Street Wisdom

Was reading Undernews [Link] this morning. (And yes, I know the author is considered a “Damn Yankee Liberal S***********” in Alibam but sometimes you can add liberal to Repulsian Oligarch Tyrant and get a more accurate view of the news.) Noticed this picture:

and realized that I should check out the school supplies at Walgreens next I am there. (Which will probably be tomorrow because they are having a sale on OTC and supplements and FD SCP has given me a list.)

I have to admit that I have a mild liking for Walgreens. Yes, they are a nasty, polluting, autarkic corporation but for some unfathomable reason they still maintain a moderate level of quality in their goods. Which makes them 10dB or better than MalWart or lots of other “drug stores.” Most of which mostly sell crap masquerading as wellness stuff. 

Excuse me. It ain’t that good. It’s stercus.

I first started using Walgreens when I was a Freshman at the Campus of the Black Warrior. That relationship continued at the other campuses in following years. So by the time I got kicked out of college for the third – and next to last – time, I had plenty of data.

But I don’t usually buy school supplies there. But I have a melon list and since I’ll be there tomorrow anyway.

I wonder if they card?

And, no, the only school I attend these days is the one where I am teacher and student. Permanently – it seems – assigned to the left aft corner. And I get a special hat to wear.

And, no, I didn’t drink much beer as an undergraduate. In those days on the campus of the Black Warrior, beer had to be imported from Missississippi and it was basically polluted water. I made do with diluted reagent grade ethanol. 

Graduate school is another matter. The common view at the Campus of the Boneyard was that you couldn’t do physics without beer. At least on Fridays. Or so a Nobel Laureate told me.

Tardigrades in Space

The Repulsians are going to take away their own firearms?

Is this a massive maskarovka project on the part of the Repulsians or have they discovered that it is only a short step for the whackadoodles to go from brown skinned (possibly) illegals to suited thieves? 

I’m not going to comment further on this since I have already agreed with Chicken Man (aka Neil deGrasse Tyson) who rightly identifies the problem as something other than discorporation. In my mind it somehow equates to the British practice of occupying towns with troops – and occasionally having a one-sided brawl with some of the inhabitants thereof. Like the recent (?) incident in Boston. 

I could go on to mimic Chicken Man and talk about how minuscule the effects of abortion are since the probability of any child being critical to society is less than 10EXP-6. Not that I am advocating killing pre-humans, but I think that is a decision for the primary parent-to-be and negating that decision making is helping to assure the extinction of the species. By reducing our moral fiber. I know the religionists will cry it’s a sin but isn’t the negation of free will a larger one? Not that I have any idea how to measure either and transcend linguistic badinage.

I have said before that the best argument – to my INTRO STEM brain, at least – for the free and open purchase of firearms is their inefficiency and ineffectiveness. (And I won’t dwell on the latter in detail) Lest the whackadoodles with actual cognitive and learning capacity brew up their own weapons of wider destruction. (I hate the social and governmental misuse of “weapons of mass destruction” since none of what they include other than nuclear devices actually ‘destroy’ mass.) But do we really want incidents where all the folks in the MalWart are killed?  And have to Chernobyl the ground for a millennium? Or is that question too hard for the brain deteriorated mystics? 

On which azimuth, I was asked by a colleague – Displacement Current Magnetic Field – whether it was possible to deprecate decry anyone without being “racist?” I have been considering this and have noticed several factors. One is that there is a bifurcation: simply put, “race” is a false – as demonstrated by scientific validation – concept and hence any “racist” comment is inherent void; but many BOGs (and a few GEEKs and NERDs) still subscribe to the idea of race and hence give it a social “reality” which is for that population more “real” than actual reality. Which they will experience as climate change exterminates the human species.

Because of that social reality, racism is pseudo-real but nonetheless potent. And in that regard, since race is a totally false concept, any distinction between the self and others – the ultimate reduction of Us-And-Them to Me-And-Thee – is racist and thus any criticism of anyone other than an identical (as in genetically) sibling is inherent racist. But because of that universality, also completely meaningless and impotent.

Which is probably an accurate description of both this blot and humanity. 

Digital Humor

While I was at the county Linux gathering yesterday, I heard a most wonderful term that was both new and pleasing: the Carly Box.

I subsequently found out that a Carly Box is any device manufactured by Hewlett-Packard during or after the regime of Carly Fiorina. Seems that she managed to turn HP from a premiere hardware producer into a stercus factory.

The accepted viewpoint at the gathering was that any HP computer (or whatever) produced during or since Carly’s reign should be avoided like the Black Death, that the equipment is a waste of money and time and if one is given such as a present, that it be sent immediately to a toxic waste dump.

There was also some discussion of why Carly isn’t part of the current administration; the Repulsian members advanced that this absence demonstrates the brilliance of Fartus Maximus Prevaricator. The Democrud members were silent, mostlly because there are so few Democruds in Marshall County. The Independents alternated between ROFL and regurgitation. 


Circus Confederacy

This has been somewhat of a weird week. And it’s only Thursday.

The good part was that we are in the middle of the Ranier Cherry season here in Alibam (of course the cherries don’t grow here; only poke salat and road kill) and despite the outrageous prices, I eat a dozen or so cherries daily.

The rest is mostly ungood.

