Holy Day Horror

Happy First Peoples’ Day!

Not sure why we need to commemorate obviously deranged folks who walked across/paddled along the Bearing land bridge, but sometimes we just need to commemorate stupidity.

I received an email this morning calling today “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” Rot and Rubbish. Humans did not emerge/evolve on the American continents. They did so in Africa and EurAsia. So, humans are NOT native to the Americas. 

So quit misusing the term, Neuronegs!

The Yankee government calls today Columbus Day. Given their greater attention for capitalist oligarchs than citizens, this seems appropriate.

But I ain’t gonna commemorate a slave making opportunist. 

The best we can say about any of the bunch is the first arrivers. As near as can be determined they were people chased out of Europe and across Asia. So probably had some bad habits of their own. They certainly set a standard here in the Americas for killing and destruction of the environment.

Which was continued by the Asiatics who followed them, and finally the Europeans. Good humans all, dedicated to plunder and pilferage. 

Hence, a righteous human holy day.


Stupidity in Action 2

This morning, while patrolling the FaceRoll (as in TP,) I ran across a posting contrasting the merits (?) of “Organic” versus “GMO” foods. 

I was struck by how abysmally stupid the Bogs can be.

First, “Organic”: Geeks and Nerds know that Organic Chemistry is a branch of Chemistry dealing with chemical compounds (molecules) incorporating covalent carbon atoms. By definition, all foodstuffs are “Organic” in these terms.

Bogs, on the other hand, think “Organic” foods have been frown under “Natural” conditions absent certain “toxic” chemicals such as antibiotics.

So this delusion perpetrates a redundancy, since all foodstuffs are Organic, a misconception, since anything that occurs is part of Nature and hence natural (which sadly, sometimes, includes Bogs,) and the inversion that antibiotics are toxic poisons. (And yes, I know the latter is redundant but Bogs tends to dampen rational thought by their mere mental presence.) 

This is the wisdom (perhaps wisdumb would be better?) of Bogs?

Second: GMO: Geeks and Nerds know that almost all foodstuffs are GMO. Bogs, on the other hand, think GMO is some evil conspiracy. (Yes, another redundancy; Bogs again.)

Take corn. Except in a few museum and laboratory vaults, all corn is GMO. All the corn you can buy in a grocery store (regular or “Organic”) or at a roadside stand is GMO. Go pick up a book on the history of Mesoamerica and look at the pictures of ancient corn. Looks like weeds. It was a weed. Until it was bred for a bigger yield of seeds. 

Third, what we should avoid is Bogs. They are deluded, dangerous, and deranged. Because they think (and act) this stercus. In fact, that may be what fills their skulls.

Fruit Death

I have commented several times previously how every advertisement contains at least one prevarication. Over the week out, I observed a television commercial whose prevarication was absurdly inaccurate.

Humorously so. My ribs still ache from rolling about on the floor.

This commercial was for a fruit cocktail – which obviously isn’t really a cocktail – canned by a national brand corporation. The canned fruit industry is famous for dangerous preservation techniques and dangerous canning economies.

This commercial took the usual contemporary form of “my fruit cocktail is better than your fruit cocktail,” which primarily indicates that the fruit cocktail marketplace is saturated and the only way one corporation can increase its business is by stealing customers from another corporation.

So we know these people are disreputable from the get go.

What makes this commercial so laughable is its attempt at analogy, which it gets absolutely WRONG!

There are two consumers: the smart one and the stupid one. The smart one, who has made a “wise: choice of cocktail, asks the stupid one, who has chosen poorly, if she were a fish, would she prefer to be in an aquarium with “100% water” or some water based liquid?

This is where it gets rolling around funny.

The given answer is “100% answer”. The problem with this is that if you put fish in an aquarium with 100% water, then you quickly have DEAD FISH. If the water is 100%, then there is no oxygen in the water and any fish in it will quickly asphyxiate. 

This answer may be accurate for fruit (so called) cocktail but it kills fish. Not clear what the lethality is for humans that eat the product, of course.

But this is a good illustration of how stupid corporations think Bogs are.

