Peace and Happiness

Easter. The day when Christianists (and presumably, Christians,) celebrate the recorporation of their messiah. Don’t mention to them that the story isn’t original. As I recall it goes back to Gilgamesh times, and probably before that. Humans have had a mental and emotional rejection of discorporation for many thousands of years based on ancient burials that have been found. It’s probably a side effect of intelligence. After all, to the rest of the mammals, humans are not only crazy, they’re evil. 

The thing is, the whole idea of recorporation isn’t the marvel it used to be. Surgeons have been talking about actually doing head transplants for a couple of years now. Discussions of freezing brains or storing consciousness in a computer are older than that. These may not be the same as the miracle story but they’re close to the point of a human on-off switch that’s reversible.

This brings us to something we’ve blotted before: Schrodinger’s Cat. The fallacy in the experiment is that death is an accumulating state. The quantum mechanics mostly done doesn’t consider accumulating states. When we’re talking about which state an electron is in, that’s ok; when we’re talking about a feline being alive or dead, it isn’t.

The problem is that there’s a third state: perceived to be dead but not. And since no one living or trustworthy was there, we don’t know. So it reduces to a condition of irrational faith. 

This matter having to do with wearing “white” shoes seems quite similar. 

On which note, it seems [Link] that footprints have been found on the shores of Canadia that have been dated – via carbon nearby – to 13 KYA. Which gives us an even deeper date for how long humans have been mucking up the Americas. 

Which brings me to another article [Link] entitled “Making a leap from high-ability high school to college of lesser academic status can be a real downer.” The idea, based on some statistical survey work, indicates that kids who attend a high schule with high standards, real teachers, and a focus on learning and then move on to a lesser college experience depression in greater numbers than students who attend a more rigorous college.

I hate to say this, but this comes across as EXTRO Supremeism. When I, a three sigma INTRO, attended high schule, I quickly learned to keep my head down and my mouth shut. High schule is a cesspool of EXTROism. In fact, EXTROism is imposed: only EXTROs are encouraged and persecution of INTROs is exalted. 

This is one of the reasons that these schule shootings are accepted. The folks who do the shooting are the ones who were bullied and persecuted by the EXTROs and the JOCKs and the staff and the politicians. So until we fix the schule torture of INTROs, these are going to continue and eventually one of these folks is going to be smart enough to use something more deadly than firearms. Like nerve gas. If you think the wailing is bad when less than a percentum of the students are hurt/killed, wait until it’s more than fifty percentum. 

The problem is that high schule is a toxic environment and no one in authority is going to change that. 

On which note, I found college wonderful after high schule. For one thing, the JOCKs and popular kids are diluted and mostly elsewhere on campus than the INTROs. And the administration is worried about lots more important things than facilitating the bullying and harassment of INTROs. In fact, most of the faculty are INTROs. 

Of course, the not-smart INTROs flunked out quickly but for the intelligent INTROs, college was salvation in terms of freedom to learn and be INTRO. 

Intriguingly, most of the shooting incidents in colleges are perpetrated by frustrated EXTROs, not by INTROs. 

Or at least that’s how it used to be before colleges were turned into factories. Similar to high schules.


Gag-Giggle Reflex

Yesterday I took in some of the Association of the Yankee Army group grope in Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. My stay was limited. Between the urge to regurgitate and another to roll on the floor laughing, I had to cease.

The grope was mostly about how the Yankee Army has become antiquated and outperformed by almost everyone except Chritiaphobe Terrorists using surplus 1960’s era Soviet Hardware.

The nausea and galgenhumor arose from recalling a decision by the people who held the same power positions as the hand wringers twenty years ago to rein in and spay the Army R&D centers so they could enrich the capitalists.

The latter incidentally have never had any innovation not forced on them by the Yankee Army and then only through the wit and creativity of the Amry R&D Centers.

Anyway, twenty years ago the Yankee Army adopted a development and procurement policy of Low Risk – Low Performance.

And now they’ve suddenly discovered the rest of the world has outpaced us.

The weeping will arrive shortly, I fear.

Food and Genes

Once more on the back end of week-out and suffering from an absence of motivation and will power to take on heavy tasks so hiding in the excuse of hawgin’ tabs.

First, a lovely article [Link] entitled “No human DNA found in Neanderthal genome .” For once the journalist actually got a useful title. I include this for several reasons. First of all, there has been a great deal of grrr brrr lately about the presence of neandertal and denisovian DNA in homo sapiens. Much of this grrrrr brrrrr arises in the redneck community. (It is amazing that redneck bogs can read and comprehend something like this, to say nothinbg of reading sources of such information. We may have to revise our estimation of such folk?)

Anyway, the quandary they find themselves in is that the only folk who have “pure” homo sapiens DNA are folks who only left africa in the last few kiloyears. So these rednecks find themselves confronted with either admitting they have “unhuman” DNA (because only homo sap is “human”!) or that they have some afroamerican heritage. Both of these are socially impossible, at least in redneck society. (Remember, these are the people who normally inbreed and such like.) So many arguments over whether they have “N” DNA or non-human DNA. 

Second, and more interesting, if less amusing, is the absence of homo sapiens DNA in neandertals. Does this indicate that sapiens DNA is contra-survival? This is an idea that makes sense given our current prediliction to do things that seem assured to result in sapiens’ extinction in a few years.

