In Praise of Putzdom

If you don’t know what a Putz is, go look at yesterday’s blot. 

The water in the tipping valve accumulated faster. Must be the weekend. Or the dept of stupidity that stretches from sea to shining sea. Amerika the Putz!

First, an article [Link] “Target Registers Across Country All Malfunction at Once, Causing Massive Lines” that I ran across this morning. I have to admit to hearing about this on the 1700 news programming from Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill. I initially thought this was indicative of just how hard up the TV ogres are to fill up a half-hour on the weekend.

But then I saw this article and bells went off. What is it with Target and their IT incompetence. Several years ago, Target got its databases looted. I forget how many million credit card numbers got stolen from their databases because of their inability to understand basic IT stuff like encryption and firewalls, but they basically stepped on their own sexual organs with gold cleats. 

And now they appear to have done it again. 

What doesn’t make sense is why enormous numbers of humans – presumably BOGs – waited on queue for the links to be restored and their credit card numbers harvested in real time? 

After the last breech, I swore off using plastic at Target. Now, bear in mind, that I have to drive all the way from Greater Metropolitan Arab to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill to visit a Target and once I get there the only thing I tend to buy is candy and pastry, mostly for my maternal parent who has a nonagenarian sweet tooth. And I pay with pictures of dead pink politicals which is highly distasteful to Target personnel, at least based on their facial expressions, presumably because they get a cut on every credit card they compromise?

In other evidence of the cancer infested nature of the nation, I came across another article [Link] “How to Emulate a Graphing Calculator on Your Phone or PC” that indicates just why the Amerikan BOGgerate is so large and abysmally unknowledgeable. This article blathered about how electronic calculators – the marvel IT of the 1970’s – can be simulated using a cellular telephone. 

Overall, the composition and well as the story was depressing and nauseating. The latter was expressed in the abysmal stupidity exhibited in this not only by all those high schule students who can add or subtract using the parasitic organ between their ears, but that the schule does this uneducation using Texas Instrument calculators. 

This is directly equivalent to using non-functional Target cash registers to teach kids how to handle money.

Nasty Secret: TI can’t build a decent calculator. PERIOD! The only people in the Yankee Republic who can build a decent calculator is HP and they have been turned to rotting pond scum by Carly and her ilk. 

Happily I have a pre-Carly HP RPN calculator (or three) and can actually crunch numbers. 

Which is more than either Target or Texas Instruments can do. 

At least TI hasn’t sold off customers’ credit card numbers yet.

That we know of.