Tell Sad Tales

I am not the ubermensch that I used to think I was. In fact, I never was. More the weak, reedy kid with more smarts than stuff and the hatred of the redneck majority of Alibam kinder. But I was more active than now, and I miss the glory days of churning out papers and being lauded for solving significant problems and the satisfaction of having a career and a satisfying impact as a rabbinical physicist. 

Then I ran across a terminal blot [Link] of a blogger I had never heard of. I found out about this because I subscribe to Science News. I have subscribed to SN since childhood when it was an exciting and useful publication. That was when society believed in science and children were encouraged to learn science; now the adults are ignorant and superstitious and bound up in their false knowledge and try to impart the same to their children. The rag, recognizing this, still tries to educate the ignorant, old and young, but somehow I suspect it only appeals to the Nerds like myself. And I read it primarily to control what I need to be reading since I haven’t the time for too many journals.

The thing that struck me about this farewell blot, which is, I think, the first I have read of this blogger, was how it portrayed much of what is wrong with science today. Mostly that is Capitalism and Careerism and Stupidity. When I was a kid, people went into science to improve society; today they seem to go into science for pay and praise. And that’s one reason I am largely uninterested in telling either children or adults about science; it’s a waste of time and effort. They don’t want to know and given the way the climate and society and politics are going, there won’t be any people to do science in the future.

So I am more bemused by this self-serving blot than I am distressed. 

I have to admit that I started blogging about the same time as this blogger, but most of the similarity ends there. I was at the transition of my career from wage serf to country “gentleman.” Not that I am very gentle or refined or country. Other than growing up in Alibam and suffering from the disease of redneck from the crib on. That’s not bad; there are some traits of rednecks that stands one in good stead as a NERD, especially since growing up in Alibam assures a poor, often bad, and warped education. And one also gets the opportunity to confront tyranny and prejudice/bigotry and just plain evil on a daily basis. Where else in Amerika do pedophiles achieve high political office?

But when I was in my prime, the science community could recognize science advancement even when it came from a redneck. I don’t think that’s possible any more. For a variety of reasons.

So I suppose I should mourn for the rotting of science? Will sitting shiva serve any purpose, even if just for my benefit? I doubt it. One cannot sit shiva, I suspect, for a golem. Better that I just continue as I have and continue the good fight against stupidity. It’s the one that that I know is god-like about humanity. And apparently, a decreasing fraction of humanity at that. And recognize the self-service of contemporary scientists as just another form of being redneck. 

Where have all the Intelligence gone?

Thrilling observance of Veterans Day. All the parades cancelled in recognition of the precedence of Mother Nature. Even by the politicals who deny climate change. And women’s equality. And tyranny. Their own, of course.

Anyway, have been keeping an ear to the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver since FD SCP is home and I just caught one of those NO GMOs AV advertisements. Which led me to ask a mental question:

Don’t the people who eschew “GMO” foodstuffs know that they are the product of a gene modification activity?

I’ll talk about DNA mis-reproduction and elementary particle – DNA interactions later.


Thoughts from the Neutered Internet

Seven Day, and once more into the breach of tab ‘hawg’in. So in a futile effort to share brilliance, or at least perversion, with the bog mass and thereby diminish their inherent squishiness of mind and behavior, a few meandering and apparently pointless natterings will be here presented.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Open plan offices flop – you talk less, IM more, if forced to flee a cubicle.” It seems natural that this was published in an English (well, actually, British) newspaper, the Guardian. After all, such criticism of business in Amerika would result in a great disturbance in the dark side of the force aka Capitalism. And then Morbius’ “One does not look upon the face of the Gorgon and live” comes into play. One has to wonder how different – better? – this country would have been in we had adopted a requirement that no company have more than a hundred members/employees and they had to own at least 51% of the company mutually?

Anyway, the dissatisfaction with bull pens or stock yards or whatever one wants to call the infestations of modular furniture makes eminent sense. It comes down to privacy. This may not be obvious since many people – not just Bogs – fail to comprehend that privacy comes in many flavors and azimuths. To INTROs, privacy usually means aloneness and modular farms are a manifestation of Tartarus on Tellus. This is one of the primary reasons for INTROs going bonkers and offing EXTROs. EXTROs, on the other hand, are actually similar, except that instead of aloneness, they want privacy for their in-group. Same thing, different scale.

It might be tempting to suggest that a commonly held privacy is during bodily functions except that some Oriental cultures dispense with sexual segregation as well as privacy screens. Flatulence can be shared across gender and individuality. But we all have some vein of prudery – thankfully. And we all have some need to distance ourselves from the unselected masses of humanity. Which includes the office place where we have no control over our colleagues, unless we are management and then we have scant and imperfect regard for that matter.

So dissatisfaction with being corn stalks in a row in a field is natural to humans.

Next, an article [Link] entitled “The scent of coffee appears to boost performance in math” is instructive if rather clumsily and errorfully written. Science journalists are apparently as sorry these days as news journalists. That’s “sad” as in pound cake.

