Making Alabama Garbage

Four day. Survived an expedition to Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill yesterday. Only encountered six traffic stoppages, which was four less than last week. Huntsville is rapidly becoming the town of immobility.

On which note I saw this morning at gym that the new Doubleday Pornography Team would be known as “Trash Pandas”. Seems rather a fitting name, especially the Trash part. And since the team will be located in Madison where all the yuppies are, eating bamboo (and kelp) is probably accurate as well. It also seems to foretell another disaster of failure for sports porn in Nawth Alibam, given the widespread inability of getting pandas in zoos to produce (offspring.)

While we’re on the insane stupidity azimuth, I also saw that the state’s Chief Bigot, who is trying very hard to add the title of Principle Pedophile to his honors and accomplishments, is litigating the pseudo-celebrity who “interviewed” him. I am not sure which is the greater magnitude act of stupidity, agreeing to the interview or litigating a pseudo-celebrity who can only profit from the publicity? 

On the positive side, this certainly sets the bar deep underground for whoever is Chief Justicer of Alibam. I suspect a deceased congenital syphilitic would present a better effectiveness.

Looking further afield, we have the spectacle of the Repulsians ramming through a Know Nothing candidate for Justicer of the Yankee Top Court. This guy is wasted as a justicer; he would be one of the world’s great used motorcar salesmen if he dared the risk.

I also note that the running shoe industry is floating a new line of knee pads for people who are dissatisfied with the national legal system. Evidently they are blissfully (?) unaware that the Amerikan legal system is formulated to advantage the cunning and criminal over the rational and honest.