Alma Material

I have been contemplating the recent revelation (??????) about parents spending enormous sums to get their children admitted to college.

My first thought was that, given the apparent intelligences of most Amerikan “Celebrities,” their children probably needed every assistance to have any chance of admission. 

And I wonder how much the cost is for the nannies who get the kids to class.

But on second thought, they probably just pay doppelgangers to go to class and take the tests and the nannies just make sure the kids get home from the parties and evade arrest. 

Not, from my examination of recent graduates, do kids seem to learn very much in college, which leads to the question of whether the colleges are happy with money and don’t bother to actually teach anything? 

In a society where every child has to obtain a college degree, can there be very much education in college? Isn’t this just a new aspect of social promotion. 

Kornbluth was right: Marching Morons.

As near as I can tell, parents have always bought children degrees, at least in Amerika.

Back when colleges were invented, only the rich, youngest kids got to go and become priests and pretend to be celibate.

In the colonial days, parents would endow a chair or build a building on campus and their child got to attend. Of course, I have been told that in those days so few went to college that no one was turned down. So long as they had money. 

I have been told that Land Grant Universities were a scheme by pols to get rich people to buy buildings for the state; they certainly didn’t pay much in the way of taxes. Just like today.

It wasn’t until the Great Patriotic War that colleges weren’t big enough. That and the pols (and rich folk) being afraid of the NERDs becoming such a critically dear resource that they had to pay them a living wage. And do what the NERDs told them, which was worse. No pol or oligarch likes being instructed. Liege Lords and Tyrants never have. 

Two supposed factors seem intriguing here with the current scandal. (I say that because I can’t find any validation. so Caveat Emptor.) First of all, all of the kids involved pretended to be pornographers. And second, none of them studied STEM. 

Those two factoids seem to fit Contemporary Amerika to a TEE!