Freedom Flop

I heard this morning that Fartus Maximus Prevaricator has requested several Democrud Congress Critters deport themselves. I have to wonder when we can deport him back to Holland. 

Not that I suspect they would want him. 

But I also ran across an article [Link] entitled “Democrats Shouldn’t Be So Certain About Abortion” and since it’s the Ides of Ju Lie, I thought I would bash the whole abortion thing a bit. Just for mental exercise., of course.

I have stated previously that I am of the opinion that parents need to be licensed. The current administration has tempted me to add politicals to that list as well.

The immigration morass is one of the prime reasons for this. So far as I can see, it’s a combination of incompetent parents and incompetent politicals (some of whom are also parents, which is more than a bit frightening.) 

Makes me think we need to drag the lot: illegal immigrants; and politicals; over to Nuremberg for trial. Why there? Seems to make sense since they are all peace criminals. Who may be waging a war on each other? 

How many kids do we have who are abused? And I count starvation a form of abuse. 

So, based on this little bit, I have to opine that preventing abortion is a form of child abuse. 

I also have to opine that the religionists who support the banning of abortion are either ignorant of their own doctrine or they are fake. 

Almost all religions espouse some form of belief in Free Will. And denying women the freedom of choice is something on the order of a religious abomination. I don’t know if that’s a sin, but it is certainly evil, especially in a country that is supposed to be free. 

I’m not going to label people who deny that freedom as insecure or sacrilegious, but I do know they are evil. Because the most precious thing we have is our freedom to choose and act. 

And I’m not going to deal with the whole life-is-sacred thing because the people who scream this the loudest demonstrate the clearest that they are liars and scoundrels. 

Now, who else can I find fault with?