Nit Noid Reality

No agent should be permitted to advertise any product, brand, or service that is not available to a viewer/listener within a radius of ten kilometers.

For example, I had to sit through a Dunkin Donuts commercial on television knowing full well that there was none such closer than Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. (A LOT MORE than ten kilos away!!!)

So take that advertising exec and the DD advertising wonk out and make them listen to Cotton Mather sermons in a monotone for the rest of their lives. 

Message 3

A person who is more concerned with appearance than accomplishment is a twit.

A person who presents only facade and no substance is a Potemkin.

The combination is a Potemkin Twit.

Ice Cream Headache

Was reading Physics Today last evening in and around with FD SCP catching up on the missed Big Bang Farce episode due to the Trump Tantrum between the cable provider and the CBS provider. The article was a review of Weinberg’s latest (?) book.

Part of the review was a discussion of how the wave function collapses under observation. Nice discussion with good points but the question I want to ask is:

Why is no one concerned with the formation of the wave function?

It’s gotta form before it can be collapsed. I learned that as a child with water balloons and paper bags. You drop an empty balloon out of a second floor window and you learn about lift but not how to get the other kid wet. And popping an empty paper bags is equally void.

Success in Failure

In the wake of last night’s meaningless victory by Clemson, winning a worthless categorization, I hear that Mr. Trump, the current POTUS (CLOTUS?) has been offered the job of head football coach of University Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

I also make note that the two actual education sites of the University of Alabama, Huntsville and Birmingham, have no football team. That’s what education does: teaches you to think.

I know we all look forward to Mr. Trump moving to the Campus of the Black Warrior to do the deity’s work of promoting sports pornography.

Into 2019 – Tab ‘Hawgin’ 2

Fast has been broken. Blood sugar enhanced. And now back to the ‘hawgin.’

I ran across an article “‘Intimacy plus’: Is that what makes podcasts so popular?” [Link] that talks about why podcasts have suddenly become more popular. The journalist’s theory (????? – more like a whack-a-ddoodle conjecture given the absence of any verification) is intimacy. I suspect what the neuroneg means is that podcasts are generally listened to solo rather than as a Millennial pile-on. 

I have been listening to podcasts for years, going back before my retirement from the (now unpaid) Yankee government civil service. (I have to applaud how the administration has figured out how to not pay civil servants so they can pay the political appointees – the “leeches” – more.) And I still do. It makes the ennui of gym less painful. To say nothing of the weight bouncers and the teachers who have no indoor voice. Going to the gym is like an unfunny Monte Python movie. 

The article lists the “n” most popular podcasts. I am proud to say that I listen to none of these. Frankly, they all look to be stercus. But that’s what BOGs probably listen to. I have my own collection, mostly from other parts of the “English Speaking” world. For some reason, most Amerikan podcasts are on the south side of terrible. the SCIENCE magazine podcast used to be good, as did the Williamsburg podcast, but both rotted with the help of management. As it stands now I listen to:

  • Monday: CBC’s “Best of Ideas” (Canadian);
  • Tuesday: Guardian SCIENCE podcast and BBC “Tech Tent:” (Mother Country);
  • Wednesday: Quirks and Quarks (Canadian);
  • Thursday: Ubuntu podcast (UK) and Linux Action news (not sure);
  • Friday: Late Night Linux or Destination Linux (not sure);
  • Saturday: The Week in Linux (not sure)

It’s hard to tell where Linux podcasts come from because they have multi-national enunciators.

Anyway, none of these are big organization podcasts except the ones from CBC and BBC. I’m not sure whether the appeal is the accents (not as grating as Amerikan) or better composition, but I lean towards the latter. American podcasts generally are less engaging that Radar O’Reilley playing DJ. 

I should mention that none of these are much more than diversion. Their educational vale is essentially nil. Reading a book would be infinitely more productive. But they’re good pain avoidance noise.

While we’re on the English Speaking journalism thing, I note a BBC article for Isaac Asimov’s birthday “Asimov’s 2019 predictions – fiction or fact?” [Link] The article is about Asimov’s predictions for 2019. As is usual, the good ones flopped and the bad ones – the ones about tyranny and pain – were accurate. One more indication that intelligence is self-destroying. Sadly, the journalism is a poor example of what goes on in the rest of the English Speaking world, basically on a par with American.

Next, the obligatory memorial to Stephen Hawking “Stephen Hawking remembered by Bernard Carr” [Link] I have to admit that despite the author being a student of Hawking, I find the thing a bit embarrassing, which makes Hawking’s being discorporate rather fortunate. I note that the author says that Hawking was “very smart” several times. This is noteworthy because any memorial you read of any physicist always remarks on how smart the physicist was. And totally impotent when it came to saving humanity from itself. Almost like the exception that proves the rule. 

