Social Entropy of Mixing

The New Zealand massacre provoked my cognition. Once more I come to the hypothesis that humans are whacked.


Some humans call themselves white when they are actually pink. There are white humans – albinos – but somehow they are not quite right. (Indeed, the health of many albinos is frail or compromised because….) 

Some humans call themselves black but most are brown and even the ones who are dark aren’t really black. They have a shine to their coloration that negates the contention of black. 

But we can’t expect bogs to do much correctly and coloration is evidently one of those things.

We have “white” supremacists killing muslims. One has to wonder how much of this is envy and how much insecurity. After all, even a moderately observant muslim makes an evangelical look like a religionist wuss. Especially when it comes to women. Perhaps white supremacists really want to be muslims but can’t because muslims aren’t white?

Hence the conflict: skin coloration or religionist dogma?