The results of the reported study are best described by the words of the study director,

“It’s not just that the coffee-like scent helped people perform better on analytical tasks, which was already interesting. But they also thought they would do better, and we demonstrated that this expectation was at least partly responsible for their improved performance.”

than those of the article’s writer. Note the glaring discrepancy between the title and the actuality: analytical tasks, not just maths.

This may help explain why office workers drink so much coffee and the addictions of Millennials. If you have been poorly prepared by the education instrumentality for analytical activity, and have to perform such, you naturally seek help. Another incidence of Stupidity in Amerika. On multiple azimuths.

On a more joyous note, [Link] a “fake science” article has been published about how politicians use toilet paper based on their party affiliation. The intent was to expose the cancer of Capitalist publishing, especially in research. That goal seems to have been served although with – likely – zero effect. Greed is without guilt. Evil is self-forgiving.

What is more interesting is the original question. Rectum sanitation is a matter of grave but often ignored importance, especially by maiden aunts and elected officials. (The reasons for this are NOT to be construed to be identical!!!!!) In some parts of the planet, toilet paper is replaced by corn cobs or even the human hand, in which instance, polarity is crucial. One does not wipe with the “eating” hand. This factoid is the wellspring of some of the humor of this article, that politicians would consider each other “unclean” along party lines for hand polarity.

Seems a more rational distinction than the current situation in the District manifests.

I can also assure you that ALL Alibam politicians perform this function with their left hands, sans paper, because they are ALL “Christian Conservatives” and hence adhere to tradition and doctrine and dogma and intestinal parasites. As YHWH wrote in down in the King James bible. Personally.

Lastly, an article [Link] entitled “Does free will exist in the universe? (That would be a no.)”  It is written by a computer science guy, so we should expect that it will be better composed and accurate than if by a journalist but we do have to keep in mind the dictum that if a discipline has to tell you it’s a science, it isn’t.

The thesis of the author is that Free Will does not exist. His presentation is unconvincing. Primarily because he assumes the universe to be continuous, which it isn’t. Indications are that the universe is granular. Quantum Mechanics, the basis of the Electronic Revolution, which lets me read these articles and write this blot, is the epitome of granularity. Perhaps his most glaring, to me, at least, fumble with this is implying, at least to my inspection, that fracticality cannot be discrete. And what is amazing is that this comes from a computer “science” guy where everything is discrete.

The important question, however, is what does this have to do with free will. There is, I concede, an argument that free will is unlikely (on misunderstood) in a scaleless continuous universe. But the counter argument is that free will hasn’t been measured. And what we cannot measure we do not know, to paraphrase Lord Kelvin, who, as we all know on a Seven Day morning in Alibam, invented temperature and thereby summer misery. (An example of the granularity is that people in Michigan are concerned with winter misery.)

Free will, like time, is poorly understood. It primarily exists as a statement by philosophers, plagiarized by theologians, of duality, like the One and the Many, light and dark, men and women. It may exist outside our minds, as an actuality. One approach to such is that even with the progression of entropy, order emerges just by random combinations. Anyone who has played FreeCell on their computer known this from experience, although they probably didn’t think of it in terms of order and entropy.

Do I have Free Will? I don’t know, but I hope so. The whole Predestination thing is entirely too evil to accept.

Media Mun(dane)day

One day. And back to gym. Where all sorts of media matters came to attention.

First, I was reminded that nuptials among the tyrants of Albion are upcoming. What struck me was that the event was epitomized by the tyranny of pomp and the vacuity of circumstance.

On the other hand, we here in Amerika are nationally epitomized by the pomp of the toxic waste dump and the vacuity of promises.

Next, I listened to a podcast episode of an Indian (as in sub-continent, not American First Peoples) castigating his own for having sold out to what used to be called “the monied interests.” Happily he confirmed one of my own observations with the equation (in my terms)

Quality of Composition * Disintegrity of the Journalist = Constant

which if accurate often enough to let one identify false reportage. At least until the “monied interests” get hard up enough to hire journalists with actual composition skills and abilities.

Lastly, FD SCP made me watch “60 minutes” with her last night on the electromagnetic audio-visual receiver and I was rather taken by a vignette on a film being made about the “bridge builder” Francis. Taken, not by the film making, but what the fellow had to say that transcended the crap and self-furthering of organized religion. He actually got more down to the actual meat of religion and not the sugar fluff and ball gags that organized religion distributes.

I now have renewed hope for the “Pursuit of Happiness.”



On the subject of breakthroughs – see previous blot – I ran across this [Link]

and realized that I wrote my thesis before desktop computers. So step three was me writing out the draft by hand – YEA CURSIVE! – and then keying masters on an IBM Selectric typewriter-machine. 

Life was easier and harder back then. It was harder to build the keyed output; it was easier to get away with glitches. (There was a campus myth about a nasty committee member who got a manuscript enema.)