Porn Polity

Ice Cream Day. Just returned from morning constitutional. Late, at least for me. Slept in – not as much as I should have liked, but more than usual.

Being ORF means being disappointed. Society and civilization is decaying around one. And being ORF one cannot do anything to prevent or deter. 

So I was considering how we have become a nation and society of pornography. The idea for this came from my undergraduate Alma Mater, the campus of the Black Warrior. Their instrumentality repeatedly barrages me with appeals for money either as direct gifts or by participating in some organizational EXTRO orgy of some sort. The last one was pandering a combination football viewing and food consumption. That was the straw that tipped the catastrophe (the maths kind) that what they were pushing was pornography. Obviously, viewing an athletic competition in which one has no children or family involved is pornographic. But the exaltation of food consumption, it occurs, is also pornographic.

From this, I hypothesized that our entire society has become, at root, pornographic. With overtones of hedonism and I am not sure what else. 

Consider selfies. I have commented previously how symptomatic they are of a society where individuals lack friends. But they also glorify oneself in the vacuum of that friendship. And friendship itself is exalted because what we have is so unfriendly.

I was reading an article on Lifehacker yesterday about ‘the four types of Rebeccas’. I have to admit that I read it because I understood neither content nor context of the title. I found the article to be a polemic about how everyone is evil. Nothing surprising there – everyone does have a bit of evil and it’s unavoidable because of the substantial subjective aspect of evil. IOW, doing good for some one means doing bad for another. The Greek heroes are archetypes of this: they usually obtain the admiration and celebration of the downtrodden by disposing of the downtrodder. 

In a way this is a snapshot of our society. The recent melee in Charlottesville, and the mumblage of government, are a microcosm. Both sides have aspects of good, at least as seen from within, and bad, at least as seen from within the opposing group. Neither is interested in the other except as epitomes of what they wish to eliminate. No coexistence, no meeting of ideas and means, just polar animosity. 

Anthropologists have a term for this: groups within societies who detest each other and will only cease fighting among themselves to protect the society as a whole. Basically, Us-Them carried to the deepest depths of depravity. 

Which is what we are buying, or at least being sold these days. Most of the advertisements are pushing things that would be considered bad a generation previously. 

Case in point: the recent flooding in Texas. Almost all of the media coverage was directed at Houston, none at any of the small towns that actually make up Texas. Further, there has been no coverage of flooding outside the Yankee republic.[Link] Even our management style has become pornographic.

Once again, glad to be ORF. But wondering how to continue in what has become a traitor trash country.

Amerika the Bodacious

Zarg. I was listening to a History Extra podcast about the Suez Canal debacle of 1956 (?) in gym this morning and I came to a rather startling revelation:

The Charlottesville Massacre was typical of Amerika – two (or more) sides balanced on a heated razor edge when a Bogosaurus with a Gimme Cap bursts on the scene. 

I will humor myself that anyone actually reading this blot can figure out what a Bogosaurus is. 

Ongoing Unpleasantness

One day. Back to gym. And the news seems full of grrr brrr about the to-do in Charlottesburg over the week out.

The morning podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” supposedly about peace. It wandered about the topic but did poorly. The discussants were all academics and they did a poor job. It always amazes me how heated academics (and some bogs) can get about things that are purely subjective and immeasurable. 

So with that preparation, I set to consider the current unpeace over the matter of memorials to Confederates.

I have to admit to being of divided opinion on this matter. Not, per se, over the statues, but over the question of the war itself and its role in our society.

The matter of human chattel slavery – the “peculiar institution” – cannot be dissected out. It is one of the great evils of humanity. Admittedly it is a knee in a curve of whether any human can own – as in property – any other life form? This is itself indissectable since half (or more) of the cells that make up each and every one of us is not a component of the human body. Our bodily tenants are greater in number than we are, each and every one. We studiously avoid the question of whether it is just and fair and humane to discorporate any life, much less those that inhabit our bodies that we liberally dose with antibacterial soaps and antibacterial medications – inside and outside. It is this denial of the matter of the life ecology that brands all of us who have one opinion or another of human abortion as bigots and shirkers.

