The Unspoken Name

Back when I was a bairn a’growing, miscegenation was a nasty thing never talked about. Anywhere. Except when some innocent instance of cross “racial” romance occurred and the swarthier person was beaten or discorporated and the “white” person was shamed and shunned.

If that language seemed a bit religionist, that was the intention. Because the only place miscegenation was mentioned was from the pulpit. Basically, it was the worse sin – so claimed – that could occur.

The only problem with this is that it is fundamentally contradictory. What didn’t hold together was the idea that there were two (three?) types of Christianism: one for “whites”, and the others for swarthies. 

But if they were the same religion, using the same highly non-credible book, then how could they be different and distinct based on “race?”

Especially since the Messiah was swarthy. Except in “white” christianism pictures. Then he was a good Aryan boy.

Of course, nowadays, every other commercial on the television depicts miscegenation. And the christianists are screaming about being harassed and bullied. After inciting how many lynchings and the like?

It now [Link] looks as if miscegenation is as fraudulent a concept as race. Total odoriferous rubbish! Seems homo sapiens did the “nasty” with both Neandertals and Denisovians. More than once, historically. In fact, amusingly, the Denisovians are only known for improving Sapiens’ gene pool. 

The spirit is, however, alive and well. A common practice is to refer to homo sapiens as “Human” and the other homos as not-human. Which is stercus tauri. They are all genus homo, which makes them human. And they are our relatives. Which may indicate just how cancerous the whole family shtick is. 

Personally, from what I have learned about Neandertals, they are better than many of my relatives. Especially the ones who deliberately prevaricate and try to “borrow” money to maintain their drug dominated life styles. To say nothing of their absent mental faculties. 

The Evilgelicals, those folks who prefer a pedophile over a member of another political partei, will likely continue in this mean, damaging way, forever unable to understand why their brand of nastiness is not embraced by everyone else. Even unto denying that they have any non-sapiens DNA.

Isn’t stupidity wonderful? So quintessentially Amerikan.