks of rational Amerikans. 

Gregory has left little behind; Lewis leaves behind one decent movie which is better than any number of equestrian statues.

Polarity in reading

I was reminded this morning, while scanning an Opensource eNews, that there are good O’Reilly books, the ones on computer stuff.

That is in contrast to the O’Reilly books from the demogogue of the name who abuses women and anyone else who disagrees with him.

Isn’t it wonderful that there is some redeeming social value to the name and product after all?

Music Messiah

One Day. And I got reminded I am ORF at gym this morning. And not by the polite weight bouncers – all one of them. Rather, the podcast was a episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” about Jewish Canadian talk fest about the nature of the electronic revolution. AS is often the case, the focus isn’t on what’s important like field theory or quantum mechanics or even manufacture and design of the electronics. No, it was about the social aspects and that was a resounding mental thud for me. 

Yes, I care about the parasitic nature of contemporary organizations, especially the corporate ones. And yes, Facescroll and Gooey and such are the evil pretender or some such superstitious thing. And I care that human slavery is being reinvented by everyone from greedy entitleists to politicians to whizz wizards. 

But I’ve heard it all too often and climate change has already gotten too far, so what difference does it make how the species ends? 

And then I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Apple Just Killed Off 2 Iconic Products, And People Are Super Sad.” Turns out Apple – one of those corporate slavemasters – is killing off two of its lower end (as in cost/profit) offerings. And they’re both MP3 players.

OK. The news flows – I call them that because they span a range from a torrent, as in SMS news bulletins, to a diffusional creep, as in television broadcast news programs that seem to always be hours out of date – have been full the last few years with the demise of the MP3 player. (I do watch the local weather foretelling, mostly so FD SCP and I are on the same (erroneous) sheet.) 

I have commented on this previously, mostly about the so-called demise of the MP3 file because its copyright has discorporated, but this blot is more about the players.

The demise of the MP3 (/OGG/…) player is supposedly because everyone is using their cellular telephone to stream music. And so the dedicated MP3 player is irrelevant.

I feel like taking my claymore to the tertiary STD infectee who claimed that. Mostly because the type of stercus caput (that’s fecal cranium for the Bogs) that says such a thing is the same type who says all one needs in the way of a knife is named Swiss Army. So I’ll give him a Swiss Army knife against a claymore any day. And when I clave him from the nave to the chaps, I won’t have to listen any more?

The Swiss Army knife is exemplified by the MacGyver stories. More the original ones than the current farce on the television. Not that it isn’t entertaining, but it’s not congruent enough with the book. Like most remakes. Like ALL remakes?

Anyway, I see folks at gym with ear buds – those wired raisins one sticks into one’s ear canals – plugged into their cellular telephone trying to get it to play music. And when they finally waste enough time to get that to work they have to figure out how to secure that cellular telephone on the short leash of the ear buds. Most of them spend more time wrangling with the hardware than exercising. 

I have a dedicated MP3 player. It acts like a USB stick when I connect it to my deskbox. So all I have to do is tell my RSS accumulator which podcasts to download and then I use the file manager – usually one that supports two panes – to drag and drop the podcast files onto the mp3 player. And then I put it in a pouch attached to a neck strap, attach the earphones – not earbuds, I see no reason to irritate and inflame my ear canals – and I’m ready to go off to gym and spend less than a minute queuing up the podcast of the session. 

So on the one side we have cellular telephone and ear buds that doesn’t work well but does lots of other stuff not well too and on the other we have a dedicated player and ear phones that work very well.

A classic instance of the Swiss Army Knife paradigm. We can even express it as maths:

number of things it can do * how well it does each thing = constant

For the acalculate, that means the more things you can do with one tool, the worse those things will be done.

If you want to walk around unencumbered with a multitool for emergencies, carry a Swiss Army Knife. If you are in the emergency business, you carry a toolkit. 

That’s why the MP3 player is repeatedly declared dead; because Bogs can’t understand why they are useful and most journalists are Bogs.

And what about music? I have a separate MP3 player for music. Why? Because what I listen to isn’t available on those streaming services.