Lunar Letdown

Now that the hullabaloo over the Lunar Landings is over, it seems fit to subject our progress in the last fifty years to a bit of scrutiny.

First of all, we still don’t know how we came out in the “space race.” Yes, we got to the moon first, but we haven’t been back and the only way we can get to the space station (singular!) is via Russian rocket.

Where is our Lunar colony? How many people have been to Mars and Venus?

How has the standard of living improved? It hasn’t. The mean income has decreased and the standard of living is worse. 

We do have more rich people and they are much richer, but since the amount of money is conserved, that also means that the vast majority are poorer.

We are no longer a democracy. We have sham elections controlled by the two political parties and their rich patrons who are the only concern of the elected officials once the elections are over.

We don’t live as long. And we pauper ourselves paying for medical care for our parents – and ourselves. Scant wonder the young reject family for friends.

Our schules are devoid of education and teachers are not allowed to teach. 

Religion has become exclusive and antagonistic. And like government, not a little evil.

Yes, the Soviet Union collapsed, primarily because the Communist Dream finally wore through. And the same is playing out for the American Dream. 

Perhaps it is time to go back to Luna? And reinvent a society where the powerful fear the mob.