Road to Chaos?

One of the joys (?) of being ORF is that (relatively) old television programming is preferable to new. In fact, the new stuff is a mixture of boring, unintelligible, and stercus. This tends to make week out diversion non-existent, or, at best, rare and fleeting.

Yesterday was largely a matter of frenetic medicalist soap opera, alternating between “ER” (which I think of as a syllable rather than an acronym) and “MASH” (which I think of as a non-Newtonial pseudo-liquid.) But the latter had the virtue of reminding me that my age cohort (generation?) is a bit out of ordinary, or at least evolutionarily different from its predecessor and postcessor.

In one vignette/segment, reference was made by one character of “stealing” his wife away from a porn (American football) star who later became rich selling sub-grade concrete. This seems to exemplify a period during or just after the Great Patriotic War. Prior to this, the outcome would likely have been opposite.

It also somewhat foretells the fate of my age cohort where the jocks and the cheerleaders settled into mediocrity (often, not completely,) and the geeks and nerds became great successes. Guys (and gals) who were good at learning and thinking became, in the mode, much more successful than the old guard of family business, athlete, and belle. Somehow the pyramid of social status seemed ruptured and downthrown.

This, of course, created a vacuum, which did not endure long. Geeks and nerds are not concerned very much with social matters, and the current age cohort seems to have filled this vacuum by renewing social ordering along the lines of new wealth based on exploiting geeks and nerds. 

Which probably indicates why the contemporary television programming is so noxious and nauseating.