Also got my name added to an obscure (one can even say transparent) bit of physics. 

Stercus Sciencia

Seven Day. Lowered Air Temperature. Coming to the end of Oatmeal season. Sadly.

Also sadly is a rather egregious article [Link] that I ran across yesterday. It’s entitled “Seniors stick to fitness routines when they work out together.” It reports:

Older adults are more likely to stick with a group exercise program if they can do it with people their own age, a new study has found. Working out with peers of the same gender doesn’t seem to make a difference, which suggests that age-targeting but not gender-targeting should be considered when developing exercise programming.

The problem is that the researchers didn’t bother to look into individual temperaments very well. Specifically the differences between INTRO and EXTRO. As a result, this article comes across as pure EXTRO Supremism which has a component of INTRO blindness.

I am INTRO. That aspect should be obvious to the (few – humor!) regular readers of this blog. And I go to gym and exercise regularly.

But I don’t like crowds and if the gym has more than a certain density of people – regardless of age – I turn about and leave.

My modal behavior is to go to gym when it opens M-F. That’s 0400 Alibam time. I exercise for a about an hour by which time the gym is sufficiently crowded that I am feeling depressed and threatened. I sometimes go on weekends when the gym opens at 0800 (Six Day) and 1300 (Seven Day,) arriving as close to opening as possible and leaving after a shorter period. 

Because of the crowding. 

What these researchers are preaching (and that’s the level of credibility of their effort – mysticism and wand-waving) is that seniors want to clump. That’s the case if they’re EXTRO. INTROs also want to clump but their idea of a clump is two or three. But less often as well as fewer in number. And INTROs are repelled by larger numbers. Also gym group things like balance classes. Which the gym staff are oblivious to. Because they’re underpaid and largely ignorant. Because gym management doesn’t want to have to pay for knowledge. Which leads to a cycle of failure.

I have a few friends who are EXTRO. They like to do group exercise. And claim it is enjoyable (to them) and helps them exercise. That’s EXTRO persistence. Epicureanism. Endocrinism. But not INTROs. And that’s the rub.

Sadly, the work was done in Canadia. Disappointing to see they can have bad temperament habits like Amerikans. 

Cognitive Mutterings

The last couple of weeks have been fraught with thinking. It reached an apex this week when the comedian Bill Cosby was sacked for being male – agressively. Since the great (?????????????????) state of Alibam has been on the ropes for a couple of years over its Auschwitz style prison system – except there are very few Jews in the prison system; they seem to have a survival instinct that going to jail in Alibam is not a smart thing for a Jew to do – but is full of Good-Ole-Boys and AAs. The subject of distress is that the Yankee government thinks the state of Alibam abuses the prisoners and denies them adequate health care – mental and physical. So the state politicals are trying to ignore the general populace and white wash the problem before the Yankee government re-institutes Reconstruction.

I have to admit that I am one of many Amerikans who thought Bill Cosby better than most folks. He was a positive influence on schule integration by showing my generation that the AA attitudes of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations was crap. I also enjoyed his humor – the clean stuff I was allowed to listen to – more, in fact than that of Andy Griffith. Although the ranking of “What it was, was football” and “Noah” are even. To this day I consider football the most socially acceptable form of pornography and Noah’s attitude to the deity a masterpiece of patience in the face of bureaucratic juggernautry.

So what punishment should be meted out to a man who did so much good? From the standpoint of the legal system whose first rule is “someone has to be punished” and second is “justice is a fiction”, all of that is irrelevant. But the legal system is supposed to be the product and reflection of society. 

The combination of these, along with the Honorable (???????) Speaker of the House firing the house rebbe and the increase in diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disease diagnoses, led me to consider mental healthcare. For once, the information was coherent and constructive. In a flash of mental lightning I realize the folly of the whole thing.

Simply put, the reason Amerika has stercus for mental healthcare is because, according to the PEW people, 0.77 of the population (at least) are members of an organized religion. This means that they not only believe in a deity – which is probably hardwired in humans – but they accept the propaganda line of the organization without rational thought (in most cases.) So in a rational framework, these people are mentally ill.

Now since mental illness taxonomy is largely social in nature, if the majority of society are themselves mentally ill, then mental illness is considered to be mental health. And thereby, the politicians, who are deathly afraid of any healthcare expenses other than their own, don’t have to do anything since in effect all the mentally ill people in Amerika are de facto sane.

So the actual question we have to ask is whether the people labeled by the legal system as mentally ill are actually the sane one. Certainly this seems to be the case of the folks with Autism Spectrum Disease since (a) they can’t stand anyone who doesn’t have Autism (very much,) and (b) they are smarter and more creative than “normal” people. In fact, my observation is that the best the non-Autistic can do is caretake, thenthe ASD folks have to be the real engine of conservation and progress in human civilization.

It certainly isn’t politicians, justicers, and capitalists.

Now I’m going off to “help” FD SCP.