Word Misuse

An article this morning about Ancient Beringians [Link] served as the seed crystal for this blot nattering about the common misuses of certain words:

Native Americans – No Such Animal. Humans are NOT Native to the Americas. They did not evolve here. They all emigrated here starting about 20 KYA. So calling the humans living here before the arrival of Columbus “Native Americans” is erroneous, inaccurate, and probably insulting? The uncertainty lies in the inconsistency and ambiguity of what is complement and what is insult any more.

Natural Meat/Food – Sheer Idiocy. Anything that exists, including virtual particles in the vacuum, are inherently parts of Nature and hence Natural. For those who want a simple scheme, if something is made up of atoms, it’s Natural. (So are other things, but we haven’t figured out how to make foodstuffs out of dark matter.) (And if we could, we likely couldn’t digest it since its chemistry would have to be non electro-magnetic.) (Which would not keep corporations from selling it as zero-calorie foodstuffs.)

GMO – This is the ubiquitous norm. All living matter is Gene Modified. There is NO SUCH THING as Non-GMO! Why? Because mutation of gene structures occurs continuously and since gene structures have been around for in excess of a BILLION years, all gene structures around today are modified from the original.

Organic – A substance (foodstuff, e.g.) is Organic if it is primarily comprised of covalently bonded carbon atoms. The term is currently widely used in an erroneous and inaccurate way to imply the foodstuffs have not been exposed to “toxic” chemicals, which erroneously include pharmaceuticals. It’s an egregious Bogism that reflects the inherent inability of Bogs to learn or think well. 

There are probably more such words that are reduced to garbage by people who have difficulties with using their brains. In some cases, it is unclear that they even have such. In other cases, it is clear some people just misuse their brains. This is common among the population segment at the union of math blind and thought-dead who are incapable of understanding maths or science and hence invert the merits of things like vaccines and herd immunity. 

Selah. (Still ambiguous.) Enough ranting against the march of the moronic.