Say What

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and I was provoked to consider/comment.

I admit it. I got “F” in coloring. I have problems with staying inside the lines. And I have problems with the crayons. There are only supposed to be seven: ROYGBIV. Not that I am sure I can tell the difference between Indigo and Violet unless they are labeled. White isn’t a color; it’s all seven colors. Black isn’t a color. Literally. It’s NO colors. And who made a rule that you have to stay in the lines. Which Act of the Council of Thieves is it in? And who said I had to use certain colors for certain things – like human skin or hair – or be sent to the child psychologist as a sociopath or soothing?

And I had problems in high schule. Science fair projects or other class projects. Had to pretty up poster board.  What deranged politician passed that bill?

I even tried doing painting on the computer once. 

I have no “color” sense. All my suits are gray or blue. Or were. Now I have one suit. It’s gray. And I don’t intend to be buried. Just burnt. So I only wear it to other people rituals. Last time was SCPdatter got married. Hedge Priest did the dirty. Good Girl. Puts Respect In the RIGHT places.

So why color now? Do I need the frustration?

Or is this one of those spend a lot of money and give what I buy to the Salvation Army store?

Most folks can’t read my hand writing. And not just because they;re young and acursive. (Nice, new word, isn’t it?)


Encryption Skylark

Well it appears the Yankee government’s Federal Bureau of Intimidation was pulled back their bloody nub. Two questions – mostly unanswerable – remain: will they learn from the experience; and is the alternate hack anything more than maskarovka?

As to the first, the probable (expected value but definitely NOT expected) answer is NO. Or, at least, very little. And the second isn’t worth much effort absent any data to indicate it isn’t. 

I had to listen to a instrumentality serf drone on this morning about the legal system could not exist with any “warrantless segment”. This begs the question of whether the legal system exists any more other than as a tool for oppression and enslavement? It has always had a component of this, after all the primary reason for its existence is control of the population outside the instrumentality. But lately, it seems that the supposed protections of the individual and citizen are only accorded to the false citizen that are organizations.

Which puts us in mind of the third law of thermodynamics: you can’t get out of the game. And in this case, the game is rigged by those who shouldn’t be able to.

So a warrantless segment? Definitely a good idea.

Tirade of Degree

Ice Cream Day. And the air temperature outside is fractions of a degF above the dihydrogen oxide phase change. So once more to the stationary bicycle. And thence to this box.

One of my Sundae activities is to read the weekly eNewsletter for my high schule class. While it is well written by a quite talented editor/author the content is horribly bad. What the author writes is often engaging – not the bits about HS life that I never participated in because of alienation or differentiation or just plain rationality – but this morning he rather twisted my tail, so to speak.

What he wrote was a bit about how seniors spend more time in “doctors'” offices. Like most of those who lack a terminal college degree – bogs, geeks, and even some nerds – he equates doctor with physician. This seems to be primarily an error perpetrated in the English language as other European languages clearly distinguish between people who are medical doctors and those who hold a doctorate degree.

Simply put, this is a bit hurtful in addition to being socially difficult. Too many bogs have told me that anyone bot a medical doctor isn’t a “real” doctor. My usual response, since most around here are christianists, is to ask if their minister is not a “real” doctor. Same goes for dentists. 

If nothing else this demonstrates how deep the perversion runs in the social consciousness. 

I am not advancing that a Ph. D. is better than an M. D., or a D. M. D. or a D. Sc. or whatever. But they are different, just as a fellow with a Ph. D. in English is different from a guy with a Ph. D. in Civil Engineering. Not lesser, just different. But except for the honorary awardees, all of these fellows (and fellowesses) had to study and work and pass exams to have that degree bestowed. Yes, that’s another delusion. Degrees are not earned or bought; they are conferred. You can satisfy the degree requirements and the university may decide you are morally bankrupt and not confer the degree. Or they can take it back for bad acts.

The closest anyone ever came to forcing the matter was when we alleged the university never intended to confer the degree but took the government’s money anyway. And when the government gives universities money, strings are tied! And this isn’t the case for almost all students.

