Friday Feedly

Those few, those valiant, foolish few, who regularly read this blog are aware that I make my hours at the gym less difficult by listening to podcasts. Some months ago the Guardian – a British newspaper – offered me a new service, strangely absent of their usual palm displays, named “Hear Here”.[Link] The purpose of the service, manifested in a weekly email, is to offer me alternative, supposedly good, choices in podcasts. 

In effect, a bit of a podcast gossip column.

I have now received the weekly email for more than ten times and I was, this morning, struck by something: none of the suggested podcasts have gotten beyond the mildly nauseating level. At least one in each offering set is a “run away throwing the nuclear hand grenade over your shoulder” also known as a Monte Python “RUN AWAY!” Or as a young Major who used to work for me would say: “Seen the Bunny Rabbit.”

Of course, all majors are young by definition because only the most inexperienced would ever take the job of being too senior to command a few troops and too junior to command any more. Some do advance beyond by surviving the jobs they are given. Like working for SCP.

Anyway, after realizing the statistics on the Guardian’s offerings, I mused a bit. I regularly – Tuesday mornings – listen to their science podcast. The SCIENCE (magazine) podcast [Link] used to be the best podcast but then they dined with it, cutting its duration in half and lowering the tone down to Bog level and it not only dropped off the rankings charts for science podcasts but out of my MP3 player. Now the Guardian science podcast is ranked best by SCP. 

There are some good American science podcasts. But they are all very not-Bog. Most are not-Geek. And very single channel. Which probably reflects how apathetic the Bogs are to podcasts in general and science in particular. They seem much happier with their mysticism and superstition. And dementia.

Perhaps we can invite the Brits to take the country back? Trade one tyrant for another?