“I don’t like anybody

very much.” [Kingston Trio]

As we observe the seventy-fifth anniversary of the beginning of the end of the “Great Patriotic War.” it seems appropriate to reflect on the corruption and cancer that Amerika has become.

We have a government that is controlled by two pseudo-religious orders, one of superstitious sadists and the other of shamanistic masochists, at war with each other to determine which form of slavery and serfdom become the “New Amerikan Way.” Both hate and fear science and scholarship and persecute those who do either.

Our schools have become death camps of intelligence and knowledge where students are lauded and exalted for stupidity and servility.

The current administration is led by a pathological prevaricator whose lieutenants are dedicated to taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich.

We have embraced diversity so that our Us-Them hatred can foment terrorism and civil war. 

I was told yesterday that civilization will be dead in thirty years. And that Amerika was leading the charge to troglodyte-ism. 

And I am glad to be ORF.

And, yes, I did have family on the Ruben James.