Next, an article [Link] entitled “Ranking the Places with the Most (and Least) Fast Food in America.” The article is basically a list 1-50 of the states of the Yankee Republic ordered by how many fast food “restaurants” they have:

We note from this that Alibam is once more the first among states in doing something bad. In this case, it seems safe to say that Alibam’s restaurant food is easily the worst (and least healthful) in the Yankee republic. 

Take that Alibam Council of Thieves Legislators. Also please note the enormous difference between Alibam’s score and number two’s score. When it comes to food, we are really REDNECK! In fact, we are so redneck that rednecks in other states think we are trash. 

If it wasn’t so friggin’ amusing, I would be ashamed. No wonder our politicians are so cancerous and evil, carrying around all this guilt and insecurity.

Selah. Gotta roll around on the floor for a while.

The Unspoken Name

Back when I was a bairn a’growing, miscegenation was a nasty thing never talked about. Anywhere. Except when some innocent instance of cross “racial” romance occurred and the swarthier person was beaten or discorporated and the “white” person was shamed and shunned.

If that language seemed a bit religionist, that was the intention. Because the only place miscegenation was mentioned was from the pulpit. Basically, it was the worse sin – so claimed – that could occur.

The only problem with this is that it is fundamentally contradictory. What didn’t hold together was the idea that there were two (three?) types of Christianism: one for “whites”, and the others for swarthies. 

But if they were the same religion, using the same highly non-credible book, then how could they be different and distinct based on “race?”

Especially since the Messiah was swarthy. Except in “white” christianism pictures. Then he was a good Aryan boy.

Of course, nowadays, every other commercial on the television depicts miscegenation. And the christianists are screaming about being harassed and bullied. After inciting how many lynchings and the like?

It now [Link] looks as if miscegenation is as fraudulent a concept as race. Total odoriferous rubbish! Seems homo sapiens did the “nasty” with both Neandertals and Denisovians. More than once, historically. In fact, amusingly, the Denisovians are only known for improving Sapiens’ gene pool. 

The spirit is, however, alive and well. A common practice is to refer to homo sapiens as “Human” and the other homos as not-human. Which is stercus tauri. They are all genus homo, which makes them human. And they are our relatives. Which may indicate just how cancerous the whole family shtick is. 

Personally, from what I have learned about Neandertals, they are better than many of my relatives. Especially the ones who deliberately prevaricate and try to “borrow” money to maintain their drug dominated life styles. To say nothing of their absent mental faculties. 

The Evilgelicals, those folks who prefer a pedophile over a member of another political partei, will likely continue in this mean, damaging way, forever unable to understand why their brand of nastiness is not embraced by everyone else. Even unto denying that they have any non-sapiens DNA.

Isn’t stupidity wonderful? So quintessentially Amerikan. 

Blind Actors

Ran across an article [Link] entitled about the Oscar Awards epitomizing diversity.

Stercus Tauri!

I didn’t watch the BOG EXTRO Ego Fest for a simple reason: it lacked diversity.

Where were the INTROs?

Where were the Geeks and Nerds?

Not there!

So where was the diversity? Just the bits that still meet their comfort zone.

Acognitive Alibam

Yesterday’s Arab Tribune had an article [Link] about how the suggestion of the Legislative Embarrassment (Shame?) of Marshall County, having proposed to arm public schule teachers, has been studiously ignored by the rest of Alibam’s Repulsian Partei. 

As he should be. 

Two thoughts here. First, the Alibam schule system consistently comes in first in the competition for the nation’s worst schule system, occasionally being bested by Mississippi. Given the antipathy, or perhaps, ineffectiveness, of Alibam public education, do we really want to make it worse by further alienating students and teachers. If we have learned anything from watching the events of the last week, it is that today’s students have some psychological and emotional aversion to firearms and the people who carry them.

Which is probably most of the Repulsians in the state. Even in the legislature. Not that I can blame them. If I had to spend any time in the state legislature, I would want protection, although probably something more effective than a firearm.

But I ain’t gonna go down the path of ineffective weaponry. I am gonna go down the path of noting that shooting incidents on college campuses, since that sniper thing at U Texas back when I was a student, are consistently fewer and less damaging than those on high schule campuses.

This indicates that the problem has something to do with how the latter are administered and the problem may be successfully ameliorated by studying how college campuses are administered – and imitating that – than arming teachers.

As I recall, Chicken Man (aka Neil deGrasse Tyson) said something along the line of “Good students are successful in spite of Bad Teachers.” Let’s not let the politicians turn all teachers into Bad Teachers.

Because frankly, Alibam ain’t got that many good students.

The Irrelevance of American Democracy

Yes, American Democracy has become irrelevant.

Democracy used to have two components: freedom of election and freedom to be successful. Both of these have been compromised.

Freedom to cast a ballot still exists. The ballot itself has become irrelevant. Because only members of national parties may run for office, the choice is between politicians who staunchly uphold “fairness” for everyone except themselves and politicians who only represent their donors. And the representation is linearly related to the amount of the donation. And fairness means serfdom.

Neither party wants individual Americans to be successful. One party opposes any citizen having any more money or possessions than any other. The other party wants money to be concentrated only in the hands of rich donors and politicians.