In the Bow-Wave of the Plague

I keep thinking about Norman Cantor’s book “In the Wake of the Plague.” And, yes, I know it is hubris to compare CORVID-19 to Y. Pestis. But I keep coming back to thoughts of how, despite our advances in science and technology, we are apparently as incompetent in dealing with plagues (in Amerika) today as we were in the “Dark Ages.” Apparently, despite our advances in democracy, our political elite today is as inept and murderous (?) as was the political elite of Europe in those days.

And from the blather repeated incessantly on the audio-visual electromagnetic receiver, so is the political elite of Europe today. 

Another thing that hasn’t changed is the panic state of human beings. And while the Dark Ages lacked toilet paper and medical masks, there were still things for people to horde and fight over. Which makes us wonder how many people got killed arguing over the last packet of some herbal tincture at the alchemist’s shop?

Still I give the Plague Sty award of the day, maybe the week, to the people who coined the phrase “Flatten the Curve” while maintaining the same area – number of dead – in the flatten Gaussian. This clearly was not their intent but it was their effect. 

Since one can only spend a certain amount of brain cycles contemplating the nature of the plague and its political flagellants, I find it necessary to cogitate on other things to redirect my attention from the insanity of this affair and herein give notice that I am embarking on a voyage of unusual discovery.