Street Wisdom

Was reading Undernews [Link] this morning. (And yes, I know the author is considered a “Damn Yankee Liberal S***********” in Alibam but sometimes you can add liberal to Repulsian Oligarch Tyrant and get a more accurate view of the news.) Noticed this picture:

and realized that I should check out the school supplies at Walgreens next I am there. (Which will probably be tomorrow because they are having a sale on OTC and supplements and FD SCP has given me a list.)

I have to admit that I have a mild liking for Walgreens. Yes, they are a nasty, polluting, autarkic corporation but for some unfathomable reason they still maintain a moderate level of quality in their goods. Which makes them 10dB or better than MalWart or lots of other “drug stores.” Most of which mostly sell crap masquerading as wellness stuff. 

Excuse me. It ain’t that good. It’s stercus.

I first started using Walgreens when I was a Freshman at the Campus of the Black Warrior. That relationship continued at the other campuses in following years. So by the time I got kicked out of college for the third – and next to last – time, I had plenty of data.

But I don’t usually buy school supplies there. But I have a melon list and since I’ll be there tomorrow anyway.

I wonder if they card?

And, no, the only school I attend these days is the one where I am teacher and student. Permanently – it seems – assigned to the left aft corner. And I get a special hat to wear.

And, no, I didn’t drink much beer as an undergraduate. In those days on the campus of the Black Warrior, beer had to be imported from Missississippi and it was basically polluted water. I made do with diluted reagent grade ethanol. 

Graduate school is another matter. The common view at the Campus of the Boneyard was that you couldn’t do physics without beer. At least on Fridays. Or so a Nobel Laureate told me.