Major Psychology

One day. Back to gym. Not bad. Passable podcast episode on C. S. Lewis. Intriguing arguments never used by most old Confederacy preachers and christianist. And hence, incorrect because they are the only. 

I ran across an article [Link] entitled “What does your college major say about your personality? ” This is sort of a Bose Condensation type of argument from psychologists. But what gathered my attention was a categorization by major:

  • Science students scored high for openness and extraversion, and medium for neuroticism
  • Engineering students tended to have medium levels of neuroticism and conscientiousness, and low openness scores
  • Arts/humanities majors scored high in openness and neuroticism, and low for conscientiousness
  • Law students were highly extraverted, rated medium for neuroticism and conscientiousness, but scored low on openness and agreeableness. Economics students ranked similar
  • Medical students also scored high on extraversion, but were highly agreeable, too
  • Psychology students rated high for neuroticism and openness

I cannot refrain from making comments.

  • Physicists: extroversion? Not in my experience. Open? Yes. But extrovert? Only among those who specialize in outreach. Which does not say they are not smart, but they don’t get along with the majority. And neurotic? Being physicist means being different, especially from the BOGs. So what is that if not a perceived neurosis?
  • Engineer students are intense, or were in my day. 
  • Arts and humanities students are moved by inner truths that involve much social meandering, especially with drugs.
  • Law students are cunning and crafty and overweeningly ambitious. Winning and money are root.
  • I can’t speak to actual medical students since medical schools tend to be segregated – for a reason. Pre-meds are worse than pre-laws for asociality (except for self-service) and ambition. 
  • My cousin, a psychology professor, told me that most students studying psychology were “physician heal thyself.”




Word Wrangling

Wowsers. Nasty day yesterday. Had to go off and run a slew of errands complicated by them being timed for one reason or another and thus in the annoying situation of run errand, return to Castellum SCP, wait a while, iterate.

But this morning has a pleasing air temperature and I had a good walk in park. Only a mild rain was downing.

On which note I have some attention this morning for words. Why do some words pop up and other wither away? I find myself going to the OED often to see what words really mean. For example, this winter I got off on the deanthropozation of the word “cold”. In particular, I found the statement “it’s cold out there” to be grating and hurtful. The reason is simple: cold is a sensation, not a physical measurable. It may be observable, but it cannot be meaningfully related – even as a correlate – to real thermodynamic measurables. The OED informed me that the proper word was “colding” which means causing cold. That is a reasonable word. It makes the sample construction sensible. And so I went around gently suggesting to people that they mend their ways.

And as is normal when you tell people they are aberrant and depraved, they try to put you over a roasting fire.

So I just tell them they are schmucklet and run away.

Anyway, the word for today is “insertive”. And yes, it is in the OED. And yes, I did bend the meaning a bit to use it as a active thing instead of a passive. But it tends to fit better that way with self-gratifying altruism plus a touch of busy-body.

Kuke when you send a vaguely relevant article, which may advance one of your outlooks, to a friend you only see occasionally.

Not to be confused with an intervention which is full out busy-body with a theoretical but almost always missing component of altruism.

We’ll take up downing some other time.

Spring of Morn

One Day! Once more into the breach! Or at least, the gym. Not too crowded and the podcast, an episode of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas” was passable, an interview with the Israeli Harrari (sp?) who wrote Sapiens. 

I have to admit to reading his book and finding it worthwhile, finding a mixture of things agreeable and disagreeable, and hence good. But I do wish I could ask him why happiness should be a metric of humanity. 

First of all, it’s not measurable, so comparison are decidedly specious. How do I know my happiness is greater than yours?

But I did like his quote – unattributed? – that human language developed for gossip. Maybe I will re-read his tome.

On a tangent azimuth, can I entangle two Fermions and then entangle that entanglement with a Boson?

Evasion and Avoidance

One day. Back to gym. Sparse. Quite sparse. Sagging podcast episode. Second part of a CBC “Best of Ideas” on the unhealthyness and practices of the processed food environment. 

I have to admit to ambivalence. Dislike Fructose so I avoid it when possible. Nasty stuff. Makes too much fat. Damned by chemistry. But there are some things I do like. But I don;t worry much. I Am, after all, ORF, and besides, if I like something that is a sure indication that the manufacturer will change or discontinue its manufacture. So they are their own worse enemy for people who want consistency.

