Alma Mater

This is not about mothers. I know it’s Mother’s Day but today I want to talk a bit about Freedom since it is a commodity that is fast vanishing in Amerika.

A few moments ago I read an article [Link] entitled “How Microsoft reinvented itself” which I found a bit discouraging. I am not a fan of Microsoft. I had to use its OS for quite a few years, mostly with the connivance (and oppression) of the Yankee government. I fooled myself into thinking that a commonality of OS is a necessity of the workplace while ignoring that some folks got away with using Apple, mostly people of high rank or office.

Once I “retired”, I quickly changed from a Windows that had steadily been decaying and becoming less functional to Linux. Today I use Linux except for a couple of old laptops that still have WXP on them  – the last barely workable Windows – so I can use one LaTeX client. This compromise is largely because of the perfidy of the client’s manufacturer, who promised a Linux version but became a lair because of MegaHard. 

Aside from that, I use Linux. Except for an adequate LaTeX client, it provides everything I need in plenitude. It is, in the way of an OS, everything of Freedom that Winders is not. I have multiple choices of almost everything and they are at least as good as Winders and in the main superior. The Linux version of Libre Office is an order of magnitude more functional and enjoyable to use than MegaHard Office. 

The epitome of this freedom is that I can choose from a half dozen (or so) desktop environments and modify them as I wish. This is a stark comparison to Winders which permits no effective customization or modification of its desktop environment.

So I can say on this day that I am happy to be free of the Mother of Operating Systems.