One Nation Stupid?

The weather beavers foretell a colding tomorrow. About time. But this does raise all manner of questions as I mumble walk down and up the lane.

Why do we call people without skin pigmented white when they are actually pink? Why do we call people with brown complexions black? 

Not that any of those are colors, but people keep calling them colors.

Why do we continually vote for members of political parties when we know (or should) that organizations only care about themselves? And the elected clearly demonstrate that they do not care about those who elected them.

Except enough to tell repeated, outrageous lies.

I think I understand Us-Them but I am continually surprised that there is ever any Us. 

Why do Amerikans take such delight in flaunting – and developing – their ignorance? 

There is a frawg in Sowth Amerika that is brightly colored but immune to being preyed upon and hence arrogantly oblivious to predators. It secretes a noxious poison through its skin that will assure any predator that consumes it a horrible and painful death. 

Do Amerikans suffer from frawg envy? 

Some days I wonder if the British provoked the rebellion so they could abandon the Amerikans.