Shameful Comparison

What’s the difference between New Zealand and Great Amerika?

For one thing, New Zealand has a Chief Executive who actually cares about the welfare of the citizenry and works to improve their lives. Greater Amerika, on the other hand, has a Chief Executive who is a bigoted, self-serving, prevaricative tyrant whose treats the citizens as if they are all illegal immigrants (with a few notable exceptions,) and only cares about himself and his capitalist oligarch associates. His only virtue, if such, is a total inability to not lie. 

And before one of his repulsian, evilgelical goons growls something about moving there if it’s so good, I should offer that it is Great Amerika that is in need of help and improvement and hence I will stay here to make the place a democracy again.

We can start by making political parties illegal and replacing elections by random selection from the citizenry with a single term limit for life. After all, we’ve got a few thousand elected offices and hundreds of millions of citizens. Give everyone a chance!