I should comment that the real reason the “Big Bang Theory” television program is discorporate is Hawking’s death and not the ego attributed to the incompetent, inept lead actor. 

Next, I note the discorporation of Harold Brown, lately SECDEF for the man-from-jawgah. [Link] I note this because as a young man in the civil service I had to attend a meeting in the Five Sided Fool Farm and got lost looking for a latrine. Secretary Brown was kind enough to let me use his. The moral of this was that the FSFF was built in a day when bladders were expected to be more hale than now.

Lastly, I note that the state of Oregon has been told by the Yankee government that they cannot prevent people who have real engineering credentials from calling themselves engineers just because they haven’t bought an Oregon PE license. [Link] I have to admit to being bemused by this article; one expects the states of the Pacific Northwest to be a bit more enlightened than the states of the old Confederacy. For example, in Alibam, doctor is a synonym for physician for everyone with a red neck. In fact, the reverse is accurate. This is a great embarrassment to Oregon since they were in violation of Yankee government law by telling the civil service that people who are considered engineers by OPM aren’t. Good way to lose fingers in the fan, beaver people. 


Into 2019 – Tab ‘Hawgin’

We are entered into 2019, not a particularly pleasing number, and it being the winter of our incompetence as humans and a society, much less a country, I have been accumulating articles at a goodly rate. So I need to make room for more stercus of journalism.

I should comment that I gave up some years ago on Amerikan journalism and came to depend on furrin news. That has stood me in good stead since we can always see the warts on our neighbors’ faces better than the cancer on our own. Although I did come very close to a resolution not to cast bricks through television monitors set to the Faux News channel. After all, Republicans are entitled to their own special blend of lies and mind rot. That’s how the pols keep them in mind chains.

On which azimuth, I noted an article: “A youth activist on the climate crisis: politicians won’t save us”[Link] which is written about the venality in the “Mother Country” but also applies to Amerika as indicated by another article “The halfway point: what have two years of Trump’s wrecking ball done to America?” [Link] I have to wonder if we can consider the CLOTUS to be the BREXIT of American democracy, or just an example of what happens when one of the party donors gets put in charge of the pig sty. 

Another example is the article “A tour of elementary OS, perhaps the Linux world’s best hope for the mainstream” [Link] which is much more fraught with meaning and thought. Which is a sad state when a puff piece about a Linux distribution is better journalism (but not by much!) than all that is written about politicals in two countries. Part of what is amazing here is that the “Mother Country” is much more dedicated to Linux than is Amerika where everyone except the nerds and the really smart geeks are MegaHard serfs of Fruit slaves. And totally uncaring of their involuntary servitude except when they are confronted with the option of freedom – which they reject with screaming and fainting and firearm use. Sometimes it seems that Amerikans these days want no responsibility whatsoever except bigotry and violence against other citizens.

I should comment that I don’t use Elementary. I may try it some time but I doubt it will be more than a live boot. The whole thing about Linux, loudly decried these days because of that rejection of freedom and responsibility, is the diversity of selections. In many ways, the Linux community are like Baptists who keep dividing like amoeba over minor disagreements of dogma and church finances that would be totally hidden from view in the RC universe of pedophilia and avarice. 

The reason I doubt I will use Elementary is partly that I am a fan of eye candy (see! we STEM NERDs do have an artsy side, even if it is digital kitsch!) and hence devoted, with some grudging old flatulence desire for the past, to KDE. And I insist on picking my own wallpaper which runs to meteorology and astronomy pictures – the extravagant purity (?) of Nature. 

On which azimuth, I note a recent theory that “Cosmologists claim universe is riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension” [Link] I should perhaps mention that this extra dimension is not directly observable so all the mind serfs of Amerika who want to go shoot up schules and temples in that dimension will be frustrated. And go to local schules and temples to kill their neighbors. Which may be a mizvah given the upcoming deaths by heat and starvation promised by the climate change rejected by the politicals as NERD nonsense!

Counteracting this lovely scene of universal inflation (don’t tell the Capitalist Oligarchs on Wall Street!) is news that “Nearby galaxy set to collide with Milky Way, say scientists” [Link] Of course this Sol system destruction will not arrive for about 2.5 billion years and Tellus (Earth) will be lifeless in about a thousand years, so no one will be around to see that or the expansion of Sol. RIP homo Sapiens. As usual, you’ll miss the fun.

The question is: is intelligent self-destroying? Based on one data point, the answer is YES.

I got some more tabs to ‘hawg’ but quite frankly this has been too big a pill of reality to digest well so I am gonna go harden my arteries with some food.


Cold War Memories

Back when I was a bairn, people who tried to keep the Yankee government from functioning were arrested as traitors and either packed away in dungeons or sent back to Russia.