Part of it is funny. Not happy funny. Sad funny. The big “funny” is that while the week long observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned landing on Luna, the Southeastern Conference (Amerikan Football) is holding some sort of preseason media thing. So the funny aspect is the admixture of amateur (except for the coaches who are embarrassingly professionals even if they act like ignorant amateurs) sports pornography with geek hardware bashing and crazy test pilot bravado. 

The nuts on top of the sundae are a combination of Repulsian master race exposition by Fartus Maximus and his black shirted myrmidons (admittedly, more than a few are actually golems, but we’ll give them the benefit…..) and Democrud plebeian overlord indignation histrionics. Sort of a mixture of paleolithic pecans and Australopithecine pine nuts.

Makes us wonder if there was ever intelligence in Amerika?

Or, to plagiarize a book title, if the United States will ever be ready for self-government. 

Because what we have now is not only not a democracy but its run by people who are totally unqualified to represent citizens in a democratic fashion. 

Oh! And the school shopping season has been unleashed so the office supply stores are full of obese Southron belles in billowing mumus and foam curlers, schule age bairns with terminal post nasal drip, and what appear to be chocolate fingerprints on ever absorbent surface. (SO forget printer paper and notebooks!) (And the most nasal of those belles WILL be interviewed on local television news. As practice for the next natural disaster.)

Independence Ambiguity

I note [Link] an article entitled “Conservatives Threaten Nike Boycott Over ‘Betsy Ross Flag’ Flap” that indicates conservatives (?) are upset over a tennis shoe manufacturer withdrawing a shoe that is objectionable to some other folks. (Presumably not conservatives?)

This is a bit amazing and bemusing. First of all, I find the use of the term “Conservative” in regard to Repulsian Evilgelicals to be enough to render the term meaningless. The only thing I have ever observed Repulsian Evilgelicals conserve is their ignorance and I am unsure that one can actually conserve a vacuum?

Next, at least here in Alibam, Repulsian Evilgelicals, who aren’t attorneys or politicals, buy there tennis shoes at MalWart. And those shoes are still made in China which brings us to questions about what aspect of Amerikan industry and life they supposedly are conserving? The right to send money to Asia?

The attorneys and politicals don’t wear tennis shoes. They either wear running shoes or leather shoes with pointed toes so they can get across chain link fences better. 

And of course, this whole thing was instigated by a spectator sports porn star. Which reaises the question about the gender affirmation of Repulsian Evilgelicals.

On the other hand, today is a traditional day for pyrotechnics, especially the kind absent adult supervision.

False Viewpoint

Since I started talking about misplaced yesterday, I may as well continue. This being OneDay, I listened to a CBC “Best of Ideas” podcast [Link] entitled “Lady and Lord Macbeth on trial: guilty or bewitched?” 

This was a farce – as in satirical pseudo activity as dramatic presentation – about whether Laird and Lady MacBeth were legally insane when they committed regicide. I won;t comment further on the matter other than it was rather well done and as such is of almost total disinterest to almost everyone living in Alibam. 

But it did set me to thinking. 

I, like so many of my age cohort in the Yankee Republic, read MacBeth in High Schule. I think it was selected because it (supposedly) had a moral and didn’t bring up any difficult questions about sexuality, which was a taboo subject in those days not because of orientation but because of the pill. 

As is usual for an INTRO STEM NERD, my take on MacBeth is rather different from that of the Alibam Department of DisEducation and the crib sources like Cliff’s Notes. 

MacBeth is a story about stupidity, weakness, and insecurity. The good, moral part is that MacBeth did in a tyrant. The bad part is that he didn’t stop there and make life better otherwise but instead made himself tyrant. The parallel to Paradise Lost is, I think, obvious, mostly since that was also a required reading that was interpreted other than how the schule system dictated. 

MacBeth is also all about Alibam. Government in Alibam is a succession of one tyrant being disposed (deposed?) by the next. There are no good politicians. All are tyrants or would-be tyrants. And none do anything to make life better in the state. 

The only person who came out ahead in MacBeth is Lady MacBeth. She exited early and avoided the pain and suffering. 

False Stupidity?

I also ran across this article [Link] this morning about an Alibam woman who supposedly picked a fight with another woman upon which woman #2 shot woman #1 in the abdomen while woman #1 was pregnant.

The Alibam justicers have charged woman #1 with the murder of her fetus since she “started” the fight and woman #2 had to defend herself. The article is rather sarky about conditions in Alibam. Which it should be but they are a bit misplaced.

In Alibam, at least among the majority Pink GOB Patriarchists, this makes completely good sense. As would, if woman #2 had shot woman #1 through the heart, killing woman #1 so that woman #2 would be charged with a double murder, that of woman #1 and her fetus.

Note the commonality here. A not-yet-human is human in Alibam. 

A lot of people – mostly NOT IN ALIBAM – are criticizing the people of Alibam as being stupid.

Well, we are, but not so much as you think.

Because what most of the population is, is insecure to the point of neurosis. The average Alibamian, the Pink GOB Patriarchist, lives in complete fear and panic that their way of manipulated, fundamentally evil, existence (I decline to use the word “life” here) may be compromised or eliminated by actual human rights and civility. 

So in cases like this, what is labeled as stupidity by the outside world is a deception to hide the actual fear and loathing rampant. 

I recall a few years ago that a  liberal (for Alibam) state legislator introduced a bill that would allow women to have an abortion if it was approved by their father or husband, as appropriate and applicable. Howls of terror greeted this bill and the legislator met a horrible fate.