Alchemical Musings

Seven Day. Time to clear out tabs. Rather a weird bunch this week, at least the ones that inspire some discussion.

First, an article [Link] about how the Schule of Alchemical Studies at the Campus of the Boneyard is celebrating a century and a half of existence. I was not invited. That probably indicates some wisdom on the part of the organizers. At least I shall give them credit as such.

Chemists, at least based on my observations, are the best balanced of the STEM Nerds. Physicists tend to be rather intense and oblivious to any social interaction outside of physics. That’s probably why their marriages seem taken out of soap operas. Mathematicians are the Timothy Learys of STEM Nerds. They are almost continually in a drug modified state that is questionably consciousness. The drug, of course, is maths, which mathematicians correctly view as proofs – all else is mummery and illusion. That mummery and illusion is, of course, all that other STEMs care about with regard to maths. So mathematicians are rather like holy hermits sitting for years on the tops of columns.

Biologists and Geologists tend to be outdoors people. They seem ill at ease inside a building, as if the critters are too mundane and the matter is too newly stuck – even in buildings that were laid down just after the rebellion. They also tend to be acalculate – maths blind – and hence left without roads to think along. The idea of testability is alien to these STEMs, hence they argue and pout about accuracy.

Chemists sit in the middle ground of all this. Also, they have the means and desire to make physiologically active potions. They control the ethanol and use it liberally internally. 

So it is probably best I didn’t get invited to the bash. 

Next, a rather overblown article [Link] entitled “This Is How Online Dating Has Changed The Very Fabric of Society.” I include this because not only is the title contemporary journalistic rubbish, it is amusing. 

Humans have known about incest penalties – the biological kind, not the organizational artificial kind – for lots of years. We evidently learned about genetic stupidity back when we were still Hunter-Gatherers. What the article is really about is social networking as facilitated by the internet. Humans have always had social networking; the drive to geographic dispersion was driven by mating (safe fornication?) and greed; deterred by Us-Them and greed. 

The only thing intriguing about “online dating”, which the journalist does poorly at, is its dynamic, not its medium of propagation. Most social networking proceeds from physical world interaction to internet world interaction. “Friendships” that originate in most social networking are relatively rare. Yes, there are the occasional friend-of-friend associations but these tend to be politeness driven.

But “online dating” is the reverse. Here the “friending” is initiated in the internet world and may propagate into the physical world. But this is the only substantial uniqueness.

Social networks are as geographically diverse as the network substrate which we erroneously call the internet. If we examine the geographical extent of individual’s “friends” then we find it to be large, often multi-national. So such geographical diversity is the norm rather than the exception. What makes “online dating” different is the flow of the “friending”. 

Which seems too alien to journalists these days to explain. 

Or else they think their readers are too cognitively deprived to comprehend.

Lastly, another article [Link] entitled “Wikipedia’s Science Articles Are Elitist.” This one is bemusing and if not for the nausea it engenders, perhaps amusing.

The journalist argues that most STEM NERD articles in Wikipedia are written for STEM NERDs. And this is elitist because Bog journalists have problems reading (and understanding?) them. (The latter question arises from the uncertainty that contemporary journalists are capable of understanding anything STEM.) 

Wikipedia is supposed to be the crowd-sourced encyclopedia of today. When I was a kid growing up I had five sets of encyclopedias. The simplest was the “Golden Book” encyclopedia and the most accurate “The Library of Science.” Over a period of several years I worked my way from one end to the other. And when I went to college I found encyclopedias of even higher accuracy and specialization. I recall one in particular, which was an encyclopedia of chemical syntheses. I recall the section on LSD was well thumbed. I also have a copy of Besancon’s “Encyclopedia of Physics” on a nearby bookshelf.

The point here is that writings – including encyclopedias – are written for an audience. The author has to pick what that audience is and be capable of communicating with that audience, at least if the writing is to be useful and successful.

The problem here is that the journalist seems to think he/she must be the audience. The obvious question is “Why?” I am not sure that question can be answered. Having dealt with journalists over the years, I have found them to be somewhat black boxish.

An easier – maybe – question is whether Wikipedia should be written for journalists. Given their rush to extinction, such a strategy seems ill advised. So we are left with asking who is most likely to read a Wikipedia article? If it’s an article on a celebrity, then clearly it should be written for Bogs, but if it’s an article on STEM NERD stuff? 

And there is the matter of Elitism. How do we measure this? If one is illiterate then all writing is elitist? If one is an omnipotent deity the no writings are elitist? Is any measurement possible in between?

It strikes me that fear of “Elitism” is inherent in Amerikans. If the modal Bog cherishes ignorance, and anything written that that Bog cannot comprehend is Elitist, then Elitism is nothing more than the opposite of ignorance?



