Fall of Disillusionment

As I was leaving Greater Metropolitan Arab this morning on my way to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill, waiting to enter US 231, I noticed an Arab Police SUV on speed duty. Suddenly, the SUV pulled out into the highway, neither lamps not wipers engaged, in apparent obliviousness to traffic, safety, and Alibam law. This put me in mind of Bill Cosby.

When I was young, I listened to the comedy records of Andy Griffin and Bill Cosby. Their humor was wholesome, American, suitable to the Containment Era.

Now Cosby is in prison for sex crimes. What does this tell us? Is America a prevarication, a Potemkin facade? Or have we been the victims of cynical politicians who have swindled us and enslaved us?

Is Mr. Cosby actually a villain of enormous magnitude or a victim of a legal system principally dedicated to punishing someone, guilty or not?

Can anyone or anything in America be trusted? The signs are negative. Democracy is disappearing amidst the struggles of power hungry minorities. Organizations are industriously reinventing slavery. Or is this all the dust hiding a new liberation? And if so, what replaces the democracy made null by our newfound cynicism?