In the Bow-Wave 2

Humanity seems divided into two fractions: those with the dread Corona plague and those risking death by avoiding the disease. Somehow, the mental and physical health of Amerika has never seemed so bad. 

Part of this is clearly the contrast between the prevarications of the administration, even more blatant than their usual, but obediently swallowed and regurgitated by the partei mindwashed, and the draconian pronouncements of the medicalists, many of which are so unexplained and contrarian as to exclude much of the GEEK-NERD contingent. Somewhere along the line both groups seem to have lost the idea that in any society you have to be trusted to lead. And there is clearly little trust in either group.

Exhausted after venturing into the contradiction of social distancing and grocery shopping yesterday, I had occasion afterwards to reflect on how valid the mantra of “Introverts will inherit” may be. Introverts don’t like crowds. They are poor transmitters of disease – or sociability. And they are naturally ostracized by the more abundant EXTROs, But I suppose it is too much to expect that the latter will go quietly into the night and leave the planet and humanity better off?

This was capped for me with an article [Link] about how one of the great badnesses of the Nineteen Plague was the cancellation of college graduations. My immediate response was “who wants to go to graduation?” I know I never wanted to go to any of my graduations. In my experience, graduations are for parents and perhaps, other relatives. And apparently, for EXTROs. But INTROs know that graduation is a social ritual totally irrelevant to those whose natural inclination is a society of few. 

It did strike me that graduation is a symbol of modern slavery. It is the moment when the slave trader’s neck ring is traded for the plantation owner’s neck ring on the neck of the slave. Now saddled with crushing lifetime debt since parents are no longer able to earn enough to properly educate their children, and the capitalist oligarchs have cheerfully loaned money that cannot be repaid in one’s lifetime to obtain an almost useless degree in something irrelevant to modern civilization, the slave metaphor is almost as valid as it was in the time of America’s youth. 

That is not to say that college is irrelevant, but that much of it is irrelevant. Education is a faded concept, much like the tattered wreckage of our democracy, replaced by some religious delusion that a college degree equates to financial and personal success. But sans actual education the latter is a pipe dream and the former only applies to those who can make their own success, as always a small fraction of the population and not obviously correlated with collegiate offerings.

As always, we suffer from the question of whether humanity is relevant.