Some inadvertent executions are unavoidable but I see no great rush to embrace Jainism, myself included. 

So how can we be expected to get along with other humans? Biological arrogance aside we are imbued with instincts, characterized by “Us-Them”, that assure we shall be ugly and mean and violent to each other.

I have to admit that things were different when I was growing up. John Singleton Mosby was as large a television “star” as Francis Marion or Zorro. I was an adolescent in high schule when the centennial of the war was observed. And “people of color” either participated or hid. It is not without note of pride that during this period my high schule was integrated – and much to our benefit and joy. I know no one I attended with, including myself, who did not benefit personally from this diversity. 

I recall considerable friction on the Campus of the Black Warrior when some of the Greek houses would celebrate their spring dances in Confederate imitation. The complaints and outrage were more about greek arrogance and hubris than adoration of a slave holding society.

America has always been about slave holding in some form or other, not all called such. Early immigrants signed away their freedom for years – indenture – to come to the “New World.” Factory and mining companies endebted their workers to a life of lost freedom – owing one’s soul to the company store. I went to schule with “Mill Kids” whose parents were so encumbered and only by the destruction of the cotton mill system were the children saved from such. Today’s capitalists have gone to the opposite extreme, renting workers for the minimum of pay and duration with no obligation for the life force expended. Slavery is not just chains; it is also failure to care.

I had to study the war, both as history and as military phenomena. This started in grade schule and continued through the War College. I highly recommend it as a means to appreciate how incompetent we humans are. The public schule bits were like fruit cake – mediocre baked goods ruined by tasteless, nasty nuggets of life. The military bits were better reading but a nastier lesson. Our public schules seem incapable of imparting any reality except that of the enslavement of the young, with their mental abuse included. Our military schules at least are a bit more forthcoming of the realities, partly to prevent their repeat, and if a repeat is necessary to minimize the reinvention of mistakes. The latter is much more optimistic of the intelligence and rationality of humans than the former.

For a species that is supposed to be wise, we seem unable to not do harm to others. That, to me, is the merit of these memorials. Not to commemorate past false glories but to remind us of the evil that we wrought and that we should not do it again. Yes, their sight is unpleasant to some; it should be unpleasant to all. But we should not dispose of these for that reason; no, rather we should retain them to remind us what not to do.

Yard Work

Seven Day. And since this is a day for hawgin’ tabs, I might as well blot a few.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Should We “Stop Equating ‘Science’ With Truth”?” This article is written by an evolutionary biologist and I found it rather nauseating and unengaging. I suspect this followed directly from the title, which is sickening and perverse.

There may be some substance to this article, but just the title is enough to stop one from reading it. It indicates some dementia but whether it is that of the author or its intended audience, I cannot discern.

Science is NOT about truth. Science is about understanding. Truth is a religionist concept that has been widely appropriated by human organization in an effort to subjugate the members of the organization. The legal aspect of organization is the most obvious in this regard.

Sadly, truth has become a commonly used word, mostly because most of humanity are bogs and bogs tend to be religionist. But it is still a perversion, especially when so-called scientists doing “outreach” use it improperly to try to communicate with bogs. Does this work? Never in my observation. 

While we’re picking on bogs and slave making human organizations, another article [Link] entitled “The science of why eyewitness testimony is often wrong.” Simply put, we humans are constantly rewriting our memories, to use computer jargon, which is in fashion these days. And because of this any human memory more than two picoseconds old is suspect and untrustworthy.

So much for the legal system. So much for eyewitnesses. It’s only redeeming value may be that humans are instinctively dishonest – survival of the fittest and all that – and thus pitted against the group. 

But is the group superior to the individuals that make it up? That’s another question. 

Thirdly, we have a lovely article [Link] entitled “Religious people ‘cling to certain beliefs’ even when they contradict evidence because they are overly emotional and irrational, study claims.”

Seems that religionists are basically bogs – they are overly emotional and irrational. This isn’t news, is it? 

Fact is, that many religionists/bogs are mentally whacked but because they are in the majority, they define the mental modality and this the “sane” of society are the commonly demented.

And we wonder why the human species is on the short road to extinction?