Biden Time

I am not a fan of politicals. Few of them demonstrate either ethics or morality or even honesty. But I do feel moved to offer some potential insights into the behavior of the former deputy chief executive.

When I became a supervisor in the ’80’s, the rule was no physical contact with employees except handshaking and the employee had to offer.

In the ’90’s, I had, along with zillions of other USG supervisors and managers, to attend ‘Hugging School.” Evidently the powers-that-be decided that the Civil Service was too stuffy and unfriendly and we had to learn how to be “intimate” with each other. Happily, “intimate” did not have a sexual connotation, at least to the bureaucrats who were making everyone take this training. 

In the ’00’s, we had to take personality training, mostly based on Meyers-Briggs temperament taxonomy, so that we could understand different people. This was useful training because it provided a powerful management tool that transcended the usual New Age/Fascist/Woo-Woo management crap that got sold to the political appointees – who never got near the training – who forced us to take the training and at least pretend to use it in our day-to-day management. Which seems to prove that occasionally even the most incompetent of leaders can vertically copulate and get something right.

In the ’10’s, we went back to the no physical contact thing since too much time and resources was being spent on workers complaints about prejudice and harassment and negative performance appraisals because the workers were spending too much time on non-work stuff. 

I know very few managers who are not totally confused and not a small bit frightened. Many are giving all their workers the same performance appraisal grade and the awards kitty is evenly sliced. Which makes all the workers unhappy except the ones who are waiting to be fired. But now no one can protest favoratism or bias. 

And the morale is fecal. 

Reminds me of the mill kids who had to eat lard sandwiches at schule.