H and H

Seven Day. When the bogs primp and powder themselves and take themselves off to services to fool themselves that they are actually good Christianists.

So they can go back on One Day to their wanted ways of hating and hurting. 

One of the hating and hurting things Southron bogs are most avid about is keeping women as chattel. One of the manifestations of this is preventing women from having any control of their lives or existence. It’s a nasty business. every bit as nasty as the slavery most of these people’s forebears condoned and practiced years ago. And surprisingly, the Yankee rose up and whack that practice down. 

But they couldn’t, or wouldn’t, free the women.

So it is with some admiration that I note that the Irish have freed their women.[Link]

Back when I was a bairn, the common utterances were less guarded than today. People of Color were commonly referred to by one of the “N” words, and women were similarly referred to by a “C” or “W” word. (Spelling skills were considerably better in those days because the schules had teachers who knew and taught. Few had certificates and students generally knew more about basic things. Which seems to indicate that credentials are a form of false entitlement?)

Anyway, the Irish, a people who have been called the rock of Roman Catholicism and credited with saving civilization during the Middle Ages, have voted to permit abortion. I will remind the reader that abortion is one of the highest indications of intelligence, regardless of the decision. It is the epitome of trust in rationality and individual freedom. Which is why it strikes such fear in the hearts of religionists who want to maintain (and extend) their subjugation of other humans.

As I said, back when I was a bairn, language was considerably less guarded. It was common for the man-in-the-street to refer to people, especially disliked, by some epithet associated with their national or cultural heritage. Those of Irish heritage were generally derided as unintelligent by a common misuse of a noun/adjective. 

So it is hope inspiring that these formerly stupid people – at least according to some Southrons – have the intelligence and integrity to empower women. 

Not that there seems much likelihood that today’s Southron Religionist Bogs will become so enlightened. 

In fact, we almost have to pity them. After all, they suffer from a debilitating mental illness that prevents them from engaging in rational thought. Their monopoly of cushy, high paying (relatively) overseer jobs has been seriously damaged by former slaves and impudent, unsubmissive women. Just inquiring what causes their manic insecurity is death risking. 

In honesty, if I knew myself to be part of the rotting lees of humanity’s civilization, I would be ill tempered and evil too. And grasping very hard to drag down those who made me low.



I have long conjectured that the reason Amerikan srtudents are ignernt is because their teechers have degrees in Education.

IOW, they know very well how to teach but know nothing to teach.

This has now been confirmed by real academics [Link] It seems that if students are taught by people who know something but not so much how to teach, they learn more than if they are taught by people who know how to teach but have no content to impart.

Gee. That was the way schules were when I was a bairn. All the good teachers lacked certificates; the bad teachers had them.

So when will the system change?

Never is my conjecture. 

Unspeakable Alabama Tyranny

It seems that the senior senator from Alibam has once more outed himself as a flaming Nazi.[Link] He voted AGAINST the continuation of Net Neutrality.

I am sure he will pour forth all sorts of erudite lies justifying his position but fundamentally it comes down to not giving a d**n about his constituents.

Happily he is coming up for election in two years and can be humbled to the needs of the citizenry rather than his own and his donors’ greed.

No Hill Kings

Seven Day and a bit of tab hawgin’. Which brought me back to an article [Link] entitled “How 250 Siberians Became the First Native Americans.” which is the sort of horrible composition that rather rubs my pelt in the wrong direction – mental or physical.

Point being is that humans are NOT native to the Americas. So calling people who got here before Western Europeans “Native” is bad composition. Ignorance. Prevarication. Politics, maybe. Definitely from the sense of politicians being evil and mean and greedy and nasty.

But over and above the penchant for thieves to want to be elected to government, we have the popular lie that there are “Native Americans.”

Ain’t no such animal.At least, human animal. There are some animals that seem to be native but that’s because they evolved here. And humans didn’t. We all trace back to Africa. Although there is some evidence that some humans did evolve elsewhere, like Neandertals and Denisovians. Maybe. 

But not in the Americas. That’s why they were so pristine. Until the humans of this article, maybe, arrived, the Americas were unspoilt, unpolluted by humans. It’s hard to even conceive but there was a time when Mesopotamia was a garden and not a desert.

My point of this natter is that not only is it stupid to talk about Native Americans – and certainly we humans have a strong claim to being stupid – buy we may also be the enders of life on the planet.

Gee, isn’t that a cheery thought?

So why can’t we plagiarize the Canadians and call them “First Peoples?” Then we can refer to a generation or so from now as “Last Peoples.”

If there is anyone left to write it down.

