Early Aches

Gak! Terrible night. Combination of no exercise – too colding in the morning and too many Bubbas in the afternoon – and time change. So I am roundly disgruntled with stupidity and nonsense this morning.

So negative kudos to the Congress of the Yankee Republic for perpetuating this crap. 

Positive kudos to Gavin Newsom, the Governator of the Land of Shining Earthquakes and Crackling Forest Fires, for his reply tweet to Fartus Maximus Infantor. [Link

This does raise the question of “what is the opposite of neotenous?” I don’t know and my dictionary doesn’t give me antonyms, but we desperate need a descriptive term for Fartus Maximus other than senile and stupid. 

Especially now that the dreaded holyday season of familial abuse and nauseating food is approaching. 

And I walked off to gym this morning sans MP3 player so I had to divert myself from the ennui of stale perspiration with actual thought. And sampling the offerings on the wall of electro-magnetic visual monitors. No audio, only the moans of seniors pedaling and the groans of weight bouncers cracking the concrete floor under the odoriferous indoor/outdoor carpet.

This led me to the discover:

Fox = Faux = False

with regard to a certain news (????) network. May be the only truthful thing they have ever done?