Heat Death?

Ran across an article [Link] entitled “It Was A Balmy 90 Degrees In Anchorage — For The First Time On Record.” Mused that it was actually colder yesterday – temperature maximum – in Greater Metropolitan Arab than in Anchorage.

And I wondered what response Fartus Maximus Prevaricator would make to this. After all, he got the idea somewhere that Ben Franklin invented heaver-than-air flight. Perhaps he will offer to send them a thermometer that he thinks works. 

Why is it that everyone except Repulsian Evilgelicals – and many of them are pretending for social reasons: once more having a false sense of importance – that climate change is upon us? And our children (grandchildren of ORFs like me) will possibly be the last humans? 

Is this some misguided idea that the adults – politicals – shouldn’t tell the children – nonpoliticals – that Tellus is on its way to a lifeless deathworld? Sort of a Bronson Alpha scenario?