Puddle Padding

Lovely day so far. Dihydrogen oxide falleth but lightly. So I was able to execute my constitutional but had to exchange outer garments when I returned to Castellum SCP.

To set the tone, I have noted some folks using the designation dihydrogen monoxide. I suppose that could be a matter of taste but I consider it a bit pretentious. Pauli exclusion principle and all that. Forewarned.

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

after I did catch-up – not the red non-Newtonian liquid in the intransigent bottle – and was rather taken by the humor. The overall tenor of religionist self-righteousness and arrogance lapping over into violence was excellent galgenhumor. Accurate, deadly so. See earlier blot on the Bishop of Rome and the Spanish connection. 

But I was most taken with the last panel. It caused reflection. Education is also – most importantly – about testing theories. Especialyy religious ones. They don’t fare well. That’s why they try to brainwash that testing is evil and bad. 

If it can’t be tested, it can’t be trusted.

I also ran across an article [Link] advancing that people are retaining their electronics longer. In effect, everyone is becoming ORF. (I still have my HP-35 calculator; if I could just remember where I put it.) Actually this is unsurprising. It isn’t like the old days when a new processor or memory type came out every year. In effect, we have reached the Edsel period of consumer electronics. All that Apple seems to be able to do these days is change the size of the iSlab. 

And lastly, I ran across another article [Link] entitled “To cut costs, college students are buying less food and even going hungry”. The thesis is that college students are not spending as much money on food, I offer this quote:

“When asked if they ever went without eating for an entire day because they lacked enough money for food, 7% of students at two-year colleges and 5% of students at four-year colleges said yes.”

The only problem with this is that it ISN’T NEWS! College students were this way when I was in college almost fifty years ago! My freshman year I lost 28 pounds. Of body weight. There were days when I didn’t eat because I didn’t have the money. And I didn’t have the money on me partly because I didn’t have time to go cash a check and partly because I thought I was spending money too fast.

That latter is one of the problems with college. You walk in the door and you get hit with more than 0.9 of the semester outlay in the first day or so. Tuition, room rent, books, … Not just sticker shock, sticker catatonia. 

It was worse in graduate schule. Adult activity, no running to parents. I have already bored y’all with my stories of cosmetically damaged television dinners and bulk commodity peanut butter on week old bread. Read it previously. 

But the contemporary media is good at incompetence. Part of it is an information age thing. Doing library research is unknown. It’s too hard since it isn’t electronic. So nothing that happened before the internet is defacto irrelevant. Part of why so many GEN Y are vapid, vacuous even. At least mentally. Especially the journalists. Who also seem to lack any integrity. Repackaging oldness as new. Sounds like something a corporate oligarch would do, doesn’t it? But that’s another blot.

So get used to. News isn’t if you trust journalists. 


Ear Stercus

It raineth! No complaint, just appreciation. And due to continue through much of the week. Probably a nuisance – at least – for others but I enjoy the stuff, at least intellectually. Mentally. My sinuses do not. 

The Guardian is still on holiday, so I had to find other listening for Two day and after last week’s disappointment with the decrepitude that the SCIENCE podcast has rotted into, I tried the Big Think [Link] podcast again. It was marginally better than my experience with the Science Guy episode that gave boredom new meaning. 

Evidently these people make a special effort to have really unengaging, off-putting even, people on their podcasts. I can’t recall who the fellow was this morning, he was announced as famous which meant I had never heard of him and his babblings did little to endear him to me. Not a STEM nor nerd, nor even geek, I fear.

His topic was genius and it was mediocrely done. By that I mean that half of it was utter stinking stercus and half was moderately accurate. That’s better than Sturgeon’s rule but then this is supposed to be. But it didn’t rise above average boggery. 

Of course, it is hard to do genius, especially when the speaker obviously isn’t. Some parts of the descriptions were accurate but much of the added commentary was smelly and unpleasantly yuck. It amazes me how well funded organizations can’t do decent podcasts but two good old geeks in a garage can. Is it something about success that spoils the art? 

