I learned yesterday that Amazing and FeDeX are parting ways.


Of the three main delivery services, FeDeX is the worst. It is at least 10dB worse than UPS who, in turn, is at least 10 dB worse than USPS!

I have stated previously, that FeDeX manages to accurately deliver to my house in Greater Metropolitan Arab about 0.25 of the deliver trials. In 0.75 of the instances, they deliver somewhere else. I have ceased to even try for reimpursement; now I just ask a vendor who their delivery agent is and if they answer FeDeX, I try very hard to find that product elsewhere.

FeDeX delivery people are rude (because the corporate oligarchs make them be – I have had some who apologized for theri bosses,) they neither knock nor ring the doorbell nor send an email, and they dump the delivery willy-nilly anywhere they please – once in the middle of the driveway during a torrential rain that destroyed the box and its contents.

So roast in Tartarus, FeDeX!

For once, Amazon did a GOOD thing!