Bicycle La Brea?

Yesterday, after the intensity of the monthly meeting of the Marshall County LINUX SIG, I did a bit of diversion immersion and ran across a bemusing article on the Face Scroll.

The article was about reactions to an exercise bicycle with a pseudo-Greek name on social media. The nature of the comments were distinctly 1950’s female infighting – mostly of the nature of “respectable, suburban housewives” commenting on the behavior of less restrained liberated (?) women. In the vernacular of the time, very catty, envious, and claws dripping with blood, at least figuratively.

Becoming intrigued, I viewed the commercial and it did indeed have a moving effect on me. In addition to a disproportionately large surge of nausea, I was amazed that Amerikan corporate culture has come to the stage of glorifying narcissistic psychopaths, which the rider of the bicycle most explicitly was. 

Is this how we sell bicycles today? And is this the actual nature of the young?

Excuse me, another trip to listen to echos.