Sit Up and Shut Down

I observe that Gooey has discharged the engineer who raised questions about gender related behaviors and temperaments. [Link]

This is an indication of the rot in the organization. It has its parallel in world history; it’s sometimes called the Catbird Seat Manuever. The classic manifestation is when a government hires too many mercenaries (and fires or can’t get too many citizen soldiers) and the mercenaries take over the country and replace the government because there’s no one to prevent them from doing so. 

And they stay in power until they micturate enough of the former citizens – now serfs – into being willing to discorporate to rid themselves of the tyrants.

But that doesn’t happen in organizations. They just rot away until they fall down, usually with a big surprise for the capitalists who think the organization is “blue chip”.

That’s Gooey. They have now begun to restrict what can be said and discussed and even thought about. This is sometimes called “Shut Up and Sit Down.” It’s really more like the title: sit at attention and wait for the doors to close and the building to collapse. But don’t move.

It’s a natural extension from mercenary strength to technological strength. It’s also a matter of moving from being dynamic to being in denialist stasis. The next step after no talking is no new technology. Oh, they’ll do things that they’ll say is wonderful new technology – sort of like the Edsel motorcar – but it won’t be. It’ll be repackaged beans. With the farts still intact and probably enhanced.

It also happens in government. When I still worked for the Yankee Army in their Lab, we had a manager – second level – who was a “Sit Down and Shut Up” manager. And he had a piece of paper from a management schule to prove it. He may have had some creativity before he went to that schule; he didn’t after. Just direction and obedience.

Happily, his boss was a real STEM. But shortly after I retired they disposed of him. And now the place is a Potemkin Village. Lots of motorized window devices and publicity but no new STEM stuff. 

So be happy. The country is probably entering a new dark age of technology (and other stuff?) stultification and organizations prevarication.

I am happy – to be ORF.


Sundae Query

It occurred to me this morning that the fundamental justification for the “Selfie stick” is that you can’t ask someone else to take a photograph of you?

What does this indicate? That we don’t trust anyone we don’t know, the ultimate in Us-Themism, or that we are afraid of anyone we don’t know, also the ultimate in Us-Themism.

It seems that we have pursued the matter of racism/genderism/… so fully that we must treat everyone else as if they don’t exist.

But isn’t that the same thing? Isn’t the ultimate form of discrimination denying everyone else’s existence? 

Book Bullying

This one is out of train. After ending the last blot I shifted over to reading eMail, which is a rather depressing thing. Too many ads and such these days. One such was from the Barnes and Ignoble folks who were pushing “back-to-school reading”. I presume this is what they think the parents of bairns going back to primary and secondary schule should be buying from them for the bairns to read and become educated. The Arab Tribune, aka Gossip Stercus, recently published a back-to-schule issue that included similar materials.

This took me back to my own days in the schules of Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. And my reading assignments.

Pure Cow Stercus. Patties. Common in the fields that then had not been paved over with houses and (now) decaying stores. 

That was a bit too much flow. 

When we were kids there were still fields, inhabited either by cows or cotton. We stayed away from the latter because the boll husks were nasty wicked sharp. We played in the former because we could have stercus flinging contests. It was educational. We learned that the more you worked cow stercus, the more aromatic it became. And we learned the embarrassment of being hose down by parent in the back yard.

But the start referred to the books we were assigned to read in schule. Absolute utter odiferous bowel solids. 

There may have been a time when those books were popular and entertaining. But once they became “literature” all the enjoyment was strained or distilled or bleached out of them. At least for me.

Writing is a rather special form of communication. It is problematic and risky. When we talk to someone we have communication when the two (or more) people convey their mutual understanding of the information.

Not so with books. Books are a shot in the dark. And as with most shots, they miss. And thus the imposition of a mandatory read of a book that misses is at the least bullying and at the most torture.

I do not recall a single assigned book in schule, public and college, that was communication. They were all somewhere between bullying and torture. The only except was in seventh grade when some science fiction story, cleverly hidden under a Saturday Evening Post copyright (that you founding grandfather!) was included and not assigned because the “teacher” thought it inappropriate.

I read it anyway. And it was the only thing I read in schule that year I enjoyed and appreciated.

Not to say I didn’t read a lot. And good stuff. Just none of it assigned.

Seems a fit description of what is wrong with public education, doesn’t it? 

I sorrow for the bairns, still being bullied by the educational (???????????) instrumentality after all these years. No wonder they are alienated by schule.

And no more educated than I. But I do wonder how effective they will be.

Legal War

While at gym, which was pleasantly sparse, I had occasion to listen to an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” dealing with war. The panel of talking (un)heads was composed of folks who labeled themselves as philosophers.

Normally I am well inclined to listen to philosophers – the real ones, not the religionist noisemongers who pretend to be such – since they have nothing to offer but rationality. But this morning their arguments rang poorly and absent of tone.

