Elephant Poop Fest

Yesterday was an amazing day.

First, in Congress, an astounding display of inept (occasionally incompetent, less occasionally competent) questioning (and character assassination.) If nothing else, this displayed that too many of our elected officials (and their voters) are critically short of gray matter. In particular, the Repulsian quislings were blatantly obvious with uric acid crystals in their brains. If anything, their clumsy bumbling achieved the opposite of their intentions, imparting validity to the former myrmidon’s claims.

Half way through the inquisition, I had to wonder if lying is idempotent? That is, is a lie about a lie a lie or a truth? 

Second, Fartus Maximus displayed the limits on his ego in his second encounter with a real dictator and not just one who thinks such in his cranium. I was particular bemused by his rapid retreat, much like a puppy’s after his first encounter with a rolled newspaper after urinating on the rug. What’s next, an atomic wedgie from some banana “republic” El Supremo?

So, overall, a sad day for Amerika. 

To end on a positive note, at least Fartus Maximus makes Garfield look good. Of course, he had help from a wanna-be minion as well.