Broken Ratings

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “What are the best Sci-fi Movies?” The article lists twelve movies as the best.


None are better than mediocre and most are rubbish.

Odoriferous rubbish.

The real list of best SF movies is:

  1. Forbidden Planet;
  2. Them!; and
  3. Earth versus the Flying Saucers.

Star Wars and Star trek don’t make the list. The Black Hole makes a list for the funniest SF movie but nowhere near a best.

I won’t comment on what’s listed. It would horrify too many Bogs.

Who can’t tell SF from S.

Porn Polity

Ice Cream Day. Just returned from morning constitutional. Late, at least for me. Slept in – not as much as I should have liked, but more than usual.

Being ORF means being disappointed. Society and civilization is decaying around one. And being ORF one cannot do anything to prevent or deter. 

So I was considering how we have become a nation and society of pornography. The idea for this came from my undergraduate Alma Mater, the campus of the Black Warrior. Their instrumentality repeatedly barrages me with appeals for money either as direct gifts or by participating in some organizational EXTRO orgy of some sort. The last one was pandering a combination football viewing and food consumption. That was the straw that tipped the catastrophe (the maths kind) that what they were pushing was pornography. Obviously, viewing an athletic competition in which one has no children or family involved is pornographic. But the exaltation of food consumption, it occurs, is also pornographic.

From this, I hypothesized that our entire society has become, at root, pornographic. With overtones of hedonism and I am not sure what else. 

Consider selfies. I have commented previously how symptomatic they are of a society where individuals lack friends. But they also glorify oneself in the vacuum of that friendship. And friendship itself is exalted because what we have is so unfriendly.

I was reading an article on Lifehacker yesterday about ‘the four types of Rebeccas’. I have to admit that I read it because I understood neither content nor context of the title. I found the article to be a polemic about how everyone is evil. Nothing surprising there – everyone does have a bit of evil and it’s unavoidable because of the substantial subjective aspect of evil. IOW, doing good for some one means doing bad for another. The Greek heroes are archetypes of this: they usually obtain the admiration and celebration of the downtrodden by disposing of the downtrodder. 

In a way this is a snapshot of our society. The recent melee in Charlottesville, and the mumblage of government, are a microcosm. Both sides have aspects of good, at least as seen from within, and bad, at least as seen from within the opposing group. Neither is interested in the other except as epitomes of what they wish to eliminate. No coexistence, no meeting of ideas and means, just polar animosity. 

Anthropologists have a term for this: groups within societies who detest each other and will only cease fighting among themselves to protect the society as a whole. Basically, Us-Them carried to the deepest depths of depravity. 

Which is what we are buying, or at least being sold these days. Most of the advertisements are pushing things that would be considered bad a generation previously. 

Case in point: the recent flooding in Texas. Almost all of the media coverage was directed at Houston, none at any of the small towns that actually make up Texas. Further, there has been no coverage of flooding outside the Yankee republic.[Link] Even our management style has become pornographic.

Once again, glad to be ORF. But wondering how to continue in what has become a traitor trash country.


Admissions Day

Two Day and probably not to be good. Today is a Yankee Government Holy Day, the anniversary of the day that the congress finally “screwed up its courage” and admitted to the “mob” that they had declared independence from the British tyrant. Of course it would be some months before the hollow crown and strutting parliament would learn of this since the fastest transportation was wind powered.

I started the morning on my stationary bicycle since the gym is closed on the excuse of holy day; any excuse is good enough for them to deny service. Speaks mightily about the management of their proprietors, Scant City Memorial Hospital. 

While on bicycle I read a bit of Jeremy Black’s “Eighteenth Century England” and reflected on the nature of liberty. As I later walked outside, a gentle rain trying to fall, I further mused on this. How did Black’s discussion of the deep differences within the population of England and their acceptance of these differences help to make a stronger nation and a better people apply to us?

It seems to me that our problem today is not so much the wide differences among the people of the Yankee Republic, but the intractability of the partisan politicians. Their attitude of forcing their own prejudices and self-service on the general population, instead of a freedom of tolerance, seems at root the problem. 

The question seems to be how can we dissolve this atmosphere of totalitarian restriction and elimination of freedom being built by politicians of both parties and re-establish a healthy electorate who can build strength through the fostering of tolerance for behaviors that may be different but not pathological, at least compared to the tyrannies espoused and enforced by organization. 

What should count is the people and the nation and not partisan priesthoods. 


Leaky Prophylactic

One Day. Back to Gym. Sparse – thankfully! But the podcast, part of the fiftieth anniversary of the CBC’s “Best of Ideas”, was a dismal bore. Too much dronage about artsy novels. Not my cup of tea – or any other steeped or brewed beverage. I’ll take a good airplane attention diverter novel any day. Except perhaps a bosom ripper. Something will a well told story, not one of those artsy things that lack any atom of story but are oh! so! froo-froo.