The sole virtue of this was it diverted me for a few minutes. But I can only hope the Guardian mob returns soon. Or I find another fill-in that isn’t better unheard.

Political Health

This gladdens my sentiment. [Link]

It gladdens me greatly that the government health service in Wales has 20K boxes still running WXP. Of course you have to live in Alibam to feel so, After all, we don’t have 20K health boxes in the whole state. And the council of thieves is reducing the number as fast as they can.

Dead citizens are good voters!

And the guvnuh is a physician!

Internet Peeve

Better this morning. A bit of wind motion. Dispelled some of the muggish. 

I have noted a bit of the dark side of the internet. When I share links with associates on a subject I know them to be interested in, but I am only interested in because I know of their interest, and then only to the extent that I will take the time and effort to share, I often receive a tirade back.

When did friendship sharing become advocacy?

Is this a bog thing or a human thing?

I know it is quite offputting and antagonistic. 

Paper and Flags

Ice Cream day. And the park was darker and stiller than yesterday. Not a fun walk. And the park cats were occupying the car park. Maybe because the macadam is lower temperature than the grass? Not aggressive but definitely defiant. 

Finished the podcast episode of the Pen Addict [Link] on constitutional and have to rate it a D- to F+. Diversion value only, I fear. Too much blather about things I find uninteresting to distressing, especially those little Field Notes “notebooks”. For the blissfully ignorant these are pocket (maybe) sized stapled notebooks with cardboard covers and mediocre paper. Of course almost all paper is mediocre at best these days, and mostly reprocessed toilet paper. And the notebook geeks puddle their underwear over these notebooks. Sexual experience. 

I don’t get it. It’s a rather inconvenient notebook in a not very useful format with not quite good enough paper. I suppose it’s passable if one uses a mediocre pen to go with because any decent fountain pen is orthogonal to these notebooks. I admit that I do use them but only to keep a log of my purchases. They are definitely not for any form of serious writing/ Too small. One can’t do much more than scrawl in them and equations are a non-starter.

Which is not to say that small notebooks don’t serve a purpose but not in a side binding format. Top bound and preferably spiral. And then only for to-do note sort of thing. 

Not that I begrudge other people doing their thing, but their evangelism hurts. It violate the “so long as they don’t harm me” rule. 

Which brings us to the noisome matter of the Confederate States of America battle flag. Is it harmful? Back in the early part of the last century when Afro-Americans were getting lynched by sheet wearers on a regular basis (and not documented, much less prosecuted by the legal authorities,) the answer would be a resounding “YES”. But now? I am not sure. 

I commented earlier on the matter of “the more diversity, the less tolerance”. Is this simply a case of inadequate tolerance? And of what? One of the covenants of civilization is that we don’t harass the sleeping dogs. If we do, we not only get bitten but find out the dog has hydrophobia. So is the sight of an occasional flag worth getting bitten? 

You can’t make something go away until everyone ignores it. 

Natural Sag

Mundane day. Back to gym. To find the door blocked by some entitleist who somehow became convinced that he didn’t need to park in the car parks but in the doorway. I fear he received a less than tepid reception.  

The podcast was an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” on degrowth that I had heard before and improved not at all with the re-hearing. I also fear my skepticism and cynicism crept in in about equal measures.

I have no argument that we humans need to degrow to continue to survive but I do have argument with the idea that we are ever going to effectively do anything about it. I fear our trajectory will be extinction rather than continuance.

One of the thoughts that kept playing through my mind during the podcast was

“What EXTROs consider community, INTROs consider harassment,”

It also rather ignored human nature in terms of family, success, ambition, ….

But my longest thoughts centered on how alien this is to Alibam. The only way Alibam politicians would support such a thing would be as a reinvention of serfdom, perhaps slavery. 

An Alibam politician’s idea of sustainment is diverting more taxpayer money to one of his corporate masters to propagandize they are fostering sustainment. Maskarovka. Propaganda. Prevarication.

That’s Alibam. The only degrowth here is the steady slide to third world state.