Corporate Stercus

The smelly kind!

I have commented before about how Amazing’s marketing robot/AI is a low grade nincompoop. It is totally unable to distinguish my purchasing azimuths from those of FD SCP or from Solstice presents. IOW, it is unable to discern patterns that my grandson, age five, can perceive. And he’s no Albert! Good kid, but not doing any maths yet.

On which note, I bought the National Geographic’s DVD of its minithread on Albert and now Amazing is trying to entice me to purchase other minithreads in the same series. This is a finer failure since while – arguably – all of the series is about smart folks, not all of them are science nerds. Could it be that the software is based on an assumption, perhaps unidentified, that all humans are bogs?

This wouldn’t be too erroneous since 90% of humanity are asentient bogs, but it would be fundamentally whacked when it came to geeks and nerds who have considerably more relevance than in previous eras. Although, it does strike that it was apostolic geeks who got humans through the dark ages until the nerds could invent modern science. And then things got nasty. Which they still are in that channel.

Yesterday, I ran across an article [Link] that claimed that their research indicated that:

“those with religious or spiritual beliefs appeared to suppress the brain network used for analytical thinking in order to engage the network for empathetic thinking. Equally, those who were non-religious showed they suppressed their empathetic thinking for analytical thinking.”

Hence, religionists are irrational. In fact, they shut down the rational part of their brains. Which probably explains the widespreadness of evilgelicalism. While nerds and (some) geeks shut down the fantasy part of their brains. Which probably explains why the evilgelicals hate geeks and nerds so much. 

What does this have to do with corporate Amerika? Well, clearly capitalists don’t want humans thinking rationally. The problem, of course, is that they are dependent on rational thinkers to provide the basis for their business. After all, you can’t build AI without Geeks and Nerds.

Incidentally, one of my colleagues, Magnetic Inductance Force, reported the same stupidity on the part of a shoe vendor. [Link] He reports engaging their customer service function and determining that the staffing there is either AI or Bog since they are unable to understand the situation. Now all we have to decide is whether that is the situation with the management or just part of their treatment of Amerikans as serfs?

Of course, solving this might also give us some comprehension of the Yankee Government’s Legislature. Is it really an evil conspiracy to reduce Amerika to a feudal state or are the majority of thieves legislators just arational evilgelicals? Certainly their mumblings about “breaking up” FaceScroll seem that way? How do you do that? How do you partition the user base. Or do you just make social media criminal activity? 

I fail to see any winning trajectory for the legislature here. Maybe they should just openly sell their favors, like some prostitution sites that get shut down periodically?