Speaking of which, I ran across one of those articles [Link] about what the stupid and unintelligent need to purchase for their paternal parents for the invented fake holiday, one of many, I fear. The whole thing is a thinly disguised but otherwise blatant advertisement. But it did have the goodness of engendering – to steal a word from Chaucer – cogitation.

First, most holidays these days are anything but. Technically, holiday is an Anglo-Saxon/English/Amerikan corruption of “”holy day”. Such are purely religious and despite the obvious contention of corporations that spending money is a form of worship, a matter only for those who participate in that flavor of religion. Any slopping over that boundary is a breach of religious freedom. In particular, freedom from being exposed to hemorrhoidal superstition and stupidity. 

Sadly, the practice has been taken up by all sorts of organizations that are not supposed to be religious such as governments and corporations. Who now seem to be the true enemies of religious freedom when in actuality the governments might be allowed memorial days where participation by the citizenry is voluntary and not imposed. IOW, the fabric of government and society should not be folded like a bedouin’s tent as observance of such.

And corporations should be penalized as criminals for any such trangression. 

In summary. NO MORE government “holidays”. NO MORE fake commercial “holidays” like yesterday.  And church holidays should be well fenced in to prevent spillage.

Second, the manufactured stercus recommended by these articles is purely EXTRO stuff. None of it is the least bit interesting to INTROs. And, as a rule, the children of INTROs are self-reliant enough to make up their own minds without the aid of prevaricative advertising. (And YES, I know that is REDUNDANT!)

Just to assist the Bogs who still have no idea of the nature of EXTROs and INTROs, EXTROs obey Bose-Einstein statistcs: They Clump. Doesn’t matter what you put in the washing machine, EXTROs clump together. INTROs on the other hand, obey Fermi-Dirac statistics. They are individualists, loners, avoiders of clumps. Especially EXTRO clumps. And if they need to know how to do something they will learn it on their own or figure it out on their own and don’t need greedy capitalist propaganda to delude themselves with.

As a matter of some further clarifications, all politicians seem to be special types of EXTROs. They clump but only among those of shared ideology, usually partisan nonsense. They are also completely dependent on prevaricative capitalist propaganda for any form of thought other than gonadal. 

Now, I can go stand in the rain with my head uplifted and my mouth open, with a mind open to wonder and learning.


Dark Signal

I just read that Adam West has discorporated.[Link]

I am saddened. For me, Adam West has always been the TV Batman. 

His TV program started in the year that I graduated high schule and entered college. I only got to see his program occasionally but I enjoyed what I saw. Its humor fit rather well with that of Laugh-In and the original Star Trek. 

I didn’t get to see the Batman movie serials until years later, but I had read Batman comic books as a bairn, at least until I discovered Adam Strange and then I rather alternated between the two. Both were epitomes of superheroes, at least the comic book genre heroes, who prevailed by thought and intelligence rather than physical over-endowment. 

It seems wrong to call these fellows, most of them, heroes. They were all cast in the mold of some unhero who could make changes without harming someone or something. Rather at odds with the Classical Greek Idea of a Hero. Batman was the closest comic book character to a hero, displaying the angst and suffering of what he was compelled to do, much like Heracles after he had to destroy something wonderful to please a petty tyrant. 

That was what made Adam West and that first TV Batman so wonderful. West made a parody of the comic book superhero. And acted in a totally disrespectful fashion by aping absolute toadying respect. 

A sterling role model. 

I would wish him well decomposing but I fear they embalmed his so he will lay for years as a plastic nebish. 

But life was better because of him. 


It’s the Pronunciation

I have been watching the COVFEFE grrrr brrrrr with some amusement and can no longer leave the boggerate in ignorance. For someone with lengthy federal government experience this is a clear indication that the current administration has succumbed to inside-the-beltway culture.

COVFEFE is obviously an Acronym! Acronyms are of great importance. They become mental shortcuts for programs and projects that would otherwise not be remembered by political appointees, flag officers, and elected officials. As such they keep these in the consciousness of these people. A good Acronym is easy to remember, catchy, and absolutely important to the funding of the program or project. A bad Acronym is like a dead horse; it must be quickly buried as it smells.

which brings us to this Acronym. What does it mean? I canot say for certain but a third of a century of experience leads me to opine that it is something like:

COVFEFE – Colossal Odious Verbalization From Egregiously Fallacious Evidence.

How is this pronounced? That is difficult to say. If our guess is accurate then the weak first “F” would indicate it is to be pronounced with a break between the “V” and the “F”. We might also opine that the pronunciation is probably strongly European influenced, something similar to pronouncing “Tallifero” as “Tolliver”.

How good is the Acronym? Hard to say but clearly for a first attempt, quite acceptable.