Circus Confederacy

This has been somewhat of a weird week. And it’s only Thursday.

The good part was that we are in the middle of the Ranier Cherry season here in Alibam (of course the cherries don’t grow here; only poke salat and road kill) and despite the outrageous prices, I eat a dozen or so cherries daily.

The rest is mostly ungood.

Part of it is funny. Not happy funny. Sad funny. The big “funny” is that while the week long observance of the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned landing on Luna, the Southeastern Conference (Amerikan Football) is holding some sort of preseason media thing. So the funny aspect is the admixture of amateur (except for the coaches who are embarrassingly professionals even if they act like ignorant amateurs) sports pornography with geek hardware bashing and crazy test pilot bravado. 

The nuts on top of the sundae are a combination of Repulsian master race exposition by Fartus Maximus and his black shirted myrmidons (admittedly, more than a few are actually golems, but we’ll give them the benefit…..) and Democrud plebeian overlord indignation histrionics. Sort of a mixture of paleolithic pecans and Australopithecine pine nuts.

Makes us wonder if there was ever intelligence in Amerika?

Or, to plagiarize a book title, if the United States will ever be ready for self-government. 

Because what we have now is not only not a democracy but its run by people who are totally unqualified to represent citizens in a democratic fashion. 

Oh! And the school shopping season has been unleashed so the office supply stores are full of obese Southron belles in billowing mumus and foam curlers, schule age bairns with terminal post nasal drip, and what appear to be chocolate fingerprints on ever absorbent surface. (SO forget printer paper and notebooks!) (And the most nasal of those belles WILL be interviewed on local television news. As practice for the next natural disaster.)