Belly Ripping

Yesterday, I attended the March meeting of the Marshall County Linux SIG. One of the ad hoc topics of discussion was how Mozilla is killing itself. Then at gym this morning I listened to a (somewhat dated) episode of the “Destination Linux” podcast where the talkers said much the same thing.

What Mozilla is basically doing is emulating MegaHard – and maybe Canonical. 

It may be recalled that MegaHard adopted a tile GUI in W8 and promptly began to lose users. It is still using albeit at a lower rate indicating how much of the Winders user base really is asentient and aintelligent. What is relevant here is that they did it to themselves. Ostensibly the reason was convergence (which is what got Canonical into the methane bog,) but actually it was stupidity. After you spend umpteen years with a desktop format and then suddenly change it, with it advertised to love it or leave it, you are gonna get lots of leaves. The only stopgap has been drastic changes to the look-and-feel,

Canonical did the same thing when they rolled out Unity, which was also a tile GUI. The only salvation was that there were other GUI choices, supposedly much against the desires of Canonical management.

Now Mozilla has built a FireFox, and is building a Thunderbird, that don’t work with add-ins. So all the folks who treasure the add-ins above FF itself are leaving to either a FF fork or to a Chrome family member. 

Never underestimate the stupidity of management. Even in IT.