Gender Imperfection

This seems to be the week for religion. At least that gives me something else to consider than the Alibam electioneering and the television advertisements’ appeal to the stupidity of Alibam voters.

Seems the Episcopal church is looking to degender the deity in their prayer books. [Link] This reminded me of a contradiction in christianism.

The deity, it is postulated, is omnipotent and omniscient as well as unitary and endless.

If the deity is unitary, then how can the deity have gender? If the deity is endless, then reproduction is unnecessary. And if omniscient and omnipotent, no assistance or support is necessary.

So not only is the gender thing null, the offspring thing is also null.

But it does explain why politicians seeking election say such ridiculous things about their opponent that convince voters to elect them. 

Incidentally, to mitigate those same politicians’ concerns, clearly the deity also has no need of sanitary facilities – male or female.