The HolyDay that Rules Them All

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. And at that time we shall enter the Twilight Zone of the Greatest – as in magnitude – DDOS (Dedicated Denial of Services) period of the year. 

To put that in context, I went to gym this morning and will be unable to return to gym until Tuesday morning next. 

This transcends the usual religionist discrimination of the gym being open on Shabbat but closed on the Protestant Sabbath. 

Basically, for the next tree days, Amerika is plunged back into the throes of a theocracy.

Happily, there are Capitalists who are striving mightily to ameliorate this cancerous situation.

Not out of any goodness or altruism, purely from greed. Which is the foremost Amerikan virtue.

Over and above the favoritism shown for the more demented Protestant Christianists, the holiday is a joke.

Historically, the best estimates are that Joshua ben Joseph bar David was actually born in March. Isaac Newton’s birthday is closer to the holiday observance than Joshua’s.

The early (organized) church enveloped the solstice to suck in unsuspecting folk who observed that holiday. Of course, back then, solstice was a lot closer to the orbital turning point. 

So what the holiday really celebrates is pagan naturalism and the miscreancy of organized religion.

Which is part of what makes it so attractive to Capitalist Oligarchs. 

It is also a period of great, probably greatest, stress on Amerikans. Deep down, we know it’s all a fake and a prevarication and we all have to play along with the charade. In a way, this season defines what it is to be human. 

Large portions of pretense, falseness, and lies. Enough to put the strongest gorge in orbit. 

Sometimes Civilization is highly over-rated.