Institutional Ignorance

Seven day. Survived the monsoons of yesterday. Survived the nonsense of Star Wars (YEA SLAVERY!) and Cinco da Maya (Five Mayan Blood Sacrifices?) Then this morning while doing the weekly tomato-sauce (catch-up – BAD pun and not even Pun Day!) I ran across a cartoon [Link]

That struck me twice.

First, it captures how the public schule system is anti-learning. Any pupil who tries to deviate from the holy lesson plan is punished. I suppose we should be thankful that the little girl didn’t get roasted on a spit like Bruno.

The second is that breakthroughs do indeed need grunting, and lots of it. Every breakthrough I have ever made, and there are several, required much nasty noise-making and skull sweat.

The latter, incidentally, is what distinguished breakthroughs from copulation.