In Praise of Linux 1

While clearing tabs, I ran across an article [Link] entitled “How to Get Started with the Linux Operating System” on Lifehacker.

It’s not a very original article and while it’s fairly complete, it’s not very engaging nor compelling. In fact, it’s a whit short of discouraging.

No fire. No excitement/ No endocrinology.

So I am going to float a few bits of blot on adopting/using Linux. Not because I think I can do a better job than some guy paid to write on Lifehacker but because I consider the whole Lifehacker thing to be tragically organizational and socially mired.

I started using Linux after I retired from the Civil Service. That was partly due to being deeply micturated at Winders and MegaHard and nauseated by Fruit and its OS/hardware. Both of which I had been compelled to use by the Yankee Army of Occupation.

So I started using Linux. Ten years ago and a bit more. The path has not been without bogs and miring and avalanches. But I no longer have an OS that takes control of my machine from me, just to do updates, without recourse.

The Linux talk about Free and Open Software. What counts is free as in how this country used to be before the political parties established their dictatorship.

Yes, there are barriers and boundaries and difficulties but there is a lack of slavery and serfdom. Almost an absence. One is tempted to say a freedom but that would be a bit overblown. If one is to use a computer, including cellular telephones, then one must use an OS, and unless one is very good and knowledgable and does nothing much else, one does not build one’s own OS. You gotta use some OS. And Linux is the freest of them.

It’s also pretty much free as in beer. Yes, you gotta have a stein and a fridge, metaphorically speaking, but you can pick what you want and all the costs are indirect. The OS only costs the time and bandwidth to download and unpack onto a USB stick or a DVD. SO there’s the cost of the stick or the DVD. You’ve got to already have the box (computer) to do the download. And you’ve gotta sacrifice your time to learn how to do this and the install and such.

Something like how the freed slaves had to learn how to be Free Men after the Recent Unpleasantness. And maybe one of these days the poor southrons, salt and pepper both, will learn how to be free from the rich overlords.

So what’s great about Linux? Well, that’s going to be rationed out a bit at a time, because this is going to be a voyage of discovery for both of us.

For today, I am going to be superficial and juvenile. Maybe artsy. Today’s wonderful thing about Linux is eye candy. It’s not locked away, with steep proces for limited access, like Winders. It’s right there.

Flying Toasters screen saver. Built in. Just gotta download the pictures and install. From the standard repository (software store.) 

Can’t do that on Winders.

It’s a trivial thing but so is a flag flapping in the breeze.