Modern Gripes

I noted this morning while half-listening to the NEWS on the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver that a manufacturer of mediocre pizza pie has been slammed for not making its web site blind-compliant. This led me to several contemplations:

This type of consideration seems unlikely to have ever occurred in a state dominated by Evilgelical Repulsian Bubbas. e.g., Alibam. The general attitude here is that handicapped people should either curl up and die or be glad they haven’t gotten a bullet to the back of the head; 

Why is it that the larger the corporation, the shoddier the product? Is this related to mass production? Or just simple greed?

If we’re making owners of web sites be knowable to the handicapped, why aren’t we making manufacturers produce goods for all peoples? For instance, why is it that 99% of all types of shoes made don’t come in narrow widths? 

And how come we let furrin powers influence our lives? For instance, why let Fartus Maximus Prevaricator be Putin’s Turkey? Or more critically, why let the Yellow Peril control American round ball pornography? 

Even more important, why do we allow Capitalists to make serfs of Amerikan citizens by not paying living wages?

We need to put the citizens – ALL OF THEM – back in charge.

Alabama Outlook

I noted this morning that Thomas Cook LTD (?) has gone belly up. Stranding several gazillion vacationers across Tellus and leaving it up to the Brexiters to repatriate them. 

I mention this because I had to study Thomas Cook LTD when I was a bairn in schule. The company was covered in our state mandated Alibam history course. Never quite sure why but evidently back when Thomas Cook as a person selling trips to exotic places to moneyed Brits, Alibam was on the list of such. I can understand the pyramids of Egypt and the ruins of Mesopotamia (largely eradicated by the War Against Terror,) but the lush jungles of Alibam? Where ever did the tourists get a pint on Sunday afternoon? 

I should comment that this is why I seldom go on vacation and when I do it’s an INTRO vacation; the destination is museum or some such avoided by EXTROs like schule or lab. 

I also ran across a quotation (different source) from the Founding Grandfather,

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

that reminded me that when he said this he was lecturing the EXTRO masses about their fickle ways and pain inflicting habits. Nowadays, it means that one should never do any good deed because there is no benefit to it; it ain’t worth the trouble, in Alibam vernacular.

On which note, from which it flows naturally, I have received a diminishing number of requests (with apology to the Kingston Trio) to elaborate on what a Bubba is. Simply put, a Bubba is the union of a Schmuck and a Ferd. That is, a human who is stupid, clueless, and EVIL.  

Who are why Thomas Cook no longer, even before their financial failure, sent tourists to Alibam. 


I learned yesterday that Amazing and FeDeX are parting ways.


Of the three main delivery services, FeDeX is the worst. It is at least 10dB worse than UPS who, in turn, is at least 10 dB worse than USPS!

I have stated previously, that FeDeX manages to accurately deliver to my house in Greater Metropolitan Arab about 0.25 of the deliver trials. In 0.75 of the instances, they deliver somewhere else. I have ceased to even try for reimpursement; now I just ask a vendor who their delivery agent is and if they answer FeDeX, I try very hard to find that product elsewhere.

FeDeX delivery people are rude (because the corporate oligarchs make them be – I have had some who apologized for theri bosses,) they neither knock nor ring the doorbell nor send an email, and they dump the delivery willy-nilly anywhere they please – once in the middle of the driveway during a torrential rain that destroyed the box and its contents.

So roast in Tartarus, FeDeX!

For once, Amazon did a GOOD thing!

Well Done Religion

Ran across this article [Link] of a statement by an TC priest:

“I’m not so much into having a relationship with God as I am into mechanically conducting various rituals,” Donahue said. “To me, it just feels empty to contemplate a higher power without blindly obeying canon law and protecting the church as an institution.”

This gives new insight into why the RC church barbequed Giordno Bruno and imprisoned Galileo Galilei

Obviously thinking about reality and the Deity are sins that must be expunged from the planet.

Bat Mail

As in Bats In The Belfry.

Yesterday, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “Amazing! This New Gmail Feature Will Let You Know If You’re Being Normal In An Email” announcing/describing that Gooey, the folks who provide you with their information tar activities, will roll out a feature that natters your email composition.

Rather reminds me of that Paper Clip ghost that MegaHard cursed humanity with some years ago. Happily, it could be shredded into oblivion.

I have to admit that this article was disturbing from the title onward. I was disturbed by the (now common) misuse of the word “normal.” Normal has a meaning of either orthogonality or boundedness. That latter is a bit difficult for BOGs to handle so I will elaborate: the mathematical function goes to zero for large values of the argument. In this case, argument means value of the independent variable.

Sadly, too many BOGs think the “normal” means proper or civilized or cultured or house-broken. It doesn’t but given the high value placed on stupidity and ignorance in the Yankee Republic, I have no illusion that people who use “normal” inaccurately will change their ways. 

The college “educated” of these, who passed a brain depleted statistics course, seem to think normal is some range on a Gaussian distribution. I am unsure of whether to weep or curse at this absence of boundedness. 

Anyway, back to the idiocy of Gooey. The article gives some examples of how this algorithm operates. I was amused (bemused?) by the first which is an attack on something I got taught years ago when eMail had just seeped out of DARPA on how to communicate effectively in the sterile environment of eMail. This course advocated exaggeration, parentheticals, and even the ASCII cartoons calledd “smiley faces” in those days.

Now Gooey has a nattering paperclip that tells me not to do these things.

This is not to say that my composition skills are as good as I should like. But that’s about syntax, not Gooey’s dream of social “normality.” 

I have to admit that it did take me back to those good ole days of the original MegaHard paperclip when I wondered if I kept ignoring the eShmuck (stupid and EVIL!) that a buffer would overflow with my transgressions and the wee beastie would die a righteous Christian death of apoplexy over the infidelity and blasphemy? Sadly, my patience eroded first and I haad a few seconds of glee at the painful demise (for it, not me!) before the needs of reality intruded again.

Perhaps that’s Gooey’s problem? Like so many other iCorporations, they seem to have lost sight of their own limitations. Or perhaps they are planning on becoming the new religion of the masses? The sepulcher of the Holy Byte?

Divine Mind Rot

Humans are strange creatures. We have language and thought. But this week the Alibam Council of Thieves will be working to eliminate the citizenship of about 51% of the state’s population. So insecure and demented are representatives of the other 49% that they want to deny women humans in the state of their thought and speech. And freedom of purpose and action. 

All because they seem to think there is something sacred about humans. 

Meanwhile, the primitive inhabitants of the Trobriand Islanders do not reckon offspring to be human until they are weaned, and capable of speech and locomotion.

So who are the ones who can think?

We have an overpopulation problem. All over the planet. Not a small overpopulation, but an order-of-magnitude more people than makes any sense. 

And in Alibam, the elected elite want to make slaves of 90% of the population of the state. The disenfranchisement of women is merely the first step of their maniacal plan. Everyone else who isn’t an elected official is next. Or at least the pink ones.

This is the revenge for reconstruction. A terrorist plot to restore evil and cruelty which bubble unattained in their festered brains with superstitional insecurity. 

In their minds only pink men may think and act; all others must be subservient and expendable. 

Making Alibam Great.