Anyway, the issue is that when you – bogs, geeks, nerds – refuse to acknowledge that a doctorate is a degree and a doctor is someone with a doctorate, which is different from a physician or dentist or lawyer, then you are being a bully and  a sadist.

Mundane Failures

Yes, it is Mundane Day but the nature of the failure are also mundane as in real.

First, the Huntsville weather beavers failed deep poo. Predicted low this morning 23 degF. Actual temperature as of ywo minutes ago on local Arab weather measurement station: 17 degF. I call that inadequate pony.

The Yankee government’s National Weather Service forecast was, I believe, 16 degF.

Indicative of where we put our trust? 

Second, I went to gym this morning. Roads clear and I wasted a bit of petrol keeping the car habitable. Scant population. Many people at home congratulating themselves on their canniness. 

The failure was the podcast. An episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”.  Talk by some muslim academic on Nature. Actually a brag session on his religion. Very definitely off the deep end. All sorts of claims of rightness. 

If this is a moderate, then there may be something to the notion that all mulsims are terrorists. I don’t like that notion. It bothers me. But if some guy comes up to me and says: “my religion is right and you and all you do and think are wrong and you have to do what I tell you to do and think”, then I am not going to acquiesce quietly. 

Evangelism is terrorism and what this guy was sprouting was extreme evangelism and whackedness. Nonsense. At odds with observed reality.

So CBC failed. No pony at all. Just poo.

Hope that’s the end of it for the day. But I doubt it.

Sleep Stupidity

Conflicted. This has not been a good week. It has definitely been winter. Not yet dripping temperatures but more than close. So lots of tension each night retiring and again in morning. And the weather beavers foretell even worse next week.

Meantime, today and tomorrow seem fallish. Almost 50 degF when I sallied forth to the park this morning for an atypical constitutional. It rained all night and while the paths were wetted they were not africtive and so I was able to enjoy an excellent constitutional and shudder at what I had been missing and how mentally deprived winter is.

On which azimuth, I ran across an article – second handedly – claiming that intelligent people are more nocturnal than unintelligent people. Sadly the thing screams of patronizing journalism attempting to justify dissipation and aproductivity. We already have a nation whose citizens suffer from a lack of sleep, both in quantity and quality. And this crass journalism, citing only a psychology popularization periodical, itself journalistic in nature, invites – tacitly – people to deprive themselves of what sleep they get in a vain, vacuous attempt to demonstrate intelligence?

The better exercise of intelligence would seem to be finding the fallacies embedded in this article. 

Yes, intelligent people do stay up later. If one is on a creative, mentative trail then sleep is banished. But the relationship is unidirectional. One cannot evade sleep to empower creativity or mentation. Rather the opposite. lack of sleep is mentally debilitating. 

A better approach is to try to sleep and if one’s thoughts and ache for progress precludes sleep, then stay up and work that thought and ache. It cannot be summoned. But once emerged, it must be exercised or lost. One cannot put inspiration in the deep freeze. It sublimes immediately. 

Not so Mundane

Two Day. Passable in gym. Sparse. Semi-diverting podcasts. Science and Technology day. Except for a couple on breast cancer not infuriating. The maddening bit was an equation

Diagnosis of Disease = Disease.

This is the veriest of rot. The trivial demonstration of this is that the disease existed prior to the diagnosis. In fact, the diagnosis is predicated on the disease. Of course a false diagnosis is possible in absence of the disease but this also demonstrates the rot.

Another example of why contemporary journalism is, itself, rot. And on a good day, rubbish.

I did run across this cartoon: [Link]

Monday is the best day of the work week. It offer five days to accomplish something.

And if one can’t accomplish anything for the organization’s benefit, at least much of the organization assigned stercus tauri can be cleared while the bogs are in Monday Shock. And if one can dismiss the useless organizational plaque then one can work on one’s own projects and thus do something of merit and value.