Ice Cream Happiness

This morning, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Happiness in America Correlates With One Specific Thing About Where You Live.” This article is about a psychological study that found a rather nice correlation between (self-rated) happiness and how tax money is spent. Specifically,

” Americans were happier in states where governments spent more of their relative budget on public goods – infrastructure like parks, libraries, and roads, as well as natural resources, and public services like policing.”

This explains why morale is urine-poor in Alibam. The state guvmint is busy doing everything it can to give the tax revenues away to the evil rich capitalist oligarchs who pay for the pols’ campaigns. Pure Trumplandia.

Dark Thoughts 2

With FD SCP taking off for the holidays, I have been exposed to more television than usual. As a result I have come to some understanding of brands that advertise on television.

The brand of any commercial that:

  • is nauseating, pornographic, or promotes diarrhea;
  • has a (pseudo) celebrity spokesperson I have never heard of;
  • has a (pseudo) celebrity spokesperson I have heard no good of;
  • contains more than one blatant prevarication;
  • is blatantly unintelligible;
  • is morally flawed;
  • gets physical reality grossly wrong (I’ll excuse cartoon physics so long as it is tastefully – ala Coyote – done;)
  • implies physical reality is nonexistent and social reality isn’t made up; or
  • has a tone inconsistent with the nature of the product;

adds the brand to a do-not-buy list. 

Additionally, if it’s a political advertisement and lacks sufficient civility, respect, and dignity, I vote the opposite.

Between THE Days

Yesterday was Schwarz Freitag and day after tomorrow is Cyber Moanday. As I was pursuing my wanted Saturday activity of reviewing my RSS feeds, I was reminded that Thanksgiving was also the fiftieth anniversary of Television’s first “interracial” liplock.

Between two Federation of Planets officers. [Link]

Much thought engendered here.

First of all, the irritation that we are still jaw-locked on this whole “racial” thing. Race has been consistently dismissed by the science community as stercus. Of the most odorous of crap. 

And we still have it, mostly from the Repulsians who are panicked by the on-rushing minoritization of “whites.” 

Sadly, that designation also is stercus. It should be pinks. Which would be about right because a lot of WASPs these days seems to have penile envy of Soviet Gulags. 

But lacking the progressive side of proletariat rule. Which was as much a fiction as democracy in Amerika seems to be these days?

Star Trek was the greatest television program ever. The original one. Not the rest. They varied from perfumed stercus to Coyote-Road Runner affairs. But none ever lived up to the original.

Star Trek started when I was a Freshman at the Campus of the Black Warrior. My band-of-brothers walked several blocks every Monday to the apartment of two of our number to view the program. As a senior I blew through an exam to get to the screening, for some reason, happily, delayed. Although I did test the good will of the professor when I told him why I was in a hurry.

And happily it was over by the time I went to grad schule. Where I learned a lot of things. Like the idiocy that humanity could ever do so well. 

And that hasn’t been disappointed. 

It’s very hard to spend money when one thinks about Star Trek. Or trust politicians. Or ……

Still, there are friends. They keep the hope alive. And off the browser at some retail site. 

And television, thankfully, has abandoned any trace of altrusim or goodness.


Winter Blues 2

Tomorrow is “Black Friday” and Monday is “Cyber” day. Celebrations of the other religion azimuth of Western Civilization: Capitalism. The social organization dedicated to slavery and serfdom. 

There was a time when this was fairly localized. Only cities with big stores had “Black Friday.” No small town country store could benefit from such. And besides, all it sold were necessities.

Now the big stores sell junk that they work somewhat hard to convince you is necessity. I was reminded by this in my morning email with a eCircular from MalWart. A sale on ChromeBooks that was already finished when I open the email is a prime example. Chromebook are neutered (spayed?) fake computers for the most inept and inable of Bogs. Yes, it is possible to make them slightly useful by installing Linux over the facade of Chrome but they are still forever imbecilic. 

That’s the beauty of a consumer society. It’s deluded and disconnected from Reality. In fact, it thinks Social “Reality” is all that matters. 

I hope these people know they are buying stercus to assure their children or grandchildren will be the last generation. 

Winter Blues 1

Winter is Coming. And with it a thundering horde of noxious “holy-days” to pain and rend us. Today is the first, if one doesn’t count All Hallows Eve, and perhaps the only one that doesn’t reek of ignorance and perversion.

Thanksgiving is perhaps aptly named. After all, it commemorates the successful (?) flight of freedom seeking people from a corrupt and tyrannical government. Admittedly the freedom sought was freedom to practice their own superstitions instead of those mandated by the tyranny of government. How much can one get upset about which set of superstitions one is supposed to practice and pretend to believe. 

