Cinema Crapskull

The other day I ran across an article [Link] entitled “For the Love of Science, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Learn to Read the Room” that takes Chicken Man to task for tweeting about astronomical errors in a movie. The author and unidentified others (fictional?) criticized the distraction from the evils portrayed in the movie.

I am entertaining the idea that the evils are in the article.

The movie is about a wanna-be politician having an illicit sexual liaison and in the process discorporating the woman. Big Whoop! That’s what politicians do. And as such the movie fails as entertainment. Which is what movies are supposed to be. This stercus about moral messaging is just that. And diarrheatic to boot. 

Which is undoubtedly something beyond the mental abilities of this journalist. 

On a more relevant azimuth, this journalist, and the unidentified others, apparently have so little knowledge of reality that egregious inaccuracies do not disrupt their “suspension of disbelief.” I am not sure this would have disrupted mine since I am neither astrophysicist nor astronomer but I can attest that other unrealities – that’s of PHYSICAL reality, not social reality – have disrupted mine and I have exited the theater or ejected the DVD. 

At the cost of a relationship with other humans back in the days between grad schule and marriage.

Although there have been several movies that I started watching with FD SCP and she finished them alone. Because I was off regurgitating.

So just because your (mistaken) view of reality isn’t challenged by stupidity and incompetence, don’t assume everyone else’s isn’t either. 

Sometimes BOG is a synonym for Ferd.

Incidentally, I don’t need to go see a movie about stuff I experienced. Not do I take a shower wearing a SCUBA suit.