Foot Ballistics

Yesterday, I motored into Nawth Alibam’s Shining City on the Hill for provisioning and staff call. Quite frankly, the motoring was dismal almost all the way. Too many egotists and incompetents. Especially motoring (??????) down Whitesburg Mountain. These rectalcrania accelerate on the short straight bits of road and brake frantically on the curves, the length of the two being about equal on this stretch of US 231.

I coast down this stretch, unless prevented by these folks’ inconsistency, at the speed limit and do not need to use my brakes except when the springs flowing across the road are frozen. Which was not the situation yesterday. 

I don’t understand what appears to be deep stupidity. I get down as fast or faster than these people and use much less petrol and do not wear my braking apparatus. 

But once I crossed the bridge over the Tennessee and had motored north a couple of miles I spied a Roy Moore campaign sign, the small yard variety. Normally this would be a downer, in the parlance of my generation, but this sign had been graffiti-ed with the word “PEDOPHILE” in black (?) spray paint.

Somehow this brightened my day. And while the traffic did abate a bit once I got off US 231, this protest against evil enhanced my tolerance and morale.

And then, this morning at gym, I was bemused and even amused by the numerous grammar and spelling mistakes in the graphics displayed by one of our local television stations – WAFF. 

This led me to some musing. First, how can people let themselves be so consumed by their rush to work (?) that they actually impede their own motion by acts of irrational and, apparently, insentient, stupidity?

Second, how can we abide a political candidate who is clearly not only a bigot but a pervert?

Third, how can we abide people who disobey laws, in this case by spraying graffiti on political signs? Even if the scrawling is rightful and good and the candidate is evil and prevaricative? 

Fourth, how can people who claim to be students of morality via a revealed religion support patent evil? And enthusiastically? While their commitment and steadfastness may be laudable, it becomes damning by the evil supported. 

The latter is somehow the least part of these. Observation indicates that most, many, at least, of the adherents of this religion do so for reasons other than assimilating its tenets. This observation indicates that these people falsely claim membership for either personal gain or to better their social status. And, apparently, to persecute those who are not members, or who are, but do not meet their acceptance. 

So perhaps that these adherents of this religion do rightly support perversion? 

But this doesn’t seem to tell us why we permit criminality and stupidity and incompetence?

Film at Eleven.