The problem is that most humans, the Bogs in their entirety and some Geeks and Nerds, are incapable of accepting that the pretense isn’t real. Or perhaps, that they can publicly announce that they don’t believe. Because if they do, or don’t pretend hard enough, there is a significant probability that other humans will do them in.

Remember Giardano Bruno and his roasting. 

Of course, the Church of Rome was different in those days. But there are always those in any religion who believe that fire and sword are preferable to peace and love. And are always looking for a way to “come out.”

Religion is difficult. It is inherently unprovable. It may be testable, but the adherents are too insecure and self-controlling to permit such much less pay any attention to the results. 

So on the one hand we have a tyranny of religion itself. In its way, it is a slavery as cruel as that practiced in Rome or the old Confederacy. But is the imposition of another religion any less cruel and evil? Is freed to believe (and practice) as one wishes truly a freedom? Especially if it is imposed on others? The number of religions that are not interested in conquest and imposition seem few, and hated by the others almost as much as a belief in no religion. 

Nor does universality seem a cure. There was a time that the Church of Rome was all encompassing, at least in Europe, and it fell apart to internal strife and schism. This is part of the difficulty. It’s almost thermodynamic. The latter has a rule that you can’t get out of the game, and that seems to apply to religion. You can’t get away from it and you can’t make it nice.

And that’s why the season is toxic. Because it’s all about religion. When it should be about orbits and astronomy? Or people?

Incidentally, those same people who impose religion consider such a “giving.”



Have you ever dropped a door? Not one of those real doors that one finds in institutional buildings or the exterior doors of houses; one of those interior doors that are a rectangular frame of 2x2s and a millimeter or so of veneer. They are so light that the air drag is enough to flip them and they semi-float to the ground with a sickening noise that is a combination of “swoosh” and “thud.”

I mention this because autumn (fall?) may have descended on Alibam. 

The whole month of September was an extension of August. This was studiously ignored by all of the politicals since it is one more indication that the melted snowflakes of the international science community are accurate and the planet is preparing to rid itself of human civilization and almost all humans as well. 

Back to hunting and gathering.

No Bronson Alpha and Beta this time folks. Just destructive weather and no food. At least until we go far below the natural carrying capacity of the abused planet. 

Another reason I am glad to be ORF. I figure a fungus will get me before I can starve. There’s something vaguely satisfying with the idea of being covered in greyish fuzz like a loaf of high end in-store bakery bread with NO preservatives. 

We have had a few days of morning temperatures in the sixties and below. And the afternoon temperatures have been in the seventies. Fahrenheit, that is. But not today. Back to the eighties. Not that I’m complaining after too many high nineties and FD SCP nattering about the bills from the Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Monopoly. 

On which note, I should mention that when I returned home from gym yesterday she had made the transition from summer jersey to winter sweats as her at-home attire. I similarly made the shift from short-sleeve to long-sleeve. But then the blood thinners assure that I have the heat capacity of the vacuum. 

I am not complaining about the onset of lesser temperatures. Except for the extra weight of clothes. And the prickliness of bathroom heaters. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” But on the other hand we shall get better petrol mileage in the motorcars. No need for air conditioning.

On a related azimuth, FD SCP also picked this past week to finally decide to sack her old computer – an HP lemon from the W7 days that has more bad tracks on its HD than the Greater Metropolitan Arab Electron Monopoly has outages in a year. Seems that in addition to shedding her sewing data, the beast’s DVD drive has gone whackadoodle and is locked in constant seek mode that come with a rather Halloween appropriate shriek. 

So I went to the cache of FD SCP future computers – I buy a new one every year or so in anticipation of the explosive demise of her current one – and spent most of Thursday getting it half ready to swap out. This new box is a refurbed Lenovo that had been advertised as a W7 box – FD SCP has a hatred for WX that is Medea level – but had been upgraded to WX during the refurb.

It’s a much better box. The case doesn’t vibrate with the air from the HVAC vent like the HP does, and the UEFI is much better implemented. More righteous evidence that Carly was a daughter of one of the Greek fates – the sadistic one. 

Sadly, it does have WX as its OS. FD SCP has to use W because of the tyranny of her sewing machines and their software. I have had this box for a few months so I knew once It got it past its birth canal nastiness it would take a while to update. And I was right. Six hours. I had forgotten how slow Winders is. Definitely made me very happy. I sat about and spent most of the day tinkering with my Linux boxes. 

Linux is almost enough to make we want to be young. Almost. But it is definitely more happiness than a lot of my life.