The panel kept trying to talk in terms of “just” war and “fairness”. The problem is that this is utter rubbish (the odoriferous kind) in everyday discussion, much less in discussing war. It was only with the greatest of derision that von Clausewitz was mentioned and then he was shrouded (as in burial shroud) as a philosopher.

Let me be clear, “fairness” and “justice” are completely arbitrary terms. There is no objectivity to them. They are also terms that have been appropriated by the law advocates, mostly to prop up their own brutal alternative to Hobbesism. What is meant by justice is exacting some horrendous, arbitrary, and often excessive penalty for violating some law, which is itself totally arbitrary and made-up. The legal instrumentality is only cosmetically interested in the concerns of the citizenry but assume the mantle of providing them justice and fairness as a means of controlling that citizenry and thus assuring their own continuance.

The basic premise of law is fundamentally biased towards the organization. Back when we were hunter-gatherers in small organizations (25-50 folks,) this bias was balanced by the close human ties inherent to such a network. But in the context of civilization and nation-states, law is unbridled and tyrannical without balance or counter.

On which note, the whole idea of “just” war is itself biased and unbalanced. It is fundamentally based in religionist dogma. The idea of just war was developed when Christianity was becoming the christianist organization, and reflects that process. It also continues – and legitimizes? – the concept of religious freedom as freedom to persecute those who do not belong to your denomination/belief group. This not only puts a premium on organization but fully legitimizes slaughter and tyranny against everyone for merely believing differently.

Consider the justness of roasting Bruno.

Social Stupidification

I was bleakly scanning the Scroll of Countenances this morning and noted that a colleague of a colleague, Magnetic Inductance Normal, (ass in orthogonal, not the bog-begotten misuse of the word as Modal,)  was announcing some exceptionally good score on one of those computerized vocabulary tests. He proclaimed that this was an exceptional occurrence since American “English” is not his milk tongue.

Actually, I find it not exceptional. My experience of many years as an observer and INTRO indicate that the more socially attuned an individual is, the less they know. In this instance, my colleague once removed may have been socially atuned to his childhood fellows but when it came to speakers of American “English”, less so and thereby unsure of which words were in “common” use. So he had to learn a whole bunch more than he would have if he had been born a speaker of American “English.”

This phenomenon is not limited to vocabulary. It applies across the board so that one may broadly offer than the more social an individual is, the less he/she knows. This is because all the individual needs to survive, almost all the time, is what one’s fellows know and so one obtains a social group race-for-the-bottom, the least effective common knowledge base.

This also tends to explain the abysmal ignorance, if not arrogance, of politicians.

Admittedly, that latter was telegraphed; it bubbled up to the surface of the mental lava rather rapidly, indicating exceptionally LOW density.

In effect, this is the blessing that those with poor social skills much struggle. They have no royal shortcut of close, asentient, friends who will co-define their rats’ warren existence. Instead, the INTROs and such are forced to learn to survive. In fact, the question bubbles of whether, if the INTROs had not invented agriculture and civilization, would humans be extinct today? The indications are good. And even better that as INTROs and NERDs are devalued and alienated, that humanity is on its way to a deferred disappearance.

But will the socially inept inherit the planet? Do we even want it, given the mess the EXTROs have made of it?

Why We’re Ignernt

Few people think they are stupid. It’s part of how humans are made. If we think we are stupid, we cower down and don’t try. Besides, Bogs, especially the Extros, are pretty well incapable of thinking that much. They’re like Schrodinger’s Cat if Schrodinger had died just after starting the experiment. If you can’t observe something, you can’t collapse the wave function.

But there is a special kind of stupid and it seems to be infesting our society. It’s the stupidity of ignorance – ignernce in Alibam speak. Basically this is a condition of being ignorant and happy with it. Knowledge is a bad thing because then we become aware of our own shortfallings and we can’t admit to that because it would mean that our society is flawed and even failing.

Part of that is the nature of our schules. One primary symptom is that we have ceased to pretend that the public schules have anything to do with education. All they are is a training camp for social serfs coupled with a lot of mumbo jumbo of educationalist delusions and careerism. All that is taught is obedience to Extro Bogism and how to maximize the educationalists’ pay checks. 

Hence I was a bit bemused by an article [Link] entitled “One in three physics teachers at England’s secondary schools don’t have a degree in their subject.” The clear implication is thet two-thirds of the people teaching physics in England’s public (as we would call them) schules have actual degrees in physics. 

But not here in Amerika. Here [Link] in Amerika we have half that fraction. Why? Well, simply because no one in authority has any interest in teaching Amerika’s children anything but obedience and therefore any physics is unimportant to their goals. Never mind all this rot about STEM Education. There isn’t much of the latter in our public schules today and the colleges are rotting away fast in their headlong rush to become factory profit centers. And STEM? Why bother? Amerikans are too lazy and stupid to learn STEM stuff and compete. Or at least that is what I get from the educationalists I am exposed to and even the students I sometimes interact with on college campuses.

Ain’t saying this is all of why we Amerikans are becoming a nation of pond scum, but it’s a big part.

Once more glad to be ORF.