Cognitive Mutterings

The last couple of weeks have been fraught with thinking. It reached an apex this week when the comedian Bill Cosby was sacked for being male – agressively. Since the great (?????????????????) state of Alibam has been on the ropes for a couple of years over its Auschwitz style prison system – except there are very few Jews in the prison system; they seem to have a survival instinct that going to jail in Alibam is not a smart thing for a Jew to do – but is full of Good-Ole-Boys and AAs. The subject of distress is that the Yankee government thinks the state of Alibam abuses the prisoners and denies them adequate health care – mental and physical. So the state politicals are trying to ignore the general populace and white wash the problem before the Yankee government re-institutes Reconstruction.

I have to admit that I am one of many Amerikans who thought Bill Cosby better than most folks. He was a positive influence on schule integration by showing my generation that the AA attitudes of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations was crap. I also enjoyed his humor – the clean stuff I was allowed to listen to – more, in fact than that of Andy Griffith. Although the ranking of “What it was, was football” and “Noah” are even. To this day I consider football the most socially acceptable form of pornography and Noah’s attitude to the deity a masterpiece of patience in the face of bureaucratic juggernautry.

So what punishment should be meted out to a man who did so much good? From the standpoint of the legal system whose first rule is “someone has to be punished” and second is “justice is a fiction”, all of that is irrelevant. But the legal system is supposed to be the product and reflection of society. 

The combination of these, along with the Honorable (???????) Speaker of the House firing the house rebbe and the increase in diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disease diagnoses, led me to consider mental healthcare. For once, the information was coherent and constructive. In a flash of mental lightning I realize the folly of the whole thing.

Simply put, the reason Amerika has stercus for mental healthcare is because, according to the PEW people, 0.77 of the population (at least) are members of an organized religion. This means that they not only believe in a deity – which is probably hardwired in humans – but they accept the propaganda line of the organization without rational thought (in most cases.) So in a rational framework, these people are mentally ill.

Now since mental illness taxonomy is largely social in nature, if the majority of society are themselves mentally ill, then mental illness is considered to be mental health. And thereby, the politicians, who are deathly afraid of any healthcare expenses other than their own, don’t have to do anything since in effect all the mentally ill people in Amerika are de facto sane.

So the actual question we have to ask is whether the people labeled by the legal system as mentally ill are actually the sane one. Certainly this seems to be the case of the folks with Autism Spectrum Disease since (a) they can’t stand anyone who doesn’t have Autism (very much,) and (b) they are smarter and more creative than “normal” people. In fact, my observation is that the best the non-Autistic can do is caretake, thenthe ASD folks have to be the real engine of conservation and progress in human civilization.

It certainly isn’t politicians, justicers, and capitalists.

Now I’m going off to “help” FD SCP.


In Pursuit of Thought

One Day. Back to gym. And the week out is ended! Hurrah! Week out was bearable when I was “working”, but now that I am ORF, they are punishment and torment.

Received several intriguing bits. Grist for the blot mill.

First, an email from the Association of the Yankee Army (AUSA) who recently had a group prevarication and blame shifting grope in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. This morning I got an eLetter and it had some intriguing bits:

“The Army is 95 percent complete with a service-wide upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system, an undertaking involving more than 1 million computers. Migration to Windows 10, done to strengthen security and have a more stable operating environment, began in 2016.”

This is the kind of rubbish that the Army is broadcasting these days. The fact is that Winders is the LEAST SECURE of the OS. Linux would be the best choice while Apple OS would have been second. No Third. Stupidity, greed, and avarice in the ranks once more. (Still?) (Continually?) This is the sort of thing that makes me glad I am ORF and don’t have to put up with this stercus or support it as the partei line. 

I ran across a [Link] this morning to an article entitled “Jerome by Heart: A Tender Illustrated Celebration of Love Too Boundless for Labels to Contain.” It’s a sob sister bit about a children’s book that starts with:

” radiating Nietzsche’s lamentation that language is not the adequate expression of all realities.”

I apologize for subjecting my readership to this type of blather, but for once it has a bit of validity. It is now widely held, based on some reasonable bio/social “science” studies that language shapes the brain and thinking. I was particularly taken by an article [Link] entitled “How Your First Programming Language Warps Your Brain.” It’s not as disparaging as some such articles that pick a couple of languages (e.g. BASIC) and talk about how they turn the programmer into something a politician would find repugnant and deathworthy. 

I started with FORTRAN, mostly because I had been warned about the cancer that was (is?) COBOL. I still prefer to code in FORTRAN over the other half-dozen or so languages I know. I can do that because LINUX is a coder friendly language. The other, Apple and MegaHard’s, are coder unfriendly, which reflects some sort of capitalist insecurity and Oedipal complex. (The OS is the WOMB!) 

I also read (or did) several furrin languages and I can do a spot of maths. But what really helps me think are the maths and the FORTRAN. They let me cast thoughts in ways that those who can’t do maths and/or can’t do code can’t. Their minds are orthogonal to that. 

