New Year, Same Ills

1/1/2018. And no joy to be seen. Or, at least, felt. 

The air temperature here in Greater Metropolitan Arab is reported by the local weather station as 11 degF and that agrees with my own air thermometer. 

The situation is degraded by the local news programming on the electro-magnetic audio-visual receiver. FD SCP is watching WAFF [Link] and their presentation wins an award for being banal, nauseating, and self-serving. 

First, they covered some shooting incident at some dive in Nawth Huntsville last evening. Lots of dire pronouncements but no real content.

Second, they spoke to motorcar care and usage in these low temperatures. This actually began last evening. And is hideously self-serving since it is too late for people to implement almost all of their guidance and there are likely few stores open that could provide goods and services. 

Third, the weather beaver has been prattling on about other effects of the weather. Sadly, almost all of this has to do with wind chill and rapid on-set hypothermia. Nothing on first aid thereof. Little on preservation of property and humans, Nothing on cabin fever and allied ailments.

And all of this is presented with the usual unctuous tomes and the occasional, totally inappropriate, grin. I can’t say smile, although that is clearly the attempt, because the presentation is so overdone and inappropriate.

At least they haven’t yet announced someone’s discorporation with a smile like they do on national programming. But I suspect they will have the opportunity before the week is out.

And no attempts to allay the politicians denials of climate change by declarations of it’s colding today and hence no global warming. Except, of course, neither knows what colding means and its difference from cold. 

Somehow, life was better with meteorologists in two-tone wing tips like H. D. Bagley, news writers who knew syntax – and used it – and news readers who knew to look unhappy when they were reading bad news. 

Meantime, I have to tend the Lars and Penates, which today, and most of the week, means dripping taps.