Electoral Reformation

One Day. Back to Gym. Where I saw the first attack commercial from the state bigot. This caused me to reflect and I have developed a conjecture: the problem is that the parties are unable or unwilling – probably the latter – to offer candidates that are acceptable to the majority of citizens.

So I want to offer up an idea to alter the situation. Every time we have to elect a new official, senator or dog catcher, we select a name at random from the rolls of eligible voters. That person, regardless of any other characteristics will hold that office. If they go off and serve, so much the better than what we have now because they will be an unknown quantity and ignorant – in all likelihood – of the job. And if they do nothing then we are no worse off than we are now because they will be doing no active damage.

And they get to hold office only once. Period. Which is an inducement for them to actually do something because they can’t be selected again.

And we don’t have evil grasping politicians making our lives worse.