Stupidity and Greed – Humanity in Action

Seven Day. The  weather beavers foretell a flood starting this night and through the morrow. So seems a good time to clean out some tabs before settling into real work.

First, an article [Link] entitled “Why humans are quick thinkers: Our ‘selfish brains’ have evolved to take priority over muscle when using up the body’s energy.” From what I have observed the only thing slower than most people – Bogs – rate of thought is a rock. Maybe pond slime? But I don’t know that pond slime thinks. 

But then it is unclear just how many Bogs think. Probably not most. They seem to go through life on endocrine secretions and emotion. Especially anger. And some violence. And they get upset when their violence is prevented or deterred. 

Which proves again that Sturgeon was right.

Second, another article [Link] entitled “CDC: Suicide Rates Increase in US Rural Areas.” These two seem to fit together. 

I am not opposed to suicide. If someone wants to not be alive then that should be their decision. No interference from Bogs or organizations. We have too many people on the planet as is and anyone who wants to end their existence should be permitted.

But what rather ruffled me about this Bog arrogance article was the prissy way it talked about how there are inadequate services in rural areas.


Let’s consider. Rural areas are low in population, hence low in tax base. Financial activities in rural areas are low profit, which should be another reason for low tax revenue except that most rural areas are ruled by Repulsians who don’t want any taxes beyond what is collected to give to their rich donors. So no money for services. And thus, no services.

If you create Tartarus, you have to expect escape attempts. Don’t be falsely righteous when all you want to do is maintain the population of wage slaves. 

Third, an article [Link] entitled “Does science need mavericks?” This article is written by an academic who is rightly concerned about losing employment as the universities become factories. So the article answer is NO.

The real answer is YES. And the reason why is that without some real scientific advance, not the nit noid crap being churned out by academics with lots of fudging and outright cheating, we are doomed. We may be doomed anyway, but without some science advances we are surely doomed. And what has been coming out the last century hasn’t been very advancing.

Yes, there have been some advances, and some have even been done by the expensive organizational science folks. But compared to the revolutions of the first part of the Twentieth, the last hundred years have largely been static and decimal place increasing.

So while I believe in permitting suicide I am not in favor of the Bogs and Organizations killing us off from their stupidity and greed.