False Viewpoint

Since I started talking about misplaced yesterday, I may as well continue. This being OneDay, I listened to a CBC “Best of Ideas” podcast [Link] entitled “Lady and Lord Macbeth on trial: guilty or bewitched?” 

This was a farce – as in satirical pseudo activity as dramatic presentation – about whether Laird and Lady MacBeth were legally insane when they committed regicide. I won;t comment further on the matter other than it was rather well done and as such is of almost total disinterest to almost everyone living in Alibam. 

But it did set me to thinking. 

I, like so many of my age cohort in the Yankee Republic, read MacBeth in High Schule. I think it was selected because it (supposedly) had a moral and didn’t bring up any difficult questions about sexuality, which was a taboo subject in those days not because of orientation but because of the pill. 

As is usual for an INTRO STEM NERD, my take on MacBeth is rather different from that of the Alibam Department of DisEducation and the crib sources like Cliff’s Notes. 

MacBeth is a story about stupidity, weakness, and insecurity. The good, moral part is that MacBeth did in a tyrant. The bad part is that he didn’t stop there and make life better otherwise but instead made himself tyrant. The parallel to Paradise Lost is, I think, obvious, mostly since that was also a required reading that was interpreted other than how the schule system dictated. 

MacBeth is also all about Alibam. Government in Alibam is a succession of one tyrant being disposed (deposed?) by the next. There are no good politicians. All are tyrants or would-be tyrants. And none do anything to make life better in the state. 

The only person who came out ahead in MacBeth is Lady MacBeth. She exited early and avoided the pain and suffering.