I had occasion this weekend to transport my mother to her church for a group meal. I dislike such transportations. When I arrived and got her and her pots inside the building I was regaled with little-old-lady questions that came down to “why don’t you attend church?” I dislike this not because of the answer but because of the displeasure it causes my mother who has long since abandoned any effort to comprehend her children.

My answer is simply that there is sufficient disinclination. More simply, there seems to be no positive benefit to attending church.

First of all, church is patently an EXTRO environment that has no real interest in welcoming or accepting INTROs. 

Second, it is not Christian. I have read the bible and several studies and observed the people who attend church. In effect, none practice Christianity. 

In fact, my observations indicate that those who do not attend church are closer to Christian tenets in their actions and behavior than are those who do.

So I am unable to see any merit in attending.

But I can’t tell little-old-ladies this. In fact, I haven’t found very many Christianists that I can. So I ignore or elide the question.

Not too low

Despite the dire warning of the buxom weather beaver last evening the air temperature was quite above 40 degF and so I sallied forth to constitutional in the park. Brisk and chilling, almost colding, nose running, but uplifting. And I finished the podcast episode even though it took a follow-on motor to the postal service building to do so. 

Only slight thoughts, mostly about an interview with the former KUBUNTU Tsar who clashed with Canonical/Shutleworth and was sacked and then became the Tsar of KDE. Which I now worry about because the fellow is a putz. He contradicted himself numerous times in the interview and wasn’t called a time so either the protagonists are putzes themselves or he is more subtle than I thought.

I now fear for the continuance of KDE which I happen to like.

And hence to clear a few tabs.

FIrst, I note that textbook publishers will be using XKCD cartoon in their STEM texts. [Link] Since the textbook publishing business is one of the most corrupt in Amerika this does not fill me with good warmth, More like cold horror. And I generally like his ‘toons. His books are trash but the comics are good.

Next, I see that chemicals in chocolate are calming. [Link] Is this why so many of my women employees ate chocolate in the office?

Pray note that these were women, not females. I consider that usage degrading and abusive. 

Next, an article that ancient assyrians buried their dead with turtles. [Link] What makes for intriguing speculation is the opposite. How about if the ancient assyrians buried their dead turtles with a human?

An article [Link] entitled “The waning influence of American political parties.” Perhaps more like an increasing fraction of the citizenry is thoroughly micturated by the corruption and evil of political parties. As one of my colleagues says: Criminalize Partisanship. I was thinking that chain gang would be the proper place for any and all members of both parties.

And I still hold that all this crap about the state dermatologist is just that. Send the rest of the government to jail and keep him!

I saw an article [Link] on the ‘writing” part of the SAT. I am ambivalent on this. I am in favor of writing – both cursive AND composition. I doubt high schule students can do either competently, so some cramming is beneficial. And I pity the graders. But what I dislike is that there is only one topic to write about. No choice. And I am unengaged with ivory soap of topics. So crapola results.

What do you expect on ice cream day.


Say What

I ran across this cartoon: [Link]

and I was provoked to consider/comment.

I admit it. I got “F” in coloring. I have problems with staying inside the lines. And I have problems with the crayons. There are only supposed to be seven: ROYGBIV. Not that I am sure I can tell the difference between Indigo and Violet unless they are labeled. White isn’t a color; it’s all seven colors. Black isn’t a color. Literally. It’s NO colors. And who made a rule that you have to stay in the lines. Which Act of the Council of Thieves is it in? And who said I had to use certain colors for certain things – like human skin or hair – or be sent to the child psychologist as a sociopath or soothing?

And I had problems in high schule. Science fair projects or other class projects. Had to pretty up poster board.  What deranged politician passed that bill?

I even tried doing painting on the computer once. 

I have no “color” sense. All my suits are gray or blue. Or were. Now I have one suit. It’s gray. And I don’t intend to be buried. Just burnt. So I only wear it to other people rituals. Last time was SCPdatter got married. Hedge Priest did the dirty. Good Girl. Puts Respect In the RIGHT places.

So why color now? Do I need the frustration?

Or is this one of those spend a lot of money and give what I buy to the Salvation Army store?

Most folks can’t read my hand writing. And not just because they;re young and acursive. (Nice, new word, isn’t it?)