Alabama Outlook

I noted this morning that Thomas Cook LTD (?) has gone belly up. Stranding several gazillion vacationers across Tellus and leaving it up to the Brexiters to repatriate them. 

I mention this because I had to study Thomas Cook LTD when I was a bairn in schule. The company was covered in our state mandated Alibam history course. Never quite sure why but evidently back when Thomas Cook as a person selling trips to exotic places to moneyed Brits, Alibam was on the list of such. I can understand the pyramids of Egypt and the ruins of Mesopotamia (largely eradicated by the War Against Terror,) but the lush jungles of Alibam? Where ever did the tourists get a pint on Sunday afternoon? 

I should comment that this is why I seldom go on vacation and when I do it’s an INTRO vacation; the destination is museum or some such avoided by EXTROs like schule or lab. 

I also ran across a quotation (different source) from the Founding Grandfather,

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

that reminded me that when he said this he was lecturing the EXTRO masses about their fickle ways and pain inflicting habits. Nowadays, it means that one should never do any good deed because there is no benefit to it; it ain’t worth the trouble, in Alibam vernacular.

On which note, from which it flows naturally, I have received a diminishing number of requests (with apology to the Kingston Trio) to elaborate on what a Bubba is. Simply put, a Bubba is the union of a Schmuck and a Ferd. That is, a human who is stupid, clueless, and EVIL.  

Who are why Thomas Cook no longer, even before their financial failure, sent tourists to Alibam.