So when I get some fuzzy brain who can’t do maths or code telling me that their particular art form completes the incomplete mental spanning of language, I renew my distaste for the arts. 

Because writing code is an art and doing maths is an art and the artists don’t do either. The Greeks had a word for it: hubris. And we’ve all got it. But there’s a Catch 22 (to steal from a good Jewish chap on April Secundus) – the more sure you are that you’re an artist, the more wrong you are,

Science Nerds, on the other hand, know they’re wrong: because that’s how science works – the path of the lesser wrong. 

It being bunny rabbit season, and all fools’ season, I am gonna keep tacit on the religionists.


Torchbearer Down

A good part of this week has been spent in a walking blank state: the result, I suppose, of the discorporation of Steven Hawking.

I have to admit that I missed the discorporation of Richard Feynman. I was busy and the media was much less in-your-face than today. Feynman was the court sage only of physicists and a few science nerds and geeks, not of bogs and debutantes. His work was also closer to me; I have always been a matterist, going afield in optics a bit, but mostly I care about the local. Probably comes of initially being brain washed by Chemists. Thanks George Toffel!

I have been aware of Hawking for years, but have never read any of his work. Some of that comes of reading outreach tomes only grudgingly. The last one I enjoyed was Weinberg’s “To Explain the World.” I actually finished that one; most I get five pages in and either ruin the volume with regurgitant or I douse it with petrol and set it to fire. 

While I wasn’t much interested in Hawking’s work, mostly I read bits to answer questions posed by friends who are incapable of reading (and comprehending) for themselves, I did respect him for his work and doubly the handicap he persevered. I identified with his problems: communication; near-nasty intruding people; finding a persisting life partner; getting work done. And his ability to transcend much greater difficulties than mine made my life easier and seem less futile. When you are submerged in an ocean of sharks it is hard to catch fish.

So when I saw an article [Link] this morning entitled “Stephen Hawking dies: Scientist’s most memorable quotes” I could not resist paying homage to him in my inimitable pseudo-snarky fashion.

“On why the universe exists…

❝If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God❞ – A Brief History Of Time, published 1988

It seems to me that the obvious conjecture here is the universe is a petri dish and the deity is a scientist. It’s an experiment and the deity is hyper-objective.

On humanity…

❝We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special❞ – Interview, Der Spiegel, October 1988

The problem is that while we as a species can (maybe) understand the universe, the fraction of humans who can do so is vanishingly small. Sir Arthur Eddington once asked who was the third person who could understand Einstein’s Relativity Theory. I suspect Sir Arthur was being a bit arrogant – the British do that quite as well as a Congressional staffer – but the fraction seems rather low. As an estimate, the number of physicists in Amerika is about 35K while the total population of 350M. That gives a fraction of 0.0001 (1E-4). So since four nines of humanity can’t understand reality, they will swamp those who can and generally be assured of vertically copulating everything including the continuation of the species.

On life…

❝One, remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Two, never give up work. Work gives you meaning and purpose and life is empty without it. Three, if you are lucky enough to find love, remember it is there and don’t throw it away❞ – Interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, June 2010 

My first thought when I read this is that Hawking hasn’t had to worry about going down stairs since he was in his twenties. My second thought is that the stars may engender all sorts of feelings but they don’t necessarily inspire everyone. So I would alter the advice to make sure you seek out things that inspire you and control what you look at that is uninspiring.

On living with a disability…

❝My advice to other disabled people would be, concentrate on things your disability doesn’t prevent you doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit, as well as physically❞ – Interview, New York Times, May 2011

IOW, Illigetimi non carborundum. Or as I paraphrase it, don’t let the bogs get you down. Everyone has a disability or two. Some folks, notably bogs, are often unaware they have one until someone sentient tells them. Of course bogs generally have no idea of what Hawking considered work; their idea is what they get paid for and they hate it.

On an imperfect world…

❝Without imperfection, you or I would not exist❞ – On Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking, Discovery Channel, 2010

The only thing that may be perfect is a proton. We have never seen one decay. That doesn’t mean that it can’t or that it is perfect. Imprefection is how the universe is, so ignore that at your risk.

On staying cheerful…

❝Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny❞ – Interview, New York Times, December 2004

We have to remember that Hawking was British and the British have a better capability for seeing humor than Amerikans (and some others.) We also tend to harass and murder people who find humor. So caveat emptor. And never laugh in front of a politician; they have neither scruples nor integrity.

This is getting a bit tedious and I am not a journalist, who would have no sense of being tedious nor propriety. So Selah.

I will not invoke the after life because it seems boggish. But you will be missed, Steven Hawking, at least for a while.