Discontent Looming

We sit today at the leading edge of the first major nastiness of the winter, at least here in Alibam. The nastiness has already plagued the Yankee Nawth for some days and I already ache with sympathy. Too many blood thinners, I suppose.

It being week-out, I assayed to the gym this morning at 0800. Part of the week-out discrimination that demonstrates just how ill committed to health Southron, well, Alibam, at least, hospitals are. Tomorrow will be even later because of the Christianist religious discrimination of that institution.

My work-out was abbreviated, mostly because Saturn’s day is the most hectic of the week and made more so this day by the impending colding. Sadly, the television monitors were set to Faux News, probably because the weekend staff and jocks are mostly Repulsian Evilgelicals. That’s OK. I mostly just listen to a Linux podcast and try not to laugh out loud at the Faux News promulgated by the partei maskarovkists.

This morning’s was a bit galling; evidently the administration is now playing whack-a-mole with civil servants. I suppose orphans and the poor will be next since they have already been condemned as wastrels and socially cancerous. But the bashing of civil servants reminded me that those folks have two things the political lack: integrity and competence. But they do have a tendency, albeit justified, of viewing all politicals, regardless of partei affiliation, as mindless criminal berserkers.

I left then to visit the Greater Metropolitan Arab Postal Office and then replenished the petrol in my motorcar. The former reinforced my opinion of civil servants; even with the mess that the Yankee council of thieves has made of the Postal Service, they still do better than that council. And then it occurred that perhaps we would do better to select a mail carrier at random in each district and send them to serve.

Or perhaps to force Congress Critters to carry mail one week a month?