Memories of Times Past

This morning, while belatedly perusing the FaceScroll, I ran across some pictures posted by the Yankee Army Woe College of their entering students gathering and signing for their textbooks. (It is, after all, an Army schule.)

I have to admit that this was a fond reminder of one of the most amusing situation at the Woe College, watching a plethora (class) of Field Grades having to practice their newly directed politeness skills (????) to the library clerks. Needless to say this requirement sat poorly on the shoulders of many of these officers. 

The other most amusing situation was any time one was in seminar and cited an equation to make a point. Even though almost all of the students had to pass calculus in college, almost none have used any of it since that time and so maths are as alien to Woe College students as “change is to military monks.” (They can identify the source of that quote.)