Electron Longevity

I am NOT a particle physicist. All this stuff with standard model came about after I finished coursework and quite frankly being an introvert I am not driven to lemming physics environments. 

Maybe I should have said ant colony? 

Anyway, not given to more than arms length, few people collaborations.

But I was intrigued to read [Link] that some folks in Italia have taken a stab at making measurements to indicate the mean-time-to-decay for an electron.

They came up with 6.6E28 years (approximately) which was given by one source as “66,000 yottayears “. I had never seen the prefix yotta before and when I looked it in in my copy of Tuma I discovered it didn’t go that high.

I personally have always favored a prefix system that is logical and numeric: kilo; milli; killi, trilli, quadrilli, quintilli;…..

But I’m not in charge of usch and don;t want to be. Too much fervency and pseudo-boggism.

But that’s a lottayears, which is a Saganesque type of prefix. Happily the chicken guy is more rational about such. 

In fact it’s older than the life (to date) of our universe. 

Sorta makes you worry about how things end, doesn’t it?

Except the EXTRO Bogs. They go and party.

Christmas Chemistry

One of the neat things about most liquids is solvation. That is, dissolving another chemical (unloaded connotation) in the liquid. WHich is also a chemical.

Great Fun: remind some Bog that water is a chemical. Preferably in an organic grocery store. Mind implosion! 

Anyway, the neatness extends to a limit on how much of the chemical, called the solute, the liquid, called the solvent, can dissolve. Add any more past that and it just piles up, undissolved, in the bottom of the container. 

Now let’s use that model on christmas. I use that term because all of the advertising I see claims to sell stuff for christmas. Not hannukah, not kwanza, not solstice, not Newtonmas. Christmas.

So the solute is christmas advertising and the solvent is my attention span/mind.

And the solvent has a limited capacity to dissolve the solute. So at some point my attention span/mind can’t absorb any more advertising. It just falls down and piles up. Unattentioned. By definition, failed advertising. 

And the advertiser had to pay for that advertising. So wasted money. And no sales.

Ignorance of Science. The real law.

And I won;t even mention those lists that tell me these are the things I should want based on some characteristic. When I examine them what they offer ranges from unwanted junk to run-and-hide from the giver. But I now understand why it’s so hard to find a spouse. One wrong gift and it’s over. Perfectly innocent, perfectly insane. And scary.

And we should consider renaming the holiday. Maybe to Corporatemas? Or Capitalismas? Then we could get the real (?) religion disassociated from the greed religion?

All Wrong

Sometimes it is all I can do not to hurl dense objects at the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver. Even with FD SCP present to provide to moderating influence. 

Almost always during the “news” period of evening. 

Abysmal stupidity and inaccuracy. At least on the bits I know. And given the depths of such I have to conjecture also for the other bits.

Point in mutter: Hoverboards.

I am NOT a fan of the back-to-the-future movies. Liked the dogs. Liked the idea of a rabbinical scientist doing science albeit it’s impossible to check to see if it’s good science given the trashiness of the movie presentation.

Don’t care at all for the rest. Very much not up to even the crudest of time travel SF stories/novels/books. Rather like watching a bad cartoon written by a three year old. And I have to apologize to almost ALL three year old infants when I say that. They have better sense than the folks who wrote the movies.

Now I conceded the movies were written for EXTRO Bogs. In fact, that is a complete indictment.

But this grrr brrrr this season about hover boards? More absolute crap.

Clearly a wing shaped board with a LARGE wheel at each end is NOT a slightly curved but rectangular board floating six (?) inches off the ground surface. Which was the idea of the original “hover board” in the movie.

It clearly isn’t a hover anything, at least in the sense of the English (American?) language. I quote:

Hover Hov”er, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Hovered; p. pr. & vb. n.   Hovering.] [OE. hoveren, and hoven, prob. orig., to abide,    linger, and fr. AS. hof house; cf. OFries. hovia to receive  into one’s house. See Hovel.]    1. To hang fluttering in the air, or on the wing; to remain      in flight or floating about or over a place or object; to      be suspended in the air above something.      [1913 Webster]

I don’t think Mr. Webster would agree that rolling about on wheels is hovering?

On the other hand, the physics is pretty clear. We don’t wank on the floor. We get as close to it as the equalization of gravity and the electromagnetic repulsion/attraction of the particles in the floor and our selves. So yes, Virginia (and Quadgop, who already knows this,) we do hover.

So excuse me now while I de-hover from my chair and walk on my hover-shoes into the kitchen to make some hover-toast.

Common sense is almost always abysmally inaccurate. But Bogs can’t handle reality.


Light Straggling

Thor’s day. End of gym for the week. And the weather beavers foretell I will likely be able to do some constitutional this week out. Huzzah!

Sparse in gym. Only one weight bouncer and that the polite one. And no (!) educationalists. And a moderately diverting podcast, an episode of Linux Luddites, with scant enrichment but at least the attention span was led away.

Not so outside. Frawg! Or as the weather beavers saw, fawg. A real one, not the wimpy hazes that the weather beavers pass off as frawg.

No this one was quite heavy and so thoroughly a frawg it grabbed you by the eyeballs as soon as you were outside. Every point sourse was surrounded by a dense, solid halo, none of this christianist ring stuff, that immediately filled you with the awe of reality and its physics, much less mysticism and superstition.

And driving in it was achingly tactile. You were immediately reminded that there are two ways to hide things. One is to keep light from it. But the other is to take its light and send it so widely that the contrast is obliterated and the object cannot be seen against its background. That’s the majesty of frawg. 

It’s also the adventure. Driving in this stuff is a minor risk, at least for nerds and sentient geeks. And who really cares about the rest so long as they don’t drag you along with them? On which azimuth I should mention for those such who might be reading the correlation with the comedian Andrew Griffith who larked about frawg stragglin’. Of course in his case frawg referred to an amphibian genus, and not to aerosols in the atmosphere. Ah!, the joys of language.

It struck me last night, while watching a rather egregiously prevaricative commercial that language is not important in physics. Communication, yes; but understanding, no. 

The day begins well.

Profusion of Stupidity?

Ice Cream day. And I appear to have eschewed constitutional from programming. Having missed the last two days I did not consult the thermometer until after I had straddled the bicycle. Ah well. Lesson time. 

It being ice cream day it seems fit that I dispose of some tabs so pray be prepared for such.

First, an article [Link] entitled “California Shooting Doesn’t Fit Washington’s Gun Debate”. I quote:

“Democrats who have vowed to use every mass shooting as a moment to call for new gun laws were tempering their rallying cries. Republicans who point to mental health services as the solution had begun to blame extremist views.”

I have to admit to finding this characterization not only accurate but damning of both. The democrud argument rather reminds me of the old saying about people who take knives to gun fights. The surest way to assure a civil war (yes, another one) is to mess with firearm ownership in a conscriptive way.

The repulsian argument is just laughable. These are the same fellows who have done everything they can to starve and abolish medical support. And they are the ones saying the wackos need treatment. Are they gong to put all the other religionist fundamentalists in treatment. If so, 09+ of the population of the old Confederacy will be in rubber rooms. 

What neither wants to admit is that they have to decide whether these are crimes or acts of insurrection and proceed accordingly. The problem with that is that it means associating both political and religionist behaviors with abnormality and illegality. On the slippery slope to a pogrom, or an expulsion. It’s one of the fundamental weaknesses of a democracy. Especially one that is gridlocked into ineffectiveness by partisan immiscibility and intransigence. Which means they have to cooperate while cleaning up their respective dysfunctional organizations.

Not gonna happen until collapse, I fear.

Nexy, a rather intriguing article [Link] entitled “More Than Half Of U.S. Classroom Computers Are Chromebooks”. This raises the question of why so many schules in the old Confederacy are using Apple slablets instead of Chromebooks? The answer is probably that the administrations and educationalists are dated acognitives stuck in the glory days of Apple II and such of their youths. 

This is a big part of the problem with computer education in the secondary schules these days. No coding, just using cliients. And thinking that’s computers. Yes, it is. For serfs.

Enough. Fixing educationalist stupidity is as hard (or harder) than fixing partisan stupidity. 

Next on our stupidity azimuth is an article [Link] entitled “The #1 way to fight climate change: Use LED lights”. The problem with this is the electron providers. In Greater Metropolitan Arab we have an electron uncooperative that is totally oblivious to anything other than money. So they refuse to do maintenance or modernization of their gris and LED lamp bulbs don’t last years but days and weeks. Voltage too high. Fluctuations too high. Outages too often.

So even the above mean in earnings can’t afford LED bulbs when they have to be replaced every month or so. Instead of ever year or so.

This type of cooperative stupidity is rampant in Greater Metropolitan Arab. The water uncooperative board unilaterally decided to cease fluoridation and despite guidance from the city conscript parents have not resumed. Perhaps firing parties are indicated? 

At root this is very easy to understand. It is a conflict between business and STEM, between greed and knowledge, between evil and good. Only the political/religionist wackiness can explain how such can happen.

To change in a (maybe) positive note, I saw an article [Link] entitled “Controversial experiment sees no evidence that the universe is a hologram”. On the positive side, this indicates that, in terms of this theory, I (and you) are real and not components of a hologram. (Which would really crash the politicians and religionists’ CPUs.) On the negative side, those politicians and religionists are real also.


Walking Thinking Again

Saturn’s day. Turkey day is over, including its adjunct, day of ebony Freya. Another mild (?) morning, at least temperature high enough to venture into park. Good walk. No great thoughts other than that there is no such ting as pure toleration.

And it also occurred that the thing I am most thankful of is that the holiday is past.

Holidays are stressful and thereby evil. The stress arises from parents and family. We have the solstice season approaching with the whole Santa Claus – Tree – Presents thing and therein lies the root of the stress. The whole nonsense of presents and the pressure and agony of waiting for that. That is the wellspring.

Of course it isn’t helped by family trying to deny the tide of time. More stress. Trying to not be what we are. Putting up with people that we don’t want to be around. Stress. Evil.

Perhaps that is another aspect of civilization? Our denial of its existence.

But holidays are definitely about tolerance. And the wellspring of intolerance.

Thinking about the eminent end of walking is also stressful.

But now I know why turkey is so popular now. The tryptophan. 

Word States

The weather beavers were a bit pessimistic – air temperature this morning on arising was at the bottom limit of my external exercise range and up a bit by the time I had laved and attired my corpus so I was off to park for constitutional.

First of all, I was pleased I didn’t assay yesterday. By the time I finished my rounds of the trail my face was quite uncomfortable. And my efforts to muffle the lower part of my face only resulted in discomfort and eyeglass fogging, which given the sad state of the smoothness of the trail paving, would have sent me to hospital shortly.

But otherwise the experience was most enjoyable. Nature was about. The noisome canine of Friday was absent, or, at least silent, and I had occasion to actually think.

My thoughts were on the matter of entropy in language, Amerikan English in particular. Even that has entropy since most of the humans resident on the American continents speak Spanish, or at least American variants thereof. Also Portugese, Fremch, and Canadian English which seems rather akin to British (?) English to Amerikans but more like Amerikan English to the English. Or so I am assured by both Canadians and English humans.

This musing began as I considered that I had attired myself with cloths. or in an entropic sense, clothed myself. Of course cloth is a noun while clothe is a verb but they seem to have the same root since both are associated with a substance. The Oxford English Dictionary is rather unhelpful on the matter, merely blaming the mess on the Scandinavians. 

Of course, I was concerned that the cloths I clothed myself in be appropriate although in a thermodynamic rather than an appearance sense. Hence more entropy.

Also, I came to reflect on the differences (and entropy) of the words wear and ware. I was wear(ing) clothes and the clothes are wear so the word can be both noun and verb, another entropic form, and is a homonym of ware hence a third entropic form. Ware, of course, is similar, meaning either a metal utensil or a warning of danger. These seem to have a common root since the production of metal objects normally requires a considerable increase of their heat (temperature) even as far as a phase change and hence of considerable potential for damaging humans.

This, of course, brought me to the term “boo-boo”, which is not in my dictionary, but indicates either a minor superficial damage to a human or the deplorable mental state of an adult human miscommunicating with a human infant who has trivially been damaged. I believe it also indicates a form of error which is effectively identical to the latter.

Hence realizing the extent of my facial discomfort, I returned to Castellum SCP to increase my own quantity of heat.