Ve Haff Vays

Back when I was an undergraduate, there were two television programs that my “band” (of nerds, admittedly, but therefore a bit small for even a lower case band,) made great sacrifice to watch each week. Because there was only one television in the men’s dorm complex, we had to walk (all but two of us) a half-mile off campus to the apartment of two of our number and watch there.

The programs? Star Trek (The Nimoy vector) and Laugh In. The transport of this blot takes its tenor from the Arte Johnson Nazi Soldier character of the latter. 

If seems [Link] that MegaHard is once more at its old tricks of forcing its Winders serfs to use particularly deficient pieces of software. It started out as Internet Explorer, interred without gravestone by Mozilla and FireFox, now itself largely abandoned for, in the first case, MegaHard like stupidity and in the second, utter ruination. Now Megahard is repeating this Fascist suppression by forcing its WX users (sic) to use their Edge browser to open links in its mail client.

And ThunderBird has been equally ruined by Mozilla’s death wish.

Happily, there are lots of other Winders email clients. All, or, at least most, vastly superior to anything MegaHard can make. 

Rather makes one wonder why anyone trusts them and their OS? But then 0.9 of everyone is a Bog and Bogs lack the mental ability to even consider this matter.

Hence, much laughter in the remaining 0.1 of humanity. 

Why, then, should we worry? The answer is altruism and revulsion of child abuse. Although, strictly speaking, the people involved don’t even have child-level rationality. 

But yanking wings off flies is still revolting and nasty. 

So if you want to decrease social psychopathy, reject Winders. Down the MegaHard Reich!


Bumper Snobs

Amerikans have always been proud of their ignorance. Isaac Asimov seems to have said it best, that Amerikans think personal ignorance trumps any amount of knowledge.

But while out motoring in the snow, I came to an epiphany: Amerikans today take depthless satisfaction in their incompetences.

When this nation was founded, people declared their competences, but over the years they have discovered that competences contradict their ignorance and so, they have abandoned competence in favor of ineptitude as a complement to stupidity.

The means by which I arrived at this was by watching people pilot (I decline to label it “driving”) their motorcars. When I was instructed in driving a car as an adolescent, great emphasis was made on driving as straight as possible and staying in lane. Nowadays, people want to use the whole road; it is a form of entitlement, which has become the central interest of most Amerikans. What can they get preferentially without effort or endeavor?

Road Hoggin’ is the answer. If a motorist cannot block the road to other motorists, then they have not expressed their native Amerikan entitlement adequately or properly. 

I suspect that an investigation of this phenomena would discover it to be endowed by the native Amerikan motorcar manufacturers who have been steadily whittled down by the greater reliability of furrin motorcars, especially those made by the “Yellow Peril,” and the Amerikan Firearms Capitalists whose products are the next used when two Road Hawgs meet each other with steadfast entitlements.

Film @ Eleven.

Knowledge Infusion

This has been an educational week. Thus far we have learned that:

  1. It is all right to put everyone in harm’s way except constables;
  2. It isn’t adultery if you pay for the copulation; and
  3. It is all right for teachers to shoot students and parents.

We certainly can’t say we aren’t getting good return on our votes and taxes.


Verbal Signals

Words that indicate falseness, prevarication, or complete inaccuracy:

  • Huge
  • Massive
  • Literally
  • Amazing
  • God

Work in Progress.


Alabama Mopping

At gym this morning I happened across an article [Link] entitled “Beaten Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore asks for money to fight lawsuit.”

Seem the twice sacked chief justicer of the Alibam hanging society is being litigated by at least some of the young women and girls he diddled during his legal career as an office of the court.

This is the same guy that lost the election to replace the current Justicer General of the Yankee (so-called) Republic to a Democrud. Seems that everyone in Alibam except the rabid evilgelicals can’t stand a pedophile. The evilgelicals, apparently, think pedophilia is a christianist behavior?

Now the poor downtrodden pervert wants all those people who didn’t get him elected to pay the price for his wayward past.

Yep, seems typical of a politician.

And, of course, Alibam.

I read about this while pedaling a stationary ergocycle and had considerable difficulty in not falling off so hard was I laughing.

I also find it amusing that I had to read about it in a British newspaper. Such is the power of the evilgelical cancer in Alibam?

And the quotes of the pedophile’s mumblage would be amusing if they were not so chillingly evil.


False Waste?

Down heah in Alibam, a Political can only get elected – or so the common wisdom is – if a “conservative”.

The question is, what is a conservative. The word is supposed to mean someone who conserves something.

The problem is, that it’s very hard to find what these politicals conserve. It’s pretty easy to see what they don’t conserve:

  • Quality of life;
  • Education;
  • Careers;
  • Medical care;
  • Public Works;
  • Rights of individuals;
  • Honesty;
  • Integrity;
  • Intelligence;
  • ..

All that I can see that they actually conserve is their own and their capitalist patrons’ wealth.

So is this like advertising: fundamentally built on prevarication? And why do so many fall for it every time?

Hence endeth the lesson on why 0.9 of humanity are Bogs. 


Stealth Delivery

Kudos to FeDeX! [Link] They just delivered a package on the front porch of Castellum SCP

No knock. No ring. Just dump.

Didn’t hear the plop.

But the truck radio was playing music so loudly I looked out the window prior to calling police and saw the truck. And checked the porch.

At least they got the address correctly. Which is a rarity. 

Now I know why so many packages get stolen: FeDeX.