A completely useless piece of kitsch presented to you for being the best at something absolutely meaningless.

As opposed to a medal which is a cheap token presented to you for doing something absolutely magnificent.

Makes you wonder about our priorities as a society, doesn’t it?

In Search of Stercus Tauri

One of the great scams of today is “Gene Modification,” or rather, the absence thereof.

For example, I received an e-mail from a food vendor [Link] that proclaimed:

The cruel fact is that EVERY chicken that exists on Tellus these days is Gene Modified. There are no, to my knowledge, original, unbred (and hence, unmodified) chickens. 

So when a grocer or butcher tells you something hasn’t been Genetically Modified, you can rest assured that they are prevaricating.

It isn’t just Pols, it’s also Capitalists.


Fixing Problems

Into the abyss of week-out. Having reviewed – sketchily and with scant patience – the RSS feeds, a few, too few, indicative of the sad state of Amerikan journalism, prompting snark and cerebration. 

First, an article [Link] entitled “Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft’s weird new ad campaign.” This is about how their client office suite is inferior to their on-line office suite. Significantly at no point do they present any statistics of the frequency of the tasks performed. So the comparison is pure Fakery. 

Just to make MegaHard feel better, I don’t use either; I use LibreOffice. It does everything I want to do and better than MegaHard’s office suite does, because LO concentrates on getting work done and not on prevarication. Which is not to say that you can’t use LO to write prevarications…. 

If you kill flies with a ten pound sledge hammer, you not only have to clean up the mess, you have to replace the sheet rock as well.

Next, a lovely article [Link] about how we can fix global warming. Seems that the heat-bath was stayed by Europeans coming to the Americas and discorporating so many of the previous residents. This indicates that we can probably fix global warming by using the same tactic. The question is whether we start with politicians or all denialists?

In Memorium

I have been sitting (Gentile) Shiva since Saturday. One of my colleagues, Mass Magnetic Field, a colonel in the Yankee Army of Occupation, discorporated last week. He was a righteous mensch. 

In my day of higher education, you could not learn physics without being introduced to Judaism. As an introvert, I found Shiva much more palatable than hymn belting, bible thumping funerals: extrovert orgies of irrationality and group grope. Or at least so they seem to a three sigma Introvert. And being raised Baptist, so overlaps had to be adjusted.

The Winter is Here and it looks ill.


Tell Sad Tales

I am not the ubermensch that I used to think I was. In fact, I never was. More the weak, reedy kid with more smarts than stuff and the hatred of the redneck majority of Alibam kinder. But I was more active than now, and I miss the glory days of churning out papers and being lauded for solving significant problems and the satisfaction of having a career and a satisfying impact as a rabbinical physicist. 

Then I ran across a terminal blot [Link] of a blogger I had never heard of. I found out about this because I subscribe to Science News. I have subscribed to SN since childhood when it was an exciting and useful publication. That was when society believed in science and children were encouraged to learn science; now the adults are ignorant and superstitious and bound up in their false knowledge and try to impart the same to their children. The rag, recognizing this, still tries to educate the ignorant, old and young, but somehow I suspect it only appeals to the Nerds like myself. And I read it primarily to control what I need to be reading since I haven’t the time for too many journals.

The thing that struck me about this farewell blot, which is, I think, the first I have read of this blogger, was how it portrayed much of what is wrong with science today. Mostly that is Capitalism and Careerism and Stupidity. When I was a kid, people went into science to improve society; today they seem to go into science for pay and praise. And that’s one reason I am largely uninterested in telling either children or adults about science; it’s a waste of time and effort. They don’t want to know and given the way the climate and society and politics are going, there won’t be any people to do science in the future.

So I am more bemused by this self-serving blot than I am distressed. 

I have to admit that I started blogging about the same time as this blogger, but most of the similarity ends there. I was at the transition of my career from wage serf to country “gentleman.” Not that I am very gentle or refined or country. Other than growing up in Alibam and suffering from the disease of redneck from the crib on. That’s not bad; there are some traits of rednecks that stands one in good stead as a NERD, especially since growing up in Alibam assures a poor, often bad, and warped education. And one also gets the opportunity to confront tyranny and prejudice/bigotry and just plain evil on a daily basis. Where else in Amerika do pedophiles achieve high political office?

But when I was in my prime, the science community could recognize science advancement even when it came from a redneck. I don’t think that’s possible any more. For a variety of reasons.

So I suppose I should mourn for the rotting of science? Will sitting shiva serve any purpose, even if just for my benefit? I doubt it. One cannot sit shiva, I suspect, for a golem. Better that I just continue as I have and continue the good fight against stupidity. It’s the one that that I know is god-like about humanity. And apparently, a decreasing fraction of humanity at that. And recognize the self-service of contemporary scientists as just another form of being redneck. 

Where have all the Intelligence gone?

Thrilling observance of Veterans Day. All the parades cancelled in recognition of the precedence of Mother Nature. Even by the politicals who deny climate change. And women’s equality. And tyranny. Their own, of course.

Anyway, have been keeping an ear to the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver since FD SCP is home and I just caught one of those NO GMOs AV advertisements. Which led me to ask a mental question:

Don’t the people who eschew “GMO” foodstuffs know that they are the product of a gene modification activity?

I’ll talk about DNA mis-reproduction and